Ruler Vol 6 Chapter 27

Author: Anit666

Editor: Weasalopes

【Sam’s POV】


⟦She’s Sherry Miller. One of your best friends who you hold dear.⟧

Well, I certainly don’t remember her… oh wait!

She’s that girl who was rumoured to be, let’s just say, a promiscuous teenager.

⟦Oh, so you know her.⟧

And they’re still spying on my thoughts. Wow.

⟦I heard about her from certain circles. I think it was the middle of the first year of high school. Of course, the rumours were greatly exaggerated, probably by someone who was unable to treat a one-time fling as just that.⟧

I remember digging around a bit about her. As it had turned out, she had only slept with 4 boys. One of those boys told me that Sherry seemed to be longing for something.

Maybe she was rejected by her crush and decided to embrace the free spirit or something? Like, she thought she could forget him/her through the love of other boys, but when that failed, she stopped.

That makes sense, actually. Perhaps she confessed to her crush and was brutally rejected, which broke her heart. She was probably unable to cope with the heartbreak like a mature person and continued hurting herself over the rejection, wondering why she wasn’t enough.

Until one day, in her desperation, she thought that to forget her crush she just needed to find someone new. And so began her quest where she ended up sleeping with 4 boys in a desperate attempt to move on from her crush.

However, her plan failed miserably as she continued loving that person, and decided to stop.

Quite a weird method, if I may say so myself, but hey, to each their own. Not that I know because I have never been in love.

Jesus Christ, my inability to love is turning out to be a serious handicap.

⟦For someone who’s supposed to have lost his memories… you’re pretty damn close.⟧ I could feel Simone’s eyes widening.

⟦Really? Hot damn.⟧

Call me Detective Samuel Hayden from now on.

⟦Well, if you’re so smart, why don’t you guess who saved her from herself?⟧

⟦I’m guessing it was me.⟧


⟦Really? Oh well, it was a wild guess anyway.⟧

Then who was her saviour? Was it the unknown crush, who swooped in like a Prince on a white horse (or a Princess on a Dragon) and freed her?

⟦Nope. It was Ex-Sam.⟧

⟦You cheeky motherfucker.⟧

Can’t believe I got jebaited by a voice inside my head.

Oh wait, what if I’m a schizophrenic patient suffering from delusional disorder, and the voices inside my head are my so-called imaginary friends?

But Phiria acknowledged the existence of Maxwell.

Hmm, maybe Phiria is my doctor, and she was the one who created this elaborate ploy about me being in a different world in order to cure me or something?

⟦Don’t know about before, but you sure are being delusional right now.⟧ Maxwell sighed.

Geez, these guys can’t even take a joke.

⟦Anyway, you said that it was Ex-Sam who saved Sherry from her life of wandering around to heal a broken heart. And since Sherry was Ex-Sam’s best friend, I’m assuming he didn’t do it by making her fall in love with him.⟧

⟦Exactly.⟧ Simone nodded.

⟦What did he do then?⟧

⟦Well, as far as I’m aware, Sam-⟧


⟦…Ex-Sam rooted out the guy who was spreading malicious rumours about Sherry in order to socially destroy and isolate her, and beat him to a pulp.⟧

⟦That sure sounds like something I’d do.⟧

Which means that timeline wise, it didn’t happen too long after the ‘time’ at which the current me existed.

⟦Ah, but you did sleep with her.⟧


That- to my chagrin- also sounds like something I’d do.

⟦But after saving her from that guy, you became good friends who vowed to never sleep with each other again.⟧

⟦Oh, so it has a nice wholesome ending.⟧

I like that. After all, NTR isn’t something I’m fond of.

⟦Oh right, that guy you beat up came back with his thug friends and kidnapped Sherry.⟧


⟦And then you saved her with the help of two hitmen.⟧

W U T?

⟦And after dropping Sherry home, you tortured that guy until he was begging for his life.⟧



⟦Also, that guy, Sherry and Sherry’s crush are all in your class, and they’re here as Heroes.⟧

What the actual fuck?

