Ruler Vol 6 Chapter 30


Author: Anit666

Editor: Weasalopes

【Sam’s POV】


“Sam, I’m your mother.”


Did I hear her right?

Nah, no way. My ears must be playing games with me or some shit.

⟦Your ears are perfectly okay.⟧

⟦Are they, Maxwell?⟧


⟦Then please, enlighten me, why the fuck am I hearing about my mother being in the same world as me from her own mouth instead of yours? Don’t you think this detail should have been revealed to me post haste?⟧

Fuck, fuck, fuck.

First of all, why is she in the form of a little girl? Jesus fucking Christ, this is the first thing they should have told me. Useless fucking pieces of shit.

⟦Calm down-⟧

⟦Does this look like a situation where I can calm down?! You dumb fucking faggot! My mother being here changes everything!⟧

Shit, I can’t tackle her without any preparation. She’d see right through any lie I’d make up on the spot.

 Which will make her question me, and then she’ll know that I’m not the Sam she knows.

And I would have to let that happen because I was not prepared because I was given misinformation.

⟦Calm the fuck down, Samuel. We didn’t know about her presence either.⟧

⟦Bruh, come again?⟧

⟦We didn’t know that your mother was here, in this world.⟧ Maxwell sighed.

⟦Are you serious? You guys weren’t aware of such an important detail? …Hot damn, you guys are absolutely useless, huh.⟧

⟦Well, your mother is not supposed to be here.⟧

⟦Oh, thank you for gracing me with that insightful revelation, Maxwell.⟧

Alright, looks like I’ll have to handle this myself.

⟦First of all, can I assume that you being in the dark about my mother implies the same for Ex-Sam?⟧



Then I suppose the right reaction here would be to show disbelief and confusion.

“Mom?” I scoffed. “Well, I certainly don’t remember you being so small.”

“I doubt you remember anything about me.” Mom aka the little girl, Sarah, sighed. “I know, this must be so confusing to you.”


“What are you talking about?”

“You know, being in a new world surrounded by unknown people. But believe me when I say this; this isn’t a dream. You’ve just gone back to your true self.”


Yup, there goes all my plans.

First of all, that’s exactly what a character in a nightmare would say.

Also, looks like mom knows about my amnesia.

Since the two pieces of shit in my head didn’t know that she was hiding in the body of a child, I think it would be safe to assume that my mom has something to do with my loss of memories.

However, for her to continuously repeat that this must be so confusing for me…

“Well, why don’t you come in and start from the beginning?”


And so, she entered the room and headed inside. Phiria and Sherry were waiting for us with bated breath, which meant that they’d heard our conversation.

Though the door is literally 11 steps away from where they were, so I doubt I needed to carefully observe their expressions to determine that.

Well, whatever.

Let’s first handle this little girl claiming to be my mother first.

‘Claiming’ because we obviously don’t have any actual proof that she is my mom. I’ll have to ask her some questions to determine that.


“It’s alright.” I cut Phiria off.

I don’t want any interference at the moment.

“Please, take a seat.” I said to my potential-mum, who complied and sat at the edge of the bed.

I grabbed a chair and took a seat in front of her.

“So, let’s start from the beginning.”

“Okay.” The girl nodded.

“You claim to be my mother.”

“Yes, I am.” A slightly sad smile appeared on her face.

“I see. Then, why don’t you start by telling me what you know about my current state.”

Her knowledge would determine her involvement, assuming she’s not lying.

And that assumption is a luxury I cannot afford.

“Okay.” She took a deep breath. “First of all, you have lost your memories.”

Well, she’s got one fact right.

“And how would you know that?”

“I had a hand in it.”

“You!” Phiria stood up.

“Phiria!” But of course, I stopped her.

“Don’t you dare-”

“Shut the fuck up!” The next moment, I was grabbing her collars.

Turns out, it’s not so hard to adapt to a new body.


“Shut the fuck up!” I screamed into her face. “Is that so hard to understand? Shut. The. Fuck. Up.”

