Ruler Vol 6 Chapter 2

Author: Anit666

Editor: Weasalopes

【Sam’s POV】



“There he is!”


The moment I heard that shout, I dashed into the corridor on my left, jumped up and latched on to the ceiling. I held my breath and erased my presence so as not to be discovered by my pursuers.

“I definitely saw him coming here.” The one who had shouted earlier panted.

“Shit, he’s good at running.” The other one sighed exasperatedly.

“Let’s split up.” The third one, and the leader of this group, suggested. “It’ll be easier to find him this way.”

“Would it be alright?” The first one asked worriedly.

Yeah, it won’t be alright, so don’t split-up, kay?

“Don’t worry. You don’t need to engage; just inform her.”


They nodded, and after catching their breath, split-up to search for me in different directions. Thankfully, they didn’t consider ‘up’ to be a direction- slaves of their limited imagination- so I was safe for the time being.

I jumped down silently, and while keeping my presence under wraps, went on to leave this corridor.

I had to run, I had to escape from this place no matter the cost. The things at stake here were just too much for me; it’ll be hell if I got caught here.

However, it seemed that luck was not with me today (not that it ever was with me because my LUC stat is a big fucking zero), for I distinctly heard the sound of footsteps coming from the corridor on the left of the T-section up ahead.

“Hey, Saaaaaam!” A silvery, bell-like voice resounded. “Where are you? You know you can’t run away forever from me, right?”

Goddamnit, it was the enchantress herself. She was still continuing her hunt, and as the prey I was desperately running for my life, and something greater than life.

“Are you here?” Her eyes glinted suddenly as she peeked in the corridor I was, and then turned her gaze to the ceiling. “Hmmmmm, not here, huh.” She turned away with a harrumph and continued speaking. “You know you can’t run away forever from me, right?”

Heh. She has no idea how fast I am.

The reason she didn’t find me there was because of my gamma-one exclusive skill which allowed me to combine with the shadow of a pillar. It hid my physical figure and turned my presence into that of a pebble, thus allowing me to escape detection.

However, this game couldn’t go on for too long; the longer I delayed the more ferocious she’ll get. This was a hunt; she was the hunter and I was the hunted, and I simply had no way of turning it around. Turning into a hunter would be akin to playing into her trap. I had no way out other than running.

She was a master of her craft, so I knew that she’ll eventually find me. I had to find a way to resolve this matter before that.

I left that corridor and went in the opposite direction of her.

I continued my run, but I again detected some presences. It didn’t belong to her, thankfully, but was of one of her hunting dogs.

I turned to my left and found a door there, and as I had no other choice, I opened it and covertly stepped inside.

The moment I silently closed the door and turned around to look at the room, what entered my vision first were two soft, plump, juicy mounds. They swayed horizontally in abrupt shock, until a piece of cloth swiftly covered it.

My field of vision widened, and I realised that those two mounds in fact had an owner.

A curvy, luscious, beauty was standing in front of me, her eyes narrowed into a squint. Draped in a see-through nightwear, the moonlight coming from the window behind her emphasised her perfect figure, while her brown hairs fluttered as she tilted her head.

Of course, as I hadn’t lost my sanity, I immediately bowed.

“My apologies, I didn’t know anyone was here.”

And so, before she could scream ‘B-baka!’ and auto-chain into a sick 45 hit combo, I dashed past her and jumped out from the window, thus regretfully leaving behind that sight.

Good grief, what has my life come to? Here I am, feeling sad over not being able to drown myself in that scene, and yet also trying my damndest to escape from that same scene.

Hmm, now that I think about it, the latter would obviously be much superior.

While thinking about such useless things, I landed on the ground and immediately hid in the shadow of a tree. Looking around I didn’t find anyone that seemed to be searching for me.

She hadn’t involved the guards and servants of this mansion yet, but it’s only a matter of time since the whole mansion, and then the city, and then the entire world, starts looking for me.

Of course, to avoid being seen outside, all I have to do is hide inside. She won’t look for me in that room, because that’s where I had made my escape from. It’s a simple psychological trick, but works nonetheless.

Heh, sometimes my genius, it almost scares me.

{…Why is it that in matters involving her, his brain stops working?}

{Because he’s a fucking idiot, that’s why.}

Eh. I would have actually been surprised had they seen through my motives.

Anyway, while ignoring the two nincompoops living inside me (ugh), I made my way towards that room.

The room was on the 2nd floor, unfortunately, so I had to find a way to it.

I had a number of options. The first was to enter the mansion through the main gate and leisurely make my way towards the room while humming and greeting everyone on my way.

Needless to say, I wasn’t a dumbass.

The second would be to enter the mansion through the back gate and covertly make my way towards the room while avoiding all living presences.

Fortunately, I wasn’t that simple minded.

So I chose the fourth option- entering the room through the window.

Wait, my math was a bit off there, wasn’t it? Well, whatever.

