ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 287 Part 3

Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 287: Epilogue – Spreading Dragon Disaster – Part 3



Amongst the people of the forest, there is a race called the High Elves that is different from all the other forest residents. Unlike their counterpart Dark Elves, who are strong physical fighters, High Elves possess an innate magical talent and their magical powers are also powerful. But what comes together with it is a huge amount of pride and some arrogance as well.


That freaking Tsundere Elf, huh? So……? What of that huge tree……?




There was a loud roaring sound. And for Tottori, who had heard many such sounds before and had excellent hearing, it was no trouble recognizing what that sound was. It was the sound of a rock splitting apart.


…… I think I have the vague idea what we are dealing with here, but I am still going to ask, just in case: how bad is it? Is it dangerous?


This is the Green Dragon, Brockentreed…… when you get in the way of this guy, it is no longer about winning or losing anymore!


The rumbling did not stop. On the contrary, it was growing louder and louder. The tremors were growing so intense that if you did not pay attention to your footing you might have fall to the ground on the spot. But even the sturdy houses erected around the barks of the mighty trees were shaking and looking as if they were about to collapse.


I am really sorry to say this, but as regrettable as it may sound…… I think that Hesh-sama……


A decoy, huh……?


Tottori exits the house alongside one of the Elves that happened to be the member of his party…… Or rather, they have fled from there, paying extra attention to their surroundings, so as to not fall from the top of the great tree towards the ground. Then Tottori looks around.


(I knew it, this has to  be a skill or something very similar to that…… The one that allows you to set a save point and housing anywhere you want, as long as you have the necessary materials and a tree that is big enough…… I would like to learn that skill as well, but what if it is only a tribal thing? Does that mean I would have to convert my character?)


The High Elf were also called the “Wandering Elves” by some, because of their ability to erect their homes almost anywhere that had suitable environment. Apparently it is a trait that they had developed as a result of years of wandering and running away, sometimes of their own volition, and sometimes out of necessity. However, it goes without showing that they did not possess the power necessary to oppose a walking calamity that was a Dragon.


Looking around, you could see that many Elves were already in the middle of abandoning their homes and running away as fast as possible.



However, the most notable thing in the middle of all the chaos here was……





Hiii…… Someone, anyone! Please, help me……!


One of the Elven women screamed in terror while laying on the ground. Perhaps she broke her leg while she was trying to get away? It was bent in a strange direction and the woman’s voice was filled with both pain and fear.


Instead of being blown away by the wind current caused by the wings, the woman was hit by one of the dragon’s wings, as if it struck her with a blunt weapon. It’s whole body was covered in hair that looked like elongated tree roots, and as the dragon kept on advancing forward they looked as if each and every single one of them had a mind of its own, moving and swaying.


In Tottori’s mind, a strange kind of analogy had been born: the creature looked like a turtle with a head of the cow and long wings where its arms should actually be.


With the picture of a turtle with cow head and wing—arms now permanently stuck in his head, Tottori starts to run for his life, a bitter smile on his lips all the time.


[Sorry, cow turtle, but you will have to let me through, okay?]




[Ah, y-you are……!]


[Believe me, I am not happy to do this, either, especially since I am yet to see your dere side, provided that you even have one…… However, if I let you die in here just like that, I know at least some Elven brothers that would not let me hear the end of it…… I’m sorry to ask this of you, Erina, but could you take her away towards somewhere safe?]


Tottori takes out his bow and readies it, only after entrusting the protesting Hesh to Erina. Incidentally, compared to the other High Elves living in this village, Hesh’s ears were visibly larger and longer than the rest of the people around here.


[Tottori-sama, what are you……?


[I will act as a decoy here instead.]


For Tottori, getting on the good side of the forest people was of the utmost importance. Otherwise, he would not be able to obtain the information about building houses on trees, which would translate to being able to set up save point anywhere on the map if only you desired to do so.


Therefore, if he were to risk his life here trying to rescue Hesh, it would be entirely plausible that he would be able to raise her levels of affection towards himself. And it just so happens that ever since the day that Tottori was greeted as a Hero by the people of the forest, Hesh has been the leader of this here High Elves for as long as anyone could remember. So she was the most valuable source of information in this place, and whenever Tottori would interact with her, he did not forget to let his recording item run throughout the conversations, so that he would not miss even the slightest of details.


But then a sudden thought occurred to him.


[Huh? Now that I think about it, the last place that I have made a save is no longer here. So if I happen to die here, which will surely happen, where exactly am I going to respawn?]


Certainly, if the last save spot was no longer here for any reason, it is only logical to think that he would respawn in a place that he saved his game before that.


However, if he happened to respawn inside of the Pioneer ship that carried players in between the old and the new continent, that would bring another unique problem with itself: it would be extremely hard for him to rejoin the High Elves, who were constantly on the move throughout this continent’s woods.




[Oh shit, this looks bad! This looks really, really bad……!!!]








Their bodies are exceptionally tough.


Their bodies are exceptionally big.


Their weapons are always ready, always big and always sharp.


They are called Giants.


And they are…… a race that calls themselves Dragon Slayers.


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