Ruler Vol 6 Chapter 34

Author: Anit666

Editor: Weasalopes

【Sam’s POV】

“We are ready. Let’s go,” someone aka Chloe knocked on the door and announced.


It has been like, what, 10 minutes since Chloe asked me if I’d like to accompany her group to go shopping, right?

You’re telling me these women got ready within those 10 minutes?

Holy fuck, what are they, superwomen?

Unless they were already ready to go and just invited me out of kindness and pity, but are now stuck with me because I accepted their proposal thinking they genuinely wanted me to accompany them.

Fucking assholes.

Or maybe, I am the real asshole as I’m being sexist by thinking that they should take a lot of time to get ready just because they are women.


Wow, this issue has turned more complex than it needs to be. Let’s just move on.

“Coming,” I replied and looked towards Phiria.

She nodded, seemingly slightly nervous, so together, we left the room.

We were immediately greeted by an entourage of 5 women.

The first of them was the one who invited me aka Chloe, though she was wearing a mask right now.

Understandable, because to our classmates, she’s not supposed to be in this world. It would be less than ideal if some motherfucker accidentally saw her and we were forced to permanently silence him/her/them.

The second was Sherry, of course.

The third was a beautiful elf with long, pointy ears. She must be Cornellia, a comrade I made in the world of Phiria and whose love I apparently rejected.


The second from the last woman was a mature beauty with silver hair and crimson eyes; she must be the First Dragon, Shiggurath, who I apparently manipulated to be my pawn after ruthlessly destroying her mental support system.

Double yikes.

This leaves the other red haired mature beauty. By the process of elimination, she should be Susan, the woman whose life I almost destroyed by separating her from her comrades and thrusting her- unpreparedly and alone at that- into a completely new world and made her fight a war that wasn’t hers.

She was also betrayed by her comrade and was sealed for around 5000 years, if I remember correctly.

*yikes intensifies*

Now that I think about it, almost everyone here has a reason to kill me.

What if this is not a shopping trip? What if it’s all a ruse to get me to step into a trap?

What if behind their sweet smiles, a rusty dagger hides, aiming for my cruel, dead heart?

Oh well, we’ll see.

Worst comes to worst and I’ll just yeet myself out of this world and live the life of a hermit or some shit.

“Hello, ladies,” I smiled behind my mask.

One might wonder why I would need to smile if I was wearing a mask because, you know, hiding the face is one of the basic functions of a mask.

The simple answer is that it’s to keep me on my toes. For the detailed answer, they must paypal me 300$.

Also, I actually forgot about putting on the mask, but Phiria put one on me the moment I opened the door through the use of magic.

So there were a total of three mask users here; me, Chloe and Susan.

All because to our classmates we either weren’t supposed to be here or weren’t supposed to be alive.

“Hey,” Shiggurath greeted me with a smile and a nod.

Cornellia also simply smiled and waved her hand.

“You ready?” Susan asked.

Why would I be here if I wasn’t ready, Susan?

“Yup,” I nonetheless replied, because I’m a gud boi. “Where are we going, though?”

Hmm, I suppose I should have asked before accepting Chloe’s offer.

“These four here,” Sherry looked at the trio of Shiggurath, Chloe, Cornellia and Susan, “need clothes and other things for daily use.”

“I see,” I nodded. “Looks like you have already acquainted yourselves with everyone here.”

I wonder if Chloe and Susan revealed their real identities to Sherry. They might have, considering that they were friends before and doing so has no strategic detriments.

“Of course, I have,” Sherry replied with a hint of confusion in her voice. “Emily, Emma, Cornellia and Shiggurath.”

Pretty weird of her to repeat their names like that. Was she perhaps reminding me, who is supposed to have lost his memories?

If yes, then that’s just smart decision making on her part.

Because I almost forgot that Susan is supposed to be Emily Rose here while Chloe is Emma Watson (copyright lawsuit incoming).

Wait, can someone file a copyright claim against someone else for using their name?

Gotta look into it sometime.

Anyway, it seems Sherry doesn’t know that these two women are her former friends.

I see an opportunity for an epic prank here. Time to finesse these motherfuckers.

“I see. Then,” I moved swiftly; at least swifter than anybody’s reaction time, and removed Chloe and Susan’s masks. “How about now?”

“Huh?” Chloe exclaimed in surprise.

“Wha?!” While Susan exclaimed in horror, her sharp gaze threatening to cut me into pieces.

“…” Sherry.exe has stopped working.

Like, she literally froze on the spot and turned into a lifelike statue, as if she had been given information far beyond her ability to process.

She even stopped breathing.

She stupidly looked at the two faces that I had just revealed.

After some moments, her gaze started alternating between them, breaking her impression of a statue.

The next moment, her eyes closed as she buried her face in her hands.

After taking several deep breaths, she finally brought her face out.

With a shaky smile of an unhinged serial killer that made it seem that one wrong move and she’ll straight up slaughter everyone here, Sherry looked at me and eked out, “So… they are alive.”

“So it would seem,” I replied in a matter of fact tone.

Wait, they? To Sherry, shouldn’t Chloe have been very much alive but just on Earth? Hmm.

“And you’re telling me now?” Her eyebrows rose while her eyes widened to dangerous degrees.

“Hey, don’t blame me.”

The decision to hide their identities was Ex-Sam’s and theirs, not mine. I’m just a wee little lad who only came into existence a few hours ago.

Sherry took another deep breath. In response, Susan’s head drooped in what seemed to be shame and sorrow.

“…You seem to have aged quite a bit,” Sherry finally addressed Susan.

“…” Susan bit her lip in response.

I supposed she finds it hard to answer; perhaps she doesn’t know where to start.

Though I personally think answering Sherry’s question would have been a great place to start a conversation.

Looks like it’s on little old me to save the day.

So, I gently gave Susan a push towards Sherry.

Completely unprepared for it, Susan ended up getting closer to Sherry.

She glanced back at me and mouthed a ‘Fuck you’ (how rude).

The rest is up to these women.

Susan turned back to Sherry, took a deep breath, then smiled wryly, “Well, I am 5000 years old now.”

“5000?” Sherry’s eyes widened. “I should start calling you Granny, then.”

“I’ll punch you,” Susan pouted.

“How violent,” Sherry grimaced. “Typical Susan.”

“…” Susan smiled thinly at her response.

“…” Sherry just looked at her.

Of course, none of us dared to utter a single word, lest we ruin their reunion.

“Welcome back, Susan,” Sherry spread her arms with a smile.

“…” Susan’s eyes widened for a moment, then a beautiful smile blossomed on her face as she returned Sherry’s embrace. “I’m back, Sherry.”

Aww, how sweet.

“Mmm,” Sherry’s embrace tightened as she buried her face in her long-lost friend’s chest. “I missed you.”

“So did I, Sherry,” Susan caressed her head as she let out a heavy sigh. “So did I.”

Suddenly, Sherry reached out for the unsuspecting Chloe who seemed to be enjoying this spectacle from the sidelines and pulled her in.


“I haven’t forgotten about you, you know,” Sherry looked at Chloe from Susan’s bosom.


“Come here,” Sherry pulled Chloe in as well, turning it into a three-way hug.



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