I just have to find the window and jump to it from the ground. With the Gamma One Six unlocked, that wouldn’t be too tall of a task.

I looked up at the several windows lining the wall, and created a virtual map while going through the paths I had followed when I first arrived here and when I entered the room.

Hmm…… yupp, it should be that one.

The 6th window from the left. It was open while the lights were switched off. I calculated the required angle and force, bent my knees and jumped, thus arriving at the window sill with an error of 4%.

I entered the room without making any noise. It was dark inside, but my eyes adapted to it immediately thus enabling me to see really well.

Just then, a gentle fragrance tickled my nose, and I turned my eyes to the left towards the bed. Except that it wasn’t the bed I was familiar with. The sheet had been replaced with a white one, while there were now two heart shaped pillows. The most interesting thing was the rose petals scattered on the top of the bed.

The atmosphere was really… lovely.


My eyes moved, and as expected, I found my lovely culprit there. Leaning against the door frame with a sultry, savage smile on her face, Phiria stared at me with a dangerous glint in her eyes.

“How nice of you to enter our heaven by yourself.”

“Don’t you mean my hell?”

“That would depend on your attitude, wouldn’t it?”


“Why are you here?”

“It’s easy to see through your actions.” She smirked.

D A M N I T.

Or that’s what I’d usually say, but this was my plan all along. A drawn-out battle would be disadvantageous for me, so I had to get her here. The best way to do it is to make her think that she arrived here by herself.

“Now.” Her eyes glinted dangerously as she stepped towards me. “On the bed.”

I’m going to lose my 5000 years old virginity today, am I not?

Hell naww, I won’t!

“Let’s be real Phiria, you know you won’t be getting what you desire.”

“We’ll see.”

“Go ahead then.” I plopped down at the edge of the bed. “Try me.”

“Let’s see if you can utter these words-”

“Surely you aren’t doubting my patience and willpower.” I glared at her. “Or are you?” Her steps halted and she squinted at me.

“…But why?”

“You know the answer.”

Well, to be honest, she doesn’t. But she thinks she does, and I have no particular interest in bringing her out of her delusion.

“B-but you even did it with that wench-”

“Be careful with your words, Phiria. There are things that even you are not allowed to say.”

She flinched at my threatening, cold tone.

“I-I mean, Sherry.”

“That was way before I met you. And I believe you have already had that experience many more times than her, haven’t you?”

I don’t understand her desire to get me in bed. It won’t even be our first time, so why is she always so enthusiastic? Just what gets her so excited?

“But that was also a long time-”

“Keep arguing and Imma cancel our date.”

“Wait, what?! You cannot do that!” She shrieked in horror.

“Appropriate punishment must be meted out to subordinates who act out of line.”

“Punishment? You are taking away my raison d’être!”

Bruhh, wat? A date with me is her reason for existence? I mean, dream a bit bigger dude. I’m not in a position to day this, but shouldn’t she be aiming for at least marriage?

By now tears had pooled at the edges of her eyes.

Damnit, she looks so sullen that I wanna pat her head already. Is she a rabbit or what?

“Come here.” I beckoned her with a pat on my thighs, and she obediently complied.

She put her head on my lap rather gleefully, and looked at me with expectant eyes. I started caressing her hair and gently addressed her while she purred like a cat.

“Now look, Phiria. There are things that you cannot get no matter how hard you try.”

“I haven’t tried hard enough.” She replied with a strong gaze.

Good grief. As I thought, Phiria is that one person who’ll never give up on me. And while I’m incredibly grateful for that, it’s ultimately an obstacle to my goals.

However, no matter how hard I try, it’s virtually impossible to get her to stop loving me.

For now, at least.

“I see.” I sighed. “Well, keep it in moderation.”

“Yes!” She clenched her fists with a beaming smile. “So, since both are on the bed-”


“Tsk. Fine, fine, I understand.” She let out a heavy sigh. “I hope that we’re still going on that date though.”


“Good.” She closed her eyes and started humming while enjoying my lap pillow.

I felt my heart warming seeing how cute she was.

Well, since we’re going on a date, I might as well make it worthwhile, I suppose.


  1. Hohoho.

    Virginity is cool, remain pure.

    • youthoughtitwasanamebutitwasmedio

      Maybe he’s not: “B-but you even did it with that wench- I mean, Sherry”

      • Right. Sherry even confirmed it when she mentioned their path. Also, based on Sam and Phiria’s words just now, even him and Phiria have done it “a long time-” ago, I guess. Honestly, it’s one of the most confusing plot points for me.

        I do enjoy these moments but I still don’t get the why. If he’s already slept with some of the women why is refusing everyone now? Part of the manipulation? It just makes me feel bad for Phiria, Chloe, and the rest. Although, I also know that this story is far too dark to always make me happy with the events sooo we’ll just have to wait and see.

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