Ruler Vol 6 Chapter 24

Author: Anit666

Editor: Weasalopes

【Sam’s POV】


“But they don’t know that you are their classmate because you are hiding your identity from them as you want to use them as your pawns.”

…The fuck?

Want to use them as pawns?

…I’m sure I just heard her wrong.

“Come again?”

“You are trying to use your classmates as disposable pawns.”

“Are you for real?”

Me, a certified gud boi, using others? Preposterous!

“I am for real.”



Seriously seriously?”

“…Seriously seriously.”


⟦Well, Ms. Simone, seems like you were right about the non-amnesiac me being a piece of shit.⟧

Hmm, that’s too long, so I’ll call the previous me, ‘NA Sam’.

⟦See? That’s what I was talking about.⟧ She harrumphed.

⟦However, the current me and NA Sam are different entities, so I hope you’ll stop being such a baby about what happened to you so that we can start anew.⟧

As they say, new day, new me. Or in this case, lost memories, new me.

⟦…You motherfucker.⟧

⟦You’re quick to resort to using profanities, eh? The future is bleak.⟧

⟦I got that habit from you though!⟧

⟦Don’t you mean you got it from NA Sam? Please don’t mistake me for him.⟧

⟦Arrgh! Fuck you!⟧

⟦Fuck me yourself, you coward.⟧


Hmm, I wonder how she looks. If we go by the standard stereotype of women in fantasy stories, given her crass tongue, she should be an average looking side character. Well, as long as she’s curvy, she’ll do, though her personality still leaves much to be desired.

⟦…You do know that we can read your thoughts, right?⟧ There was a certain growl in her voice.


⟦And then you claim to be different from NA Sam.⟧

⟦I am. The sins he committed against you were his responsibility. I’m his past version, which means I haven’t done those things.⟧

⟦So what? Do you think you have been absolved of your sins just because of that? Keep this in your heart; I will never forgive you.⟧

⟦Oh, a Mysterious Voice inside me won’t forgive me. Whatever am I gonna do about that?⟧ A chuckle escaped my mouth. ⟦If you want me to repent for something I haven’t even done, then I’ll have no choice but to consider your feelings inconsequential.⟧

If she can’t look out for my emotions, then why should I? It’s the law of equivalent exchange.

⟦Ptooey! I hope you burn in hell!⟧

⟦I shall look forward to that.⟧

⟦You’re already the King of Hell.⟧

Bruh, does this make any sense?

“Um, Ms. Phiria-”

“Phiria will do.”

⟦She’s the Goddess of Life, by the way. She’s the highest-ranking Goddess of this Universe.⟧

⟦Thank you for that unnecessary piece of information and making me nervous, Simone.⟧

⟦That’s what I was aiming for.⟧


No, before that, what the hell is the so-called Highest-ranking Goddess even doing here?

⟦She’s another one of your pawns.⟧ Maxwell replied.

⟦Bro, what the hell are you smoking?⟧

I need that as well because this situation is just plain bullshit.

Like, I just woke up and not only I have to deal with the knowledge that I’m in a completely different place and may be suffering from amnesia, there are also two people living inside while a literal Goddess (probably) is standing in front of me.

What is this, a shitty third-rate power fantasy isekai harem novel written by a just as shitty author? What the hell has NA Sam been doing?

⟦Why don’t you ask her yourself?⟧

“Okay, uh, Phiria.” I continued my conversation with her after once again finishing the previous one within a fraction of a second.

I don’t think I’ll be getting used to chatting so quickly anytime soon. Though the fact that I can actually do that lends some credibility to their inane story.

“Yes.” There was a certain warmth in her tone.

Wait, she did call herself my lover, didn’t she? I wonder what’s the story behind it.

“Who am I? Or rather, who was the non-amnesiac Sam?”

I wanted to use ‘NA Sam’, but then I would’ve had to give her the full form of that abbreviation.

“You were, and are, the Ruler.”

“Can you please elaborate?”

That doesn’t really tell me much, does it?

“It means you’re the man who stands at the absolute top of this Universe.”


“And yes, I’m for real, seriously, and seriously seriously.”


The fuck is this delusional woman talking about?

