Ruler Vol 6 Chapter 9

Author: Anit666

Editor: Weasalopes

【Sam’s POV】

“I summon thee- Knights of Sin!”

Since I was summoning just a single knight whose only job was to stand behind me, I didn’t need to recite the usual long chant.

A circular formation enclosing the symbol of Stolz formed beneath my feet. As I stepped off it while walking towards the chair, the formation glowed, and the headless Destroyer of Fate appeared from it.

“Wha…” Cecile and Lantz stopped in their tracks from the shock of my seemingly absurd actions.

My actions naturally caused a stir among the seated members. To be more precise, the guards drew out their weapons at Stolz’ sudden appearance. Of course, I didn’t pay any heed to them and went on to sit in my prescribed chair.

Stolz stood behind me without any need for orders, and I looked directly at the King.

“My humble apologies for the commotion, Your Majesty. However, I felt awkward to be the only one without a guard.” I said in a gentle tone.

Leige and the bald man glared at me, Leilani held her temples, while as I had expected, the First Princess and her bodyguard stared at me in mere amusement.

I was right- seems like these guys are the Demigods, and our targets. From their reactions I think it would be alright to assume that Jack did his work properly.

Leige seemed to want to say something, but stopped when the King raised his hand for him to do so.

“I understand, Samael.” The King smiled and turned to the remaining two standing members. “You two should take a seat as well.”

“Y-yes…” They awkwardly nodded and situated themselves at their respective positions.

Hmm, I was expecting them to kneel and greet the King, but it seems that these kinds of meetings are rather common.

“That is an interesting summon. What exactly is it?” The King asked while scrutinizing Stolz.

“He is the Knight of Pride, Stolz, a summon I gained after going through many pains.”

“Oh? And how strong is he?”

“Well, he is weaker than me.”

Stolz stood unflinched at my declaration; he had long since accepted that as the truth.

“That doesn’t narrow it much.” He smirked.

“He is strong enough to go head-on against the current Heroes.”

“That is strong.” He chuckled. “And I was under the impression that you were a magic swordsman.”

“Versatility is one of my strong suites.”

“I see, I see.” He smiled.

Suddenly, the air in the room changed. The nonchalant atmosphere from before was nowhere to be seen. A regal aura started flowing from the King in front of me. He had switched into his King mode. 

“I’m Bachuss Ray Constantine, the current King of Asmaria.”

“I’m Samael, a traveller.”

We stared at each for some moments in silence.

“I must say, you are pretty daring to be able to pull off a stunt like this in front of me, the King.”

I assume he’s talking about my summoning of Stolz. Of course, normally I would have never done this as I tend to hide everything about me, but hey, this time my goal is different. Hiding my power too much would be detrimental.

“That’s the way I roll, Your Majesty.”

“Hahahahah, I like you. You have chosen an interesting man, Cecile.” He grinned at her.

“You are right, father.” She sighed and glared at me from the corner of her eyes.

She was probably miffed about how I ‘pulled this stunt’.

“I’ll be honest.” Bachuss turned to me. “I was planning to test you in order to see whether you were worthy of my daughter.”

See? I fucking knew that!

“I see.”

“You don’t seem surprised, but then again, I can’t really tell with your mask.” He squinted. “Would you mind taking it off?”

“Unless it’s absolutely necessary, I’m afraid I’ll have to decline your request, Your Majesty.”

“Is that so? That’s a shame.” He sighed lightly. “Well, seeing you like this, I think you have the minimum qualifications to be my daughter’s husband.”

I don’t know what those qualifications are, and at this point I don’t even want to ask.

“What do you think of him?” He looked at the two other Princesses.

Now, should I correct him about our relationship? 

I think I should, to avoid any complications in the future.

“Forgive me for saying this, Your Majesty, but I and Cecile are currently not at that point.” I opened my mouth before the rest could.

“Hmm? What do you mean?” His brows creased.

