Ruler Vol 6 Chapter 17

Author: Anit666

Editor: Weasalopes

【Sam’s POV】



“I don’t understand.” I couldn’t help but sigh.

“Understand what?” Phiria tilted her head cutely.

“Why are you still incapable of doing this even though such a long time has passed?”

People usually improve when their incompetence is pointed out, especially at such an everyday thing, don’t they? Why didn’t she? How was she holding up till now?

“I simply love it when you brush my hair.” She beamed as she looked at me through the mirror.

“What a spoiled brat.”

“Only for you.”

Goddamnit. Why is this woman so cute? I swear to god that if I get diabetes then I’m suing her.

Wait, she is a Goddess, isn’t she?

Anyway, with this, we should be done.

“Here.” I put the brush and comb down after styling her hair.

It wasn’t anything fancy; just a hairstyle that brought out her natural beauty even more.

“Wow!” She smiled. “You’re as perfect as ever.”

That I am.

⟦…So, the woman who lost to you in the best waifu competition was…⟧ Simone sighed.

⟦None other than the Goddess of Life, Phiria.⟧


Yeah, wao indeed, Simone.

⟦Well, in her defence, it is precisely because she’s a Goddess- not to mention a Princess- that she is bad at these everyday things. I’m sure you can relate, but she had maids to do these sorts of things for her. Also, the God’s Realm is so technologically advanced that they have appliances for these activities.⟧

⟦Appliances?⟧ I could feel her tilting her head.

⟦They are machines which run on electricity and make your tasks easier. For example, as you know, to make a cup of coffee you must first roast the beans, then grind them, then steep them in hot water for a set duration of time which depends on how strong you want your coffee to be, and then you filter it.⟧

⟦Yes, that’s how it goes.⟧

⟦Now, there is a machine called Coffee Maker, which is one of the most common appliances used in households. You just have to put coffee and water in it and it’ll make the coffee for you.⟧

Of course, the coffee machines back on Earth are really limited in what they can produce (unlike the ones in God’s Realm which apparently use machine learning and AI to make coffee perfectly tailored to the user’s wants), so experienced baristas like to make coffee by hand, including me.

There was a time when I used a Coffee Maker for its convenience, but switched to French Press and Espresso Percolators to get higher quality coffee.

⟦Woah, that sounds amazing! I want one.⟧ Simone exclaimed.

⟦How will you even use it? You’ll need Alternating Current running at either 50 or 60 Hz, depending on the specifics of the Coffee Maker. You can’t just use lightning magic to operate it.⟧

Ordinary lightning magic will cause a surge and blow it.

⟦I don’t know what you’re talking about, but you’ll figure something out.⟧

What the?

⟦…We’ll see about that.⟧

Huh, how will I even do that? A hydro power plant would be expensive, while a nuclear one would be too complicated. Thermal power plants are the way to go, but even that requires a lot of things to run it efficiently. I’ll also need generators, a power grid, transformers. Damn, that’s too much work.

I do know how these things work, but it’s beyond my capability to actually construct them. A lot of things need to be taken into account, and I didn’t study much about that.

⟦That aside, wouldn’t it be better to just use mana instead of machines?⟧

A valid question; she’s using her brain.

⟦Maybe, but using mana requires conscious effort, no matter how miniscule it is. Appliances in the God’s Realm, on the other hand, are so advanced that they can do everything automatically without being told to do so. The Coffee Maker could prepare coffee for you and place it beside your bed just as you wake up. That’s why machines are popular.⟧

One must never underestimate the lengths an intelligent species can go through to be just a tiny bit lazier. Of course, wars remain the primary reason for advancement in technology.

⟦Haaah, I want to live in God’s Realm…⟧

⟦Well, keep working hard, I guess.⟧

There’s nothing I can do about that, and that’s assuming God’s Realm survives when I’m done with my plans.


“Shall we go now, mademoiselle?” I extended my hand towards Phiria.

“With pleasure.” She took it. “How do I look?”

“Stunning as always.”

“Fufu, thank you. I wonder what you have in store for me today.”

“I suppose you’ll have to wait for that.”

I had chosen today for our date, though our date plans had been modified a bit. I had stopped Phiria a lot of times even though she wasn’t technically in the wrong, so it had been decided that instead of just a date, I’ll have to act like her boyfriend for an entire evening and night (without doing any naughty things).

Phiria had returned to her original appearance, but in a way that only I could see her beauty. The others would see her as a subpar countryside girl who wasn’t worth their attention; we wouldn’t want any interruptions on our date, would we?

I mean, it’s clear that there would be men- and perhaps women- who’d covet Phiria upon witnessing her true beauty. Apparently, that’s what happened with Baron Loit. He was so mesmerised with her that he immediately sent a fucking trafficking ring after her.

