Ruler Vol 6 Chapter 32


Author: Anit666

Editor: Weasalopes

【Sam’s POV】


“I’m your mother!” Sarah stood up from her chair with a jolt.

Should I steal her seat to assert dominance?

“Yes, and?”

“And? I’m your mother so you should listen to me!” She exclaimed.

“Right, right, about that. Umm, you are my birth mother. The one I consider my real mother is back on Earth.”

Tanya Hayden, my mom, is the one who raised me since the moment of my birth. We’ve been together for more than 18 years; we’ve had our ups and downs, yes, but she’s the only one who can invoke the feelings of love (or something close to it) in my heart.

Sarah, on the other hand, is the woman who gave birth to me.

We’ve had absolutely no contact until today so we didn’t form any kind of bond.

I did eat her soul, but that only gave me her knowledge and memories; it didn’t allow us to connect with each other in any meaningful way.

In other words, Sarah is nothing more than the woman who gave birth to me.

“How…” her voice trembled. “How can you say that to me?”

“Sorry, but it’s the truth.”

I wasn’t planning on saying that, not at this point, at least, but she left me no choice.

Claiming to be my mother is all well and good, but I can’t let her use it to control me.

Like I said, I’d like to have some body autonomy. Freedom is the new rage among people nowadays, anyway.

“Y-you can’t say that to me. I-I’m your mother-”

“Look, any further discussion will lead us into the philosophical debate about who’s more important between the mother who gives birth to you and the mother who raises you. It’s a nice thought experiment, sure, but it’s not the best topic to have an actual debate on, because everyone will have different answers which will lead to discord.”

Which I’d like to avoid.

“I carried you for 9 months! You can’t put another woman above me!”

“And mom raised me for 18 years.”

It’s only natural to put my mom above a random child claiming to be my birth mother.

“Yeah, and look how you turned out,” she scoffed.

Boy oh boy, this woman is not the smartest, is she?

“Hey, please do not insult my mom. She did her very best in raising me; if not for her, I would have been way more twisted from what I’m right now.”

“Oh yeah? The son she raised planned to destroy the Universe. One can only question how she raised you.”

“And what? Do you think you could’ve done a better job than her?”

“I would have raised you way better than her.”

Oh, please.

“Well, the fact is that you haven’t, and you will never get the chance to do so.”

It’s all in the past, so unless she goes back in time to prevent herself from dying and raising me herself (which, by the way will just create a new timeline because of time travel paradoxes), Sarah has lost her chance to raise me.

“That’s exactly why I’m here. It’s not too late to set you on the right path.”

Right path? Is she not aware that morality itself is subjective?

“And how do you plan to do that? Not by insulting my mom, who I love, and earning my ire, I’m sure.”

“…” she clenched her teeth.

“Mom would never have made a rookie mistake like that. Compared to her, you’re just…”

“I am?” She raised her eyebrow.

“Well, let’s just say that you are not equipped with the right skillset to handle me.”

Which is just another way of saying that she’s incredibly stupid.

“Besides, if you were there to raise me, you would actually have raised another iteration of Samuel.”

“What do you mean?” She furrowed her brows.

“I mean, you being there to raise me would mean that you won’t die during childbirth. In other words, I would have no soul to eat, which would lead to me having no memories or knowledge. In other words, you would have raised a pretty normal child.”

Huh, now that I have said it out aloud, that’s probably where it all started, huh?

The reason I’m like this is that I was provided with a fresh soul at the moment of my birth. Had I not, I would have been radically different than what I’m now.


“Maybe, but I still would have been a better mother than Tanya.”

“Is that so?”

“That is so.”

“Hmm, do you know the first difference between you and mom?”

“…” She raised her eyebrow again.

“She accepted me as I am; she never tried to force me on any path which she thought was good for me.”

“And that’s where she made her first mistake.”

Delusion at its best, eh?

“Sure,” I shrugged- now is not the time to fight her. “Anyway, let’s conclude our discussion for today. We’ll reconvene when all the involved parties have calmed down enough to look at the current situation objectively.”

“Wait, I’m still not-”

“I said, we will reconvene later. So get out of the room.”

“…” Sarah retracted her hand that she had extended towards me.

“And as for you Sherry, I assume that I don’t need to tell you that you need to keep whatever you heard today a secret.”

“Y-yes,” she stiffly nodded.

“Perfect. Well then, ladies, I’ll see you this afternoon.”

“And where exactly will you see us, hmm?” Phiria raised her eyebrow.

“Huh, fair point.”

I wasn’t ready for Phiria to put out a logical point. What is this, an intellectual conversation? Wow.

“Well, come get me in the afternoon, then,” I suggested to Phiria.

“Alright. What are you going to do till then?”


I’ll just do what I do best; ignore all my problems like they were the rights of women in Taliban controlled Afghanistan and sleep.

Ez peezy lemon squeezy.

“It’s still morning though?” Sherry asked.

“And who said that you cannot sleep in the morning? Society? Fuck it.”

“We live in a society.”

“Fuck society. I make my own rules and live by them.”

Huh, that makes me sound like a 14-year-old white girl on twitter. Damn.

“You do you,” she sighed and left the room.

“We should discuss this again,” Sarah suggested.

“I’ll think about it.”

She nodded with a sigh and left as well.

“And don’t you dare try to leave this room. I’ll be keeping watch on you.”

“Aren’t you supposed to keep your hobby of watching people sleep a secret?”

Contrary to popular belief, some places consider it sexual assault.

“Haha, very funny,” she scoffed.

“Oh, and I don’t think I need to remind you, but don’t touch Sarah. I’ll handle her myself.”

“I’ll try my best.”

“I’ll also try my best to not fuck things up, but don’t blame if my hands slip and I destroy the fabric of reality while testing out my newly acquired powers.”


“Now, let’s do this again; do not touch Sarah in any way. If I find evidence that you have messed with her in any way… well, I don’t think I need to remind you now, do I?”

“…I’ll keep that in mind.”

“Perfect. I’ll see you in the afternoon.”

Phiria also quietly left. I closed the door behind her.

And so, I was finally alone in the room.

Well, alone in the physical sense.

⟦Is there anyone eavesdropping on us?⟧ I asked Maxwell.



Anyway, that sure was a wild ride. To think that I would go on from being a regular high school student to someone who stands at the very top of this Universe.

This is just wow.

I mean, a random stupid student suddenly becoming overpowered after being isekai’d into a new world and getting a cheat skill is an overdone trope in novels, but my situation takes it to a whole new level.

Oh well, there’s no use dwelling over it. I gotta play with the cards I’m dealt.

⟦Well then, Maxwell, Simone.⟧


⟦Give me everything you have. I want to know everything you know and can reveal to me.⟧

Time to seize the world.


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