“Your daughter proposed to me, and gave me some time to think about it. Let’s just say that time is not over yet.”

“Really?” It was Leilani who asked me.

“Yes.” I nodded.

“I don’t understand. What is there to not love in her?” Bachuss’ voice raised slightly. “She is beautiful, she is intelligent, and she is even the Third Princess of Asmaria. You shouldn’t have any complaints!”

Waww. Someone sure dotes on their daughters a lot. I could see Cecile’s brows twitching in embarrassment from the corner of my eyes.

“With all due respect, Your Majesty, Cecile does not want a love born out of convenience. She wants me to love and accept her for the woman she actually is, not for her position or her power. And I plan to respect her feelings.” 

That was a good answer. No one should have any complaints.

“…Splendid. You are far better than I expected, Samael.” Bachuss exclaimed in admiration.

Oh, so that was a test? Seems like I passed flawlessly.

“That is precisely the reason I fell in love with him, father.” Cecile smiled sweetly and looked at me with moist eyes.

As always her acting remains oscar-worthy. Her reactions, her expressions, the pitch and tone of her voice, her timing- they are all perfect. As the Magnificent Liar, I must applaud her skills.

Of course, she still needs some work to be able to reach my level. Any other time and I would have personally trained her.

“Do any of you have any objections?” Bachuss looked around.

“None.” Leilani shook her head. “I already met with him before coming here, and I think I can see why Cecile fell for him.”



“He is gentle and courteous, and really understanding as well. Cecile is already at that age, so it would not have been too hard for her to fall for his charisma.”

Thanks, I suppose.

“You flatter me, Princess.”

“I agree with Leilani.” The other Princess spoke up. “Oh. I haven’t introduced myself yet.” She gasped.

“You are the First Princess, right?”

“I like smart people.” She giggled. “As you say, I’m the First Princess of the Kingdom of Asmaria, Lucia Lumen Constantine. It’s a pleasure to finally be able to meet you.”

That was just elementary maths. But ‘finally’, huh.

“The pleasure is all mine. And it seems you were rather eager to meet me.”

“Of course!” She exclaimed. “I have heard so much about you. Not only are you the man that my sister has chosen, you are also the mentor of the Heroes who led them to clear the Trial of the Gods. I couldn’t help but feel excited at the prospect of meeting you.”

Is it just me, or is my fan following steadily increasing? It might not be a bad idea to become an influencer.

⟦Normie.⟧ Maxwell interjected.

As expected of a Hell Guard. Not only is he perfectly accustomed to the culture of Earth, he also has a keen insight of social media.

⟦Don’t worry, Maxwell. I was, and always will be, a redditor. I won’t be switching to the dark side.⟧

⟦Do that and I’ll personally switch off your life support.⟧


“You flatter me.”

“As I’d heard, you are really humble.”

Just who the fuck is the informer?

“Humility is a man’s virtue.”

“I agree.” She giggled.

“However, I can’t help but wonder. Why is your middle name different?” 

I already know the answer to that, of course, but it would be unnatural to not enquire about it.

“Ah, that is because I’m the Pope of the Church of Meteron.”

Well, she is wearing a white gown with beautiful yet serene golden etchings, along with white gloves sporting the same patterns.

“A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Pope.” I chose to give a courteous bow.

“The man behind me is Doherty, the Cardinal of Compassion.”

Doherty nodded at me, and I nodded back. That was enough for a greeting between men.

Now, it seems that the meeting with the King and the Princesses has gone smoothly- or that’s what I’d like to think, but the subtle hostility behind the King’s gaze makes me think otherwise. It had been subdued really well, but as someone who spent an extraordinary amount of time in learning to grasp others emotions as well as being extremely sensitive to all types of intents towards me, I was able to sense it.

Everything seems fine on the surface, but I’m sure that things are not over yet.

“By the way, Samael.” Lucia brought me back from my thoughts.


“Would you care to take us on in a mock battle?”



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