Like, who the hell does that? And how dare he do that? He must pay for his crimes, and no better person to do that than the one who hates humans. This will also serve to measure the capabilities of Serasta.

I wonder how she’s doing. I gave her some tips so that she could have the most fun while annihilating them, but the taste of human despair could make her forget about her real objective. Well, I did have Stolz spy on her so that he could rescue her and erase all evidence of her involvement if things went wrong.

Anyway, enough thinking about work. Time to shift in my boyfriend mode, which I don’t have.


Uh, ok, so what do boyfriends do?


Hmm, if I remember correctly, lovers call each other by cute names like baby, darling, boo (wtf is that?).

“Baby or darling; which do you prefer?”

“I like it when you call me by name, but passionately.”

“Aight, Phiria.”

“Mmm, still needs some work.”

“I’ll do my best.”

Okay, now what? We hold hands? How lewd.

Well, Phiria is already clinging to my arm, so I guess that part has been resolved as well.

“Ah, and remove this, please.” Phiria removed my mask. “I want to see your face for the entire day.”

Hmm? Well, I guess my face is more attractive than a plain mask. Or is she craving my facial expressions? Maybe she wants to see me blush or something?

“I hope that you have my face covered then.”

“Don’t worry.” She caressed my cheek. “I’ll be the only who will get to admire your face.”

“I don’t think I’m that handsome.”

One could ask 100 people and the 100 of them will say that I look average. Of course, I’ll look good with the right fashion choices. Like, I do moisturise.

“You’re the most handsome man I’ve ever seen.”

Weird, but okay.

“Thank you.”

“…You don’t believe me, do you?” She frowned.

Whoa, please stop reading my thoughts.

“What do you think?”

“You’re definitely thinking something along the lines of weird, no?”

I said, stop reading my mind goddamnit. Gosh.

“Let’s keep that aside and let’s go.”

It’s already evening, and I’m confident that instead of anything too fancy, Phiria would love to just walk around the city with me- that’s her nature. Besides, she is a Goddess who has lived since the dawn of civilisation, so of course in this world, it’d be impossible for me to prepare an event or location that could move her heart. That’s why it’d be better for us to spend a leisurely, romantic time with each other.

However, it goes without saying that just walking around would be boring. So we’ll also do some other things, which would include, but not be limited to, everyday things. But I’ll need to time them right along with my presence to make them special and worthwhile for Phiria.

An example would be eating skewers from a stall. Normally, we’d just buy two of them and eat them while talking. However, today I’ll need to buy them with optimal appetite and atmosphere, and then we’ll need to do something like feeding each other to make it a bit more special. To spice it up we could also do a pocky game, but I’m sure that she’ll go in for the kiss, so I’m kinda sceptical about doing that.

Damn, being a boyfriend is hard.

We also have dinner after that, so I’d like to make haste.

“I wish you could stop depreciating yourself.” Phiria sighed.

I’m not belittling myself; she’s just overrating me-

“Ah! You did it again!”

“I’m sowwyyyy…” I muttered as she pinched my cheeks.

I actually wouldn’t be surprised if she was using some sort of magic spell to read my thoughts. Or maybe that’s just her experience speaking; 5000 years is a hella lot of time to learn to accurately grasp someone’s thoughts and emotions.

Though I suppose she’s just too good at it.

“Let’s go now.” I rubbed my sore cheeks.


Arm in arm, we started down the path to the door of this mansion. And as one would expect from such a large mansion housing the Heroes, maids, soldiers et cetera, we didn’t reach our destination uninterrupted.

“Oh? Are you two going… somewhere?” Sherry, who we encountered at a T-section (why the fuck are there so many T-sections in the mansion?), stared at the junction of our arms.

“We’re going on a date.” I decided to answer before Phiria, because I was supposed to be the boyfriend today.

“You? Were you blackmailed or what?” She giggled.

How the heck did she guess it so accurately?

“Not at all.” I smiled, though I suppose she couldn’t see it as she was under the illusion that I was still wearing a mask. “I volunteered for it.”

To pacify Phiria, that is.

“Oh, nice. I guess I’ll stop being the third wheel then. Have fun.” She started walking past us.

“Would you like to go on a double date?”

“M-Michael and me still aren’t on that stage yet!” She waved her hands in a frenzy.


Interesting. Does that mean their relationship is progressing? I still don’t think Michass is a good choice for her, but hey, to each their own.

“Urk. H-have fun. Goodbye!” She turned around and ran.

What a pure reaction. I guess that’s an area she still needs to work on.

Thankfully, we weren’t delayed any further by anyone else, and safely made out of the mansion. The sky was dyed crimson by the setting sun; a perfect day for a walk with a girlfriend.

Now, time to be a lover.

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