Ruler Vol 6 Chapter 14

Author: Anit666

Editor: Weasalopes

【Sam’s POV】


“They are my comrades.”

“Comrades? They are?” Leilani furrowed her brows at the dragon who had almost reached us.

“Well, to be more precise, they are my friends.”

That term is more likely to put them at ease.

⟦So you do not see them as friends?⟧

⟦Maybe I do, maybe I don’t. It doesn’t matter.⟧

Not to me, at least.

“Seeing how daring they are, them being you friends doesn’t sound too unlikely.” Cecile sighed.

Oi, what is that supposed to mean? And come to think of it, why are they even making their appearance in such an extravagant way? Couldn’t they, like, come to my room or send me a message to meet at a café? I’m sure that Jack is behind this. He must have asked them to make such an entrance under the cover of this being beneficial to our plans, but really, he just wanted me to go through more trouble.

Well, it’s not like this doesn’t have any merit for me.

That aside, there is one dragon and three women. So, the ones coming should be Shiggurath, Chloe, Susan and Cornellia.

…At this point in time, Cornellia is the one I’m the most comfortable in meeting with. Chloe’s definitely a no-no as I’m 90% sure she’ll sexually assault me. Shiggurath is more attached to me than I’d like her to be, while Susan is sure to have a hella lot of questions that I will have to answer.

So, yup, I’ll run.

I turned around with the intention of doing so, but it seems my monologues had delayed me by a bit.

The dragon- Shiggurath- was upon us. As I took the posture to run, the dragon glowed with a crimson hue and turned smaller, into a human. By the time I was at the exit of the balcony, 4 humans had fallen (3 humans and 1 dragon, actually) from the sky.

As if they had predicted each of my moves ages ago, they fell down around me, effectively blocking all my escape routes.

Lantz whistled at their marvellous acrobatic display.

“Hello there. Long time no see.” I raised my hand.

Of course, Chloe grabbed my hand and squeezed it tightly between hers.

“Yes, it has been a really long time.” Her eyes moistened.

Yo it has only been around a month. Goddamn, I knew this was going to happen.

Out of the 4 members surrounding me, two were masked. They were Chloe and Susan, of course; it wouldn’t be amusing if the Heroes saw them and went ‘Hey you were alive!’. So their appearances were currently hidden by masquerade masks. I’m actually surprised Chloe didn’t get a matching pair with me.

“And why do you look so sleep deprived, my Princess?” I turned to Shiggurath.

“W-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-what do you mean by Princess?!” Her eyes suddenly started dancing around and she took several steps back.

Is she alright? Maybe she hasn’t been sleeping properly- wait. Does that mean that I’ll have to stroke her head till she falls asleep every night?


“Hello to you two as well.” I nodded towards Susan and Cornellia, and they nodded back.

Looks like they realise this isn’t the time or place to have deep talks, though by the movement of Cornellia’s long ears, it’s apparent that she’s happy to see me. Ah, right.

“Let me introduce you to each other.” I first pointed towards the denizens of this world. “This man is Lantz, the Commander-in-Chief of this country. Next to him is Cecile, the Third Princess of this country. She is Leilani, the Second Princess, while this brat is Sarah, a captain in the army.”

“Who are you calling a brat?!”

“And these guys are-”

“I’m Cornellia El Lucent. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Cornellia gave a slight courteous bow.

“Oh my, an elf?” Leilani muttered.


Hmm, if I remember correctly, elves are like a lost race in this world. They’re incredibly rare and live in hiding, so there have been times when entire generations went without seeing one. The recorded reason for that was a war with the Dragons. The elves of a long time ago fought in a long war with the Dragons, and were annihilated as a result. Why they started that war is still unknown, but I wouldn’t be too surprised if a third party was involved in it.

Hmm, I wonder how Cornellia would feel about that.

The next to make an introduction was Shiggurath.

“I’m Shiggurath, Samael’s partner.”

Is it just my imagination, or was there an emphasis on the term partner?

“And you’re a Dragon?”

The former Dragon Emperor and First Dragon, actually, not that they would understand the significance of that.

“Of course, and Samael is my rider.” Shiggurath cutely puffed up her chest.

“I’m Emily Rose.” Susan introduced herself with a fake name.

Though that’s an interesting choice for a name.

“You… are really strong.” Sarah gulped.

Well, of course she would be; she’s a Hero after all. An experienced one at that, who fought one of the Lords of Hell and survived to tell the tale.

“I’m Emma Watson, Samael’s lover!”

What the fuck Chloe, couldn’t you have chosen a more original name?


Even Susan was surprised by this blatant proclamation.

