ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 133 Part 1

Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

Chapter 133: Resurrecting Mental Zombies With Caffeine Part 1

Could it be that the reason why I’m feeling like I’m about to die is because I’ve been asleep for a whole three hours? But when it comes to MMOs, sleep was hardly an excuse. If you have time and strength to complain, then you have the time and strength to organize your equipment and do something productive inside of the game instead.

I  somehow managed to endure one intense battle after another today, but normally such a feat would not be possible. Not without at least taking a break in between sessions. That being said, it wasn’t Luukan that managed to exhaust me so much. No, that was all on Usurper Dragon. Him and his stupid-ass ranged attacks.

Additionally, I had to endure a long and rather annoying earful from Break when she saw just how I managed to break her masterpiece apart not so long after she just crafted it. That, and she was livid because of the sheer amount of repairs and strengthening I wanted her to perform. Then she yelled at me because I didn’t have enough money on me. So I had to go and sell some stuff. Then the shopkeeper yelled at me for bargaining in on him so early in the morning. Then Emul screamed at Elk who wanted to scam us on more overpriced skills, then Break yelled at me again for the amount of damage my armor sustained…… I get the feeling that Rabbitz was witness to the greatest shouting match in its history this very morning. But thanks to all that my items were as good as new, and I even managed to enhance some of them with materials I got from Luukan, which looked really shady in the beginning but then they turned out to be quite good.

I also managed to confirm something. Three minutes. This is the amount of time after which the armor on my legs and torso turned into dust and shatter onto the wind. And the class and rarity of armor were all of no importance here. They would break apart no matter what. Period. I was afraid something like that might happen, but now it was actually just sad.

No matter the class and the materials used for them, every single piece of armor would crumble to dust. Here I would like to voice my sincerest apologies to Break-sama and all producers of armor, for wasting your time and effort just so that I could destroy your precious creation only to confirm something as outrageous as this. I would also like to apologize in advance to everyone who might feel offended by seeing me walking around town half-naked. I’m not doing this on purpose, so please don’t report me to the authorities.

Three minutes. Enough time to consider some armor as a short-term stat buff, but not nearly enough time to be able to utilize its abilities in long combat. And even if I wanted to just continuously change armor after it gets destroyed, it would just occupy precious spots in my inventory and waste tremendous amounts of my money. So a short term buff was the only way for me to go with that.

On the other hand, the ability to finally be able to use some equipment for legs and torso was a godsent. Now, as long as I have enough money, I can use some proper armor during my battles. Sadly I didn’t have time now to experiment with this system some more, but once my itinerary loosens up a bit, I need to conduct some proper investigation.

Either way, I’ll definitely need to go back to those fortress ruins at some point in time.

My skills remain the same. My armor haven’t changed. The only real changes for me were always in the weapons department. But even so, I was always keeping my weapons in top condition, and the oldest ones were regularly being enhanced so that they wouldn’t become irrelevant. That was the only thing I was using any materials I had on hand.

But because of that I was poor right now…… No, you might even want to call it super poor. I guess it was really an overkill to blow all my founds from conquering the way to Fifthsia like that all in one go. You need money to be able to do anything in this game. Without money, life could be quite hard.

Ah, that’s right. I remember. The pirates were talking about fishing not going as greatly as it used to. Apparently you can catch salmon in the Ancient Ruins, so it may fetch me a good price, and seeing as the new continent was about to become available, maybe you could even catch some tuna there? Tuna is really good. However, you must eat it in moderation. I still remember how once Dad caught a Bluefin tuna and were were eating nothing but tuna dishes for three days straight, three times a day.

I didn’t think that I would get tired of fish at so young age, but ever since then when I see a tuna going onto the dinner table I can’t stop remembering that fishy nightmare and my PTSD woudld trigger every time without fail.


Oh no, because I’m so tired, my thoughts were going someplace weird. Why would I even think about tuna all of a sudden? But still, I could feel all that caffeine slowly beginning to work as it started to spread around my system. Caffeine is legal, so there’s no such thing as caffeine overdose, right?

Right now I was handling myself quite well, but I knew deep down inside that in just a while I would become nothing more but a caffeine-depraved zombie, drooling and mindless and all of that. I only hope that no one has a shotgun here, or else it might not be pretty for me. And for fuck’s sake, does this light has to be so god damned bright?

Seeing as my body was starting to stagger a little bit, a certain thought occurred to me: will I even be able to fight in such a sorry state? God, I hope that no serious battle was coming my way for now.

As I was going around town, I could feel the stares of players and NPC alike, as well as muttered voices along the lines of: What is that? A zombie? Is this some kind of an event? Or maybe a monster got into town? I just hope that I won’t cause a zombie apocalypse panic all of a sudden.

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