Ruler Vol 6 Chapter 35


Author: Anit666

Editor: Weasalopes

【Sam’s POV】


The wholesome reunion of three long lost friends was quite sweet as well as relaxing for my apparently cold, dead heart.

It almost made me want to go and join them, but I obviously couldn’t do that.

Or maybe I could?

Hmm, at the very least, Chloe wouldn’t mind, though she might take this opportunity to sexually harass me.

What am I, a female employee working in Activision Blizzard?

Anyway, as diabetes-inducing their meeting is, I doubt doing it right in the middle of the corridor is the most tactical decision, especially when we consider that Susan and Chloe are not wearing their masks.

Only hell would ensure if some other classmate happened to walk in on us like he was the typical isekai harem protagonist and saw them. There’s only so many wholesome reunions my pancreas can handle in a day.

“Umm, why don’t you three get a room, to, you know, hug each other some more and catch up?”

Susan glanced back at me with raised eyebrows, as if doubting my clearly pure intentions, then looked back at Sherry, “How about it?”

“Let’s leave it for later,” Sherry replied as she freed herself from Susan and Chloe’s embrace. “We still have to go shopping, remember? We can catch up all we want later.”

Secretly meeting in the dead of the night to catch up? Sounds spicy.

“Fair point,” Susan and Chloe nodded.

“And next time,” Sherry glared at me. “Please give me a heads up.”

“Same here,” Susan’s voice was slightly cold.


“You guys want there to be a next time?”

What are they, masochists?

“…Fuck,” her eyes widened, as if she was having PTSD flashbacks, while Susan shuddered.

F for Sherry.

Anyway, now that Operation Red Herring has come to its successful conclusion, let’s go and do some shopping.

Well, I mean, more probable than not, I’ll just end up holding the countless shopping bags of these women without actually buying anything for myself, but hey, let’s go shopping.

It’s still better than being cooped up in a room with a woman who wouldn’t miss any chance to do unspeakable things to me in order to bring back her original lover.

The said woman, of course, was covertly giving me incredulous looks.

It seemed she was wondering why I suddenly revealed the true identities of Susan and Chloe to Sherry.

The answer to that is really simple; because I thought it would be amusing.

That’s not the only reason, of course.

Analysing how a person reacts in face of a completely unexpected dilemma can tell a lot about them.

For example, Chloe was mostly clueless about how to act or what to do when her identity was suddenly revealed to Sherry. She had taken the role of a bystander, even though she was heavily involved in the situation.

Her problem-solving skills need some work.

Susan, on the other hand, was afraid and felt guilty, but still tried to work up the courage to face her old friend. Despite the suddenness of the situation, she wanted to reconcile with her precious friend.

Sherry, of course, handled the situation like an absolute champ. She took the time to calm herself down and fully comprehend what the actual fuck was happening.

Once she realised that the ones in front of her were her friends, one of which was supposed to be dead while the other should have been on Earth, she first analysed the mental states of Susan and Chloe and decided to actually start a proper conversation with them.

She decided to put aside the several questions that she must have had in her mind to diffuse the situation.

Truly commendable. 90 points for her.

All of this information is going to be useful when the time to deceive them arrives.

There was another purpose behind my actions, of course. It was to turn their attention away from me.

Due to my actions, Sherry, Chloe and Susan will mostly be occupied with each other during this shopping trip, while the others would be absorbed in their antics.

This will give them less time to focus on me, which would obviously lower the chances of them discovering that I’m a sussy impostor.

Do you understand the reasons behind my actions now, Simone?

⟦W-why are you dragging me in?⟧ The elf in question feigned ignorance.

⟦Because I know that you have been dying to ask this question. So, I went ahead and did the explaining myself.⟧

How kind of me, right?

⟦You are getting too ahead of yourself,⟧ Simone harrumphed.

Am I, now?

What do you think, O mind reading Goddess?

Phiria simply squinted in return then averted her gaze.

Jesus, these people and their fetish of peeking in someone’s mind. And I used to think I was the degenerate.

As they say in this world; there’s always a bigger dragon out there.

Anyway, as usual, my long and kinda unnecessary monologue was finished within a fraction of a second, courtesy of the brain of an Administrator.

“Well then, let’s go, shall we?” I said to the ladies.

“Sure,” our friendly neighbourhood Dragon replied, “lead the way.”


“Do you seriously expect me to know where they sell things like daily necessities?”

“Huh, that makes sense,” Shiggurath slowly nodded.

Crisis averted.

How rude of her, though.

“Don’t worry, I know the place.”

Sherry to the rescue.

“We shall follow you then,” I smiled.

“Right,” Sherry rolled her eyes. “Follow me, girls.”

“Yes!” All of them said all at once.

So together, we marched forward to the main gates of this estate to embark on our journey to buy clothes for the girls.

Of course, just like every other epic adventure, we were soon met with a hindrance.

“Oh my, Samael and his harem. Where are you guys going?”

Hmm, red hairs and red eyes. This must be the third princess of this country, Cecile Constantine, and the woman who passionately professed her false love for me just to escape the pressure from her family to marry.

“We’re not his harem,” Sherry sighed with a shake of her head, then frowned, looked back at us and continued, “well, at least, I am not.”

“I am not either!” Shiggurath exclaimed.

“We’re going shopping, Third Princess,” I replied to keep the conversation on track.

Like, who cares who’s a part of my so-called harem and who’s not. As far as I’m concerned, I’m not at all interested in these mentally unstable women.

Hmm, Cornellia would be an exception though. She’s normal.

Or so I would like to think.


What if she’s the most insane out of them, and her ‘normal’ is just a pretence to make me let my guard down?

Then, when the time right, she’ll strike me from behind.

That would be a yikes from me. Gotta be careful of this friendly elf.

“And you didn’t even invite me?” Cecile appeared hurt.

“I was just on my way to invite you,” I lied. “Would you like to go shopping with us?”

One more person wouldn’t really matter, I’d say.

“I’d love to, but…” she showed me the documents in her hand.

“My condolences.”

“Have fun out there. And don’t stay out too late,” Mommy Cecile said as she went past us.

“Okay,” I waved my hand.

And together, we left for the market.


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