“I’ve never met this woman in my life.” I freed my hand from her grasp (why was she holding it anyway?).

“How cruel!” Chloe groaned and clung on to me. “Have you forgotten how passionately I told you about my love?”

Which included forcibly kissing me and pushing me down.

“I don’t remember agreeing to be your lover.”

“Gunununu, you soon will!” Chloe gnashed her teeth.

“…To think I will see a real-life harem. How mysterious.” Cecile sighed in admiration.

“That just means he’s that good.” Sarah nodded in approval.

Huh, now that I think about it, aren’t there a lot of people around me whose names start with ‘S’? Interesting.

“And here I am, unable to get a single woman…” Lantz sighed as his eyes lost their colour.

Believe me when I say this, Lantz, but a single life is the best life.

“So, why are you here?” I asked Susan as she seemed to be the most level headed person here.

“We have finished our training, so we thought we should give you a status report. Besides… some of us were too eager to meet you.” Susan glanced at Chloe and Shiggurath, the latter of which averted her eyes.

Nice, she has her story straight.

“I see.”

I’m not gonna ask about the reason for such an excessive entry-

“Then why did you arrive like that? Couldn’t you have done it in a more normal way?”

Oh come on, Lantz, can’t you see that I’m deliberately avoiding that question?

“We simply followed Samael’s presence here. Didn’t know that there was a castle here.” Shiggurath shrugged.

“And weren’t you the one who attacked us?” Susan glared at him.

“You were at fault for suddenly appearing on the back of a dragon.” Lantz shrugged.

“Fair enough.” Susan shrugged as well.

There’s a lot of shrugging going around. Is it a new fad or something?

Oh, now that they are here-

“Cecile, I assume you have some things to do here?” I asked.

“Hmm? Ah, yes. It’ll be a few more days before I can go back.”

“I see. Then I’ll be going back ahead of you.”

“Sure. I don’t know what else you’ll end up doing if you stay here.” She nodded. “Lantz will handle the rest.”

“What?! Why should I?”

“Because His Majesty will summon you to give a report and not us. Just tell him that the Dragon was here to meet Samael.”

“And you need to do some work too.” Leilani added.

“Slacker.” Sarah commented.

Poor Lantz.

“Well, let’s go, shall we?” I turned to Shiggurath, and she nodded.

Her body glowed again, and she turned into her Dragon form; a large crimson Dragon which exuded a majestic aura from it, thus turning the soldiers’ fear into awe. Flapping her wings to stay afloat just above the ground, she beckoned me to get on.

“Ah, I’ll send Sir Leige for the inspection tomorrow.”

“Sure.” I nodded as I jumped onto Shiggurath’s back.

Chloe, Susan and Cornellia followed, and soon enough, we were gliding through the sky. The sky was dyed crimson by the setting sun, and the cool breeze passing by refreshed me.

“Why don’t you take off your mask?” Cornellia suggested. “And don’t worry, magic has been deployed just in case someone is observing us.”

Sasuga, Cornellia.

By now, Susan and Chloe had taken off their masks as well. Chloe looked the same as always, except for the dreamy look in her eyes as she stared at me. Susan, on the other hand, had grown up.

“How old are you now?”

I decided to dive into the forbidden river.

“Didn’t your mother teach you to never ask a woman her age?” She frowned.

And was brilliantly chomped by a crocodile for it.

“That she did.” I shrugged- it’s important to keep up with the current trend.

“Good.” Susan then smiled bitterly. “Physically speaking, I’m already more than 5000 years old.”

Well, she was sealed in a crystal for that long, courtesy of her former friend. Though I suppose I’m partly responsible for that.

It was under Phiria’s orders that Susan was sent to that world, and it was under Phiria’s orders that Susan was betrayed. And since the Goddess of Life was acting on my behalf, it was ultimately me who made her go through all that.

And seems like Susan realises that. I wonder what she thinks of me now? Originally, I wanted to send her and Chloe back to Earth, or let the former stay in Phiria’s world with her beloved if she wanted to do so. However, Susan decided to follow me here. Hmm, or maybe, she’s here for someone else. Perhaps she’s here to be with Shiggurath, Regina and Liera.

Well, the less she has to do with me, the better.

“And mentally?”

“I’m not answering that.” Susan smirked.


It’s not like I can force her to tell me her age. Well, I technically can. Hmm, or can I?

“Susan, what are your status values?”

“And why should I tell you that?” She raised her eyebrow.

“Why not? We’re friends, aren’t we?”

She should have no reason to hide that from me, though she should.

“Fine. My STR is 3 million.”

“Oh okay- wait, what?”

She’s as strong as the Knights of Sin?!


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