ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 243 Part 1

Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 243: Replay Abilitiy That Is as Interesting as It Is Maddening Part 1


Here in Rabbitz there is a certain Unique Scenario that the players can undertake. The name of this Unique Scenario is “Touring Around the Bunnies Country”. And the aim of that questline is apparently to stop the “Bunny Eating Snakes” that try to invade Rabbitz on the regular basis.


But in the first place, why would a monster that has “Bunny Eating” in its name would even appear in a place like this, and even be a part of the quest line? After all, the only ones who can enter Rabbitz through normal means are the presumably high level players that managed to display their Vorpal Souls through combat with strong monsters. As it turns out, the answer to that question lies with one of the seven Unique Monsters.


「By the way, how should I properly address you? Do you want me to use honorifics? Or maybe some specific title?」


「When it comes to me, I do not really care about the way in which others address me. If you so desire, you can address me in the same way that you address Break or other bunnies.」


Ahh, no, that’s a little…… Oh well, it doesn’t really matter. I brush that matter aside for a moment, focusing more on my conversation with Edward, the de facto ruler of this whole country, as matters would have it. We were still in his office at the top of the Bunny Court, sitting in the luxurious guest chairs inside of his office.


「The situation looks as follows: currently, Goldunine’s forces are digging tunnels under the ground in hope of bypassing Rabbitz defense lines that way. It is also through those tunnels that they send their scouting parties and raiding forces.」


「I can imagine that. I also heard that this whole Goldunine can spawn her soldiers from her own body…… That was she has virtually an endless supply of soldiers. A number that lets her be a constant threat, but a number that is not nearly enough to make one final, decisive push.」


「Yes, unfortunately that is correct…… There was once a time in the past that a large scale battle happened inside of the tunnels’ depths. It was long and it was brutal, and our forces barely managed to push the invading snakes back behind the tunnels’ halfway point…… And that is as far as we were able to push them back. Trying to achieve anything more would have been a pure suicide.」


“Goldunine the Inexhaustable”…… One of the Seven Unique Monsters of the ShangriLa Frontier, taking on the form of a “snake”. And just that name alone is more than enough to feel like suddenly there was an aura of ominous premonition hanging in the air.


At least that is the feeling I get. But there is something more. Rumors and leaks regarding the actual threats that the defenders of the tunnels have to clash against on a daily basis…… the leading units. Vorpal Bunnies whisper about snakes that are larger and more dangerous than regular snakes, and those greater snakes seem to be the ones leading the rest into battle. And they are the deadliest of threats that await you underground.


「Just to make sure, have you not heard anything about it from Father? The warriors that are assigned to the tunnel defense are considered to be as good as dead. That’s how low their chances of actually surviving the defense are.」


「So, Goldunine’s pieces are being scattered all over the tunnels and are basically like poison…… Great. At least I know what it is that we have to do. That’s a start.」


According to Weissashe’s words, even though the man himself have never actually clashed in combat with Goldunine’s main body, it seems that the affinity of that monster is that of “poison”. So that would explain the spread of her forces. Also, it seems that she can bestow upon the player a negative status, a “Curse of Poison”.


It is that exact thing, this “Curse of Poison” that makes the Vorpal Bunny warriors marked