ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 124 Part 1

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 123 Part 2 ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 124 Part 2

Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

Chapter 124: Embracing the Light of Ambition Part 10 Part 1

The smile on Akitsu Akane’s face while he said that he ran all the way out here was too much for me to handle.

Indeed, if he was like that then it was possible that he might have the skills that would allow him to spontaneously unlock the Ex Quest “Invitation to the Bunny Country”. Still, I don’t know just how he managed to do that, but maybe Emul will know something since he was with him for a while now. Will need to investigate this matter sometime later.

「…… I have a whole lot of questions for you, but let’s save those for later, ok?」

「Sure thing! Is that monster the infamous “Night Prowler Luukan”? I might be still but a hatchling at level forty three, but I shall lend you a hand!」

「Sure, great, go right ahead…… HUH!?」

I thought I might have misheard him, because what he told me just now was plain stupid and unbelievable.

「Level forty three!?」

「That’s right! It is all thanks to Emul-chan here and Sickle-san that I managed to get here!」

Sickle…… If I remember correctly, it was another one of Emul’s many siblings, whose level was just slightly below of that of Break’s. Which means more or less as a child of Weissash his level should be around level ninety. And given that Emul’s level is close to ninety itself, talk about one heck of a babysitting party. Surely they would be able to blaze through any area boss this game might throw at them at this stage without as much as breaking a sweat.

「This is…… I’m afraid it’s not even close to being useful against someone like Luukan.」

「I thought as much! So I came to a conclusion that I won’t be able to do much in terms of raw firepower…… But providing an emergency escape is a whole different story!」

Somehow, he is the type of gamer that you don’t see all that often these days….. Umm, how should I put it? Enthusiastic? Yes, that would be the word. Completely different from schemer or realist, it’s the type who believes that as long as you keep on doing your very best, you shall obtain the results that you are striving for.

He is kind of like me, someone whose skills seem to be directly linked with his motivation. But it’s actually a good thing, since players like that tend to be more useful on the battlefield and yield better results from other players.

Nonetheless, bringing Akitsu Akane along for the ride would bring its own set of merits and demerits. The advantage would be that the party size would increase. But even if he is useless against Luukan at level forty three, at least he can make up for it by supporting Rei and I with that substitution jutsu-style skill, protecting us from imminent failure. Not to mention bringing in two high-level Vorpal Bunnies, which would increase our chances even more.

But such a tactic has its own set of demerits. Honestly speaking, Rei and I are kind of not enough to take down a beast such as Luukan on our own. No, it’s not like that. We were giving it our very best, but we also knew that if our trump cards turn out to be useless, we might as well give up. However, with Akitsu Akane bringing in two NPCs to the battle…… NPCs that couldn’t respawn upon death…… Suddenly, losing stopped being an option here.

It’s not that we want to win against Luukan…… We just can’t allow ourselves to lose against it right now. With the arrival of our new allies, my whole attitude towards this fight started to change.


Seeing that Luukan stopped playing with my decoy and turned towards us yet again, I let out a soft sigh and started to mentally prepare myself. Now then, we still had some trump cards left in our hands. One of them was known to me, but the other two were still a giant mystery. Still, gathering some fragmentary information should be enough for me to conjure up a suitable strategy. And although this strategy would surely turn out to be unsure and unstable, if we are lucky and everything goes right for us we might be able to actually pull this off.

「Akitsu Akane, your role is to assist Rei and keep her safe at all costs! She’s our trump card in this fight and if we lose her, we might as well forget about beating Luukan! You can also support me, but wait for my signal until my preparations are all but complete!」

「Sure thing! Just leave it to me!」

「And sorry about that, but I’m going to need those bunnies that are hanging around your neck…… Sickle, was it? Can you tell me something about yourself really quick?」

「I’m a noble warrior! A Bunny Samurai!」

Well, I guess it was information, but putting it in terms of cooking it would be like asking for ingredients and receiving the answer like: “Fish is vegetable!” However, Samurai was at least something I could work with. With that I could at least think about the most suitable formation for our party to assume for the current moment.

「Right then, Emul will stay here, and you and Sickle shall go to Rei and assist her in whatever way you can. You don’t have to attack Luukan yourselves, just try to make sure that Rei succeeds with all of her attacks.」

「S, sir, yes sir! I shall do my very best to be of use to you!」

Then I send Akitsu Akane an invitation to the party and he accepts it in a hurry. I do the same for Sickle, and thus a five member party is formed, with three players and two NPCs on board. In other words, none of us here will be able to haul ass back home until we either win or lose against Luukan.

Luukan then gazes at us, but who is he going to target? It could turn out to be really messy if it was going to target Rei or Akitsu Akane right off the bat. All that we knew was that it was going to be the final round and if we wanted to clear the “Night Prowler Luukan Raid” ….. we needed to win with no losses on our end.

Wasn’t that like a trial for some kind of a Hero? And the Hero being a half-naked rando…… Somehow, I’m really sorry about that. But, weren’t all Heroes of ancient Greece half naked or completely naked? And still they managed to achieve such heroic deeds! So I guess that being half-naked is alright in the end! Thank you so much, BC world!

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 123 Part 2 ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 124 Part 2

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