Ruler Vol 6 Prologue


Author: Anit666

Editor: Weasalopes





An act that not only takes someone’s life, but also takes away their hopes, beliefs, dreams, their future. The things they could have done, the feats they could have achieved, the innovations they could have discovered, the contribution they could have given to society, the lives they could have saved, the change they could have brought to the world, are all lost in oblivion.

An achievement of supreme cruelty that shatters the heart of all those who loved that person, wrecks the lives of all those who depended on him, kills all those who lived for him, and abruptly cuts off the path they could have walked on together and snatches the meaning from the expectations they had built with each other.

An act of absolute destruction; that is what killing is.

And yet, living beings do it all the time.

I have seen them kill each other to exact vengeance, kill each other to survive, kill each other because their beliefs were diverse, kill each other because they believed in their own Gods, kill each other because they were different, kill each other over a loved one, kill each other over territory, kill each other over a paltry sum of money, kill each other because they enjoyed it, kill each other because it made them feel alive, kill each other because of materialistic desires, kill each other over a minor inconvenience, kill each other just because.

I have seen people kill themselves because they couldn’t accept who they were, kill themselves because the world was cruel to them, kill themselves because they lost a loved one, kill themselves just because it was easier than living.

Humans, Demons, Faes, Monsters, Demigods, Gods; all of them have stripped killing of its sanctity and turned it into an act on the same level as eating.

They mindlessly plunder lives without ever realising the true consequences of their actions. They never understand the extent of things they destroy. Just like the setting sun that dyes the sky red every passing day, they continue to dye the world red with the blood they spill.

However, even though I’ve been armed with this knowledge for a long time, I’ve continued to kill. I kill because every life I take gives a life to another, for every future I destroy I give one to another. I’ve partook in an act as nefarious as killing; exchanging a life for another. I have continued to do it, and I will continue to do it. I’ve never made any other choice, because I never had one.

Not until that day.

It was only when I held that tiny life in my hands did I truly understand the meaning of denying someone of their existence; only then did it genuinely dawn on me just how heavy the choice between two lives is.

And so, on that day, I did something I’d never done since falling into my hell; I chose a different path.

A path that would forever change my world and give me a ray of hope in this dark despair. That path was riddled with just as many nightmares, filled with just as many sacrifices, but nonetheless it was a path I had decided to walk upon.

Now as I look at the Crimson Angel in front of me, I wonder; was choosing that path the right choice?

I don’t know, and I never will.

Because I’m about to become the victim of the cruellest act in this world.


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