Jeez, it’s so hard to act like a mentally unstable sociopath, but to my chagrin, that’s the only language this woman seems to understand.

“…Alright.” She clicked her tongue but raised her hands nonetheless.

“That wasn’t so hard, was it? Now, I would appreciate it if you could keep your thoughts to yourself for the duration of this conversation. I trust you are capable of that, aren’t you?”

“…You have no idea of how many ways I could make you regret this.” She snarled at me.

Ooh, feisty.

「There are two things I’d like you to know, Goddess of Life」 As I spoke directly in her mind, her eyes widened to their extreme. 「First of them is that I am the current holder of this body and have full authority over it. Second, I know much more about myself and Ex-Sam than what you possibly could. So believe me when I say this, if you cross your lines ever again, I can and will completely destroy all your Grand Plans.」


「So, take a deep breath, calm your titties down, and sort things out like a civilised adult.」

⟦You think you have full authority?⟧ Of course, the voice inside my head interfered.

⟦Maxwell, please look me in the eye and tell me, do I look like a fucking idiot?⟧


⟦No, no, no, tell me. Do I look like a fucking idiot to you?⟧

⟦…What are you getting at?⟧

⟦You might not know since you’ve been an Administrator since the beginning of time, so let me enlighten you. From the moment I woke up in this body, I’ve had new knowledge continuously pouring into my brain.⟧


⟦Exactly. Things I couldn’t even imagine before seem as simple as basic arithmetic to me now. Of course, I haven’t got the memories of Ex-Sam, but I have his entire knowledge. So, believe me when I say this, Hell Guard, I wear the pants around here, and I can fuck things up.⟧

It’s like every piece of information that involves Sam and his plans has been blotted out, but every detail which isn’t related to those two categories has been revealed to me.

I know how to be an Administrator. I know the significance of standing at the top of this Universe.

I have no idea what Maxwell and Phiria’s plans are, but I do know that fucking it up would be as easy as snapping my fingers.

“Now-” I turned around only to find the scared faces of Sherry and Sarah. “My apologies for that unseemly display. But I had to level the playing field a bit.”

“…” Both of them silently gulped.

“Now, where were we again? Ah, right. You were saying that you had some sort of involvement in wiping out my former self’s memories.”

“Yes.” Sarah slowly nodded.

“I see. And may I know the reason behind that?”

“It… it was to bring your true self back.”


“Could you please elaborate?”

“You… no, the former ‘you’ had gone down the wrong path. The only way to fix you was to erase your memories.”

Uh, wasn’t that a bit extreme? She could’ve had, I dunno, a civilised chat over tea or something?

Though I guess she resorted to such an extreme measure because diplomacy didn’t work; mom wouldn’t make such a desperate move otherwise.

After all, I had taught her all there was to be a magnificent liar.

“I see. I’m curious about how you achieved that, but we can talk about that later. For now, I need to determine one thing.”


“I need to know whether you’re truly my mother or not.”

“…” Her eyes widened.

That would require a series of questions that only my mom would be able to answer. Of course, on a scale as grand as ours, it would be perfectly normal to have an impostor with the same memory set as mom.

So I’ll have to upgrade the level of the test; the questions would only be the surface level. I’ll have to make certain reactions mixed with certain, small lies. Whether she recognises them and how she responds to them will determine the probability of her being my mother.

“I’m sorry for not believing you, but I’m sure you can understand given the ridiculous situation I’ve been suddenly thrust in.”

“I see.” She slowly nodded.

Hmm, interesting.

Mom knows that I’m capable of adapting to any type of situation no matter how idiotic and sudden it is, yet this girl shows understanding.

“Don’t worry, they are just some basic questions. As long as you are my mother, it’ll be easy for you to answer them. So, first-”

“I think you’re misunderstanding a bit.”


What could I be misunderstanding?

“I’m not the mother you’re thinking of me to be.”

What? That doesn’t even make any sense- ahhhhh.

“I see. So you’re…”

“Yes.” She nodded. “I’m your real mother, Sarah Hayden.”


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