⟦It’s the truth.⟧

Can someone please drop me off at the intersection of ‘Fuck this shit’ and ‘I’m out’?

Like, bruh. I keep thinking that this would be the craziest thing I’d hear today but these three wankers just keep one upping each other.

“You know what? Fuck it. I’m going to sleep.”

This is too much for me to handle, so I’ll just do what I do best and sleep because maturity is overrated.

Like, pfft, handling this situation like an adult by gathering information to filter out what is true and what is a lie to ultimately get out alive? Why do that when I can just leave my current problems to the future me?

It may not be the most tactical decision, but it sure is efficient when we consider short-term satisfaction.

“Wait, what?”

“I need some rest, okay?”

Obviously, I can’t tell her my true reasons so I’ll just play the victim card. Quite interestingly, I really am the victim here.

“I see. I guess this is too much for you to handle.”

“Thank you for your understanding.”

⟦What a lying scoundrel.⟧

Oh right, I still have these two wankers who can listen in on my every thought. Wait, that reminds me.

⟦Have you paid this month’s rent?⟧

At least I can earn some free cash by letting them live inside me.

⟦Why would we pay you rent?⟧ Simone raised her eyebrows (or at least I felt her do that which is surreal yet amusing).

⟦Why wouldn’t you?⟧

I’m not running a charity for the homeless here; I follow the principles of the Americans by charging exorbitant prices for the most basic of needs to exploit the needful.

⟦Are you serious right now? For starters, it wasn’t even my choice to live inside you!⟧

⟦Then what the hell are you doing here? Get the fuck out and leave me alone.⟧

Even if I can’t earn some easy money, I’ll still be at peace.

⟦I would have already done that if I could!⟧

⟦Then pay up.⟧

I’m not letting anyone take advantage of me; that’s my job I mean that’s morally wrong and something I won’t stand for.

⟦…I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think I prefer the previous Sam.⟧ Simone grumbled.

⟦You don’t say.⟧ Maxwell nodded (or so I felt).

⟦Well, unfortunately for you, I don’t think he’s coming back anytime soon so you’re stuck with me.⟧

He was supposed to be standing at the absolute top of this Universe and somehow managed to lose his memories. Quite the Ruler he was.

⟦Oh, don’t worry about that.⟧ Maxwell smirked. ⟦He’ll be coming back soon.⟧


⟦We plan to take on the other Administrators and overturn this entire Universe, and you think we won’t prepare for such a trivial-⟧

⟦Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Could you repeat that again?⟧

I think I heard something about other Administrators and spreading chaos in the Universe-

⟦You heard that right.⟧


⟦And yes, I’m for real, seriously, and seriously seriously.⟧

⟦…I’m assuming that by other Administrators, you mean people who are similar to me.⟧



What the fuck?

⟦Okay, bear with me on this.⟧


⟦You’re telling me that I’m an existence that stands at the top of this Universe, and that I plan to fight other existences who also stand on the top of this Universe, and to do that, I’m in this world trying to manipulate my classmates, who are mere Heroes, into doing my bidding.⟧

⟦That’s an oversimplification, but yes.⟧

⟦Maxwell, look into my eyes and honestly tell me; does this make any sense to you?⟧

What the hell was NA Sam even trying to achieve? It’s like pitting a bunch of unarmed infants against Panzer tanks, Apache attack helicopters and Destroyer ships. I mean, sure, you get to enjoy the mass-slaughtering of children, but that’s a speedrun to losing a war.

⟦It doesn’t. But our Grand Plan goes much deeper than what you can possibly imagine.⟧

⟦Then why don’t we go balls deep into this Grand Plan of yours so that you can explain it to me in its full entirety?⟧

⟦You’re not ready for it yet. And most probably, you’ll mess it up one way or the other. Besides, you’re just a guest in this body and won’t be staying for long, so just enjoy the little screen time you have.⟧


That’s smart decision making on his part though, and I respect that.

⟦Well, if you’re not going to reveal the ‘Grand Plan’ to me, then at least pay me the rent.⟧

I refuse to back down on this.

⟦We cannot even if we wanted to, because that would require us to come out of your body, which we cannot.⟧

Huh. Well, I expected that response.

⟦Then you’ll pay me in information.⟧


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