ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 089 Part 2

Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

Chapter 89: You Win Some You Lose Some Part 2

The stingers started to appear one after another. I don’t know if it was intentional or maybe just a glitch in the system, but at this moment every single scorpion stinger was aiming towards my heart, intending to pierce it mercilessly.

This is it. The moment I’ve been waiting for. Just when the stingers are pulled back to be thrust straight at me,

「“Transfer: INVENOTRY!!!”」

My whole existence disappears from the realm of ShangriLa Frontier. Arriving inside of the INVENTORY, I slowly begin to count.

「One…… Two…… Three……」

The stingers strike at the place where I was, the claws were trying to reach me, but it was all to no avail, since I was in here, waiting patiently. Now, after enough time their aggro should subside…… Right about now!

「“Transfer: Exit INVENOTRY!!!”」

I could do this only once. After that I would have to change my coordinates, but it should be alright.

When I return to the crystal cliff, I will have to perfectly utilize every possible second at my disposal to get my hands on what I wanted.

I look around to confirm my position…… The scorpions were now scattering all over the place like salarymen who finally ended their work for the day. I can see that some of them had huge cracks on their stingers.

So my strategy was a success! No matter how sturdy, no crystal could possibly hope to withstand being repeatedly smashed against the ground just like that!

「Rare Drop spotted……!」

Even if the monster itself is still alive, as long as the material separates from its body it will still be converted into an item. I activate Moon Jump and jump high in the air, approaching the “cracked” group and trying to strike their stingers at places where the nets of cracks were the densest.

A perfect strike like that should be more than enough to separate the stingers from their bodies no problem.

There was a loud cracking sound, accompanied by the image of the stingers breaking apart from the bodies that were carrying them. Drunk on the ecstasy that my strategy worked so flawlessly I reached out my hand towards the falling items……


For a moment I think I saw it. The image of the RNG goddess smiling graciously at me as she raised her middle finger in the air and waved it right in front of my eyes as the ultimate “FUCK YOU” gesture.

It appears that I was blessed with the worst RNG possible at this very moment…… The stingers fall to pieces, but not a single one of them left any loot to be collected.

And right next to that Goddess was the Devil itself, waving his red hand at me with a grin that the douchest of all douchebags could never possibly hope to achieve.

It was impossible. There was nothing that I could do here. I wouldn’t be able to get any items or do anything about them, no matter how hard I may try.

The spiteful gravity starts to pull me closer and closer to the ground, making me realize just how hopeless my current situation really was.

「No, wait……! One more chance! Just give me one more……!」

At that moment I felt as though I was hit by a train. It took me a moment to realize that one of the scorpions smashed me with its stinger before I even managed to hit the ground. I saw sparks before my eyes, my whole vision started to go round and around and then I burst into a bunch of red polygons and I wasn’t able to feel anything anymore.

「Ah, Sanraku-san! Good to see you back in one piece…… Sanraku-san?」


I could hear Emul’s words well, but the crippling emptiness in my heart made me unable to answer him properly.

What was that feeling……? It felt as though you were just about to finish the marathon run only to realize that you were brought back to the start line. Or that you were about to have a bite of delicious food only to realize that it was all but a dream and the food was nowhere to be found in the first place. Or it was like a mystery novel with an erased ending…… You get the idea.


「Sanraku-san? Seriously, what’s wrong with you? You look as though you are about to cry.」

「Hahaha…… Unattainable dreams are of the best kind…… Nothing I can do about it…… haa, the sky is so blue and vast……」

「Sanraku-san!? Why the FUCK are you trying to jump out the WIDOW!? Seriously, what happened out there!?」

The RNG is a lie. The RNG is nothing but a fucking lie. The RNG Gods are dead.

After that little show of self-pity I slapped myself on the cheeks a couple of times to regain my composure and wore my bird mask again, which I previously took off to avoid damaging it.

「Right, I’m alright now, I’m alright…… Say, Emul, think I could fly in the air?」

「Context! Context, please! Context is everything!」

「We people cannot soar through the skies, no matter how hard we may try.」

For a while, I don’t think I want to see those scorpions again. They’ve managed to scar me on the emotional level.

However, at the same time I managed to gather items that I wouldn’t be normally able to gather at the current moment, so it was at least some form of a win in my book.

What’s more, if I try to make weapons and equipment using the materials I got during my suicide escapade, I might be able to create something that will exceed even my current equipment.

Through that act of unreasonable conformism I manage to somehow recover my sanity back to the eighty percent of its original capacity. It is an ability I acquired as a result of playing so many shitty games, where I was constantly being harassed with failure and frustration.

「Right, let us go and see how Break is doing.」

「R, right. I don’t know where did that exactly came from, but I’ll keep you company either way.」

「After all, one can be most proud of one’s achievements when one brags about them to everyone else!」

「I think that there’s something seriously wrong with that logic.」

I think so as well, but the main goal of it all was to not be left behind by Katsu or Pencilgton.

After that, we went to Break’s forge and showed her the materials, at the sight of which she basically freaked out and started to jump around the place in ecstasy. That sight refilled the remaining twenty percent of my sanity.

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