⟦You know what? Fuck this shit, I’m out.⟧

Every time I think this is going to be it, Simone just drops another bomb. 

Seems like my relationship with Sherry was far more complex than just simple buddies, so let’s go back to the basics.

⟦Finally, you were also the one who taught her that there was no shame in still loving her crush.⟧

⟦Stop, okay? Just stahp!⟧

God-fucking-damn, what is this, a combination of a shitty isekai power fantasy, Inception, and a generic romance novel where the female lead choses her first love even though he’s the worst of them all?

Anyway, after hearing this not-so-stellar story, what I can gather is that Sam and Sherry are precious to each other, and that Sherry owes him a debt that she could never hope to repay.

Let’s go with this.

Time to show these dodgy wankers exactly why my mother used to call me a ‘Magnificent Liar’ (I prefer the term ‘Professional Liar’, by the way).

“You’re misunderstanding.” I called out to Sherry before she could leave the room.

“It’s okay, you don’t need to make excuses.” She replied without turning back.

“No, seriously. It was just time for my monthly body check-up.”

“Yeah, right.” She scoffed and turned around, then gasped. “Wait, what are those scars?”

Looks like she hadn’t noticed them the first time around, which seemed weird given that she had looked at me twice. Looks like keen observation wasn’t one of her strong suits.

“Why else do you think I need a check-up? Some of my wounds still haven’t fully healed.” I shrugged.

That was a lie, of course, but I doubt she has the medical expertise required to know that.

“B-but how did you get these?”

⟦I’m assuming we haven’t revealed the Grand Plan to her, right?⟧


“Well, let’s just say there is a reason most of the people I know call me a monster.”

Not sure if that’s the reason though.

⟦It isn’t.⟧


“Are you, uh, alright?”

Well, I’m no doctor, Sherry, but I definitely wouldn’t call myself alright.

“Of course. It doesn’t even hurt anymore. We’re just making sure that there aren’t any after-effects.”

Like memory loss.

“Well, if you say so.” She heaved a sigh of relief. “It’s not like you’ll tell me the truth even if I asked you, anyway.” And then scoffed.

Oh, so she’s aware of my personality.

⟦Uhhhh, not exactly. I mean, you’re right, but you acted like a dick to her not so long ago so I guess this is just her way of showing her anger.⟧ Simone said.

⟦Ah, I see, I see.⟧

I wonder what I did to make her so miffed.

“This time, I’m actually telling the truth. These are the remnants of battles of a long time ago.”

“Oh, they’re from your time in Hell?” She raised her eyebrows in concern.

But more importantly, I’ve been to hell?

⟦Heh, you’re the King of Hell.⟧ Maxwell smirked.

You know what? I’m not even surprised anymore. Let’s just yolo. I’m sure it’ll turn out well for me.

“Yupp. So you don’t need to worry.” I smiled.

“…I see.”

Hmm? What was with that pause?

“So, were you looking for Sam for something?” Phiria took this chance to join our conversation.

“Oh, uh, I was just bored so I thought I’d ask him for some pointers to help me in areas I’m stuck at.”

Looks like I’m a teacher as well. At least I’m not a primary teacher, or they would fire me on the first day for teaching curse words to all those brats.

5-years-olds saying ‘Fuck off’ to their parents and then getting their ass whooped for it is something that will never not be amusing.

“Private lectures are 5 gold coins an hour.”

I hope I got the currency right.


“Alright, I was just joking.”

No need to look at me like that, Ms. Spoily McSpoilsport.

“…” Sherry continued staring at my face.

What am I, an exotic animal?

“Um, is there anything there?”

“Nothing, it’s just been some time since I last saw you without a mask.”

Noice, so I wear a mask as well. Which makes sense, now that I think about it. 

I am, or was actually, trying to manipulate my classmates into doing my bidding, after all.

What exactly I wanted them to do is something only Maxwell knows.

“It was getting hot, and it was just me and Phiria in this room.”

A nice and safe answer.

“I see, I see.” She nodded. “By the way, can you stop that?”

“Stop what?”

“Please stop making those fake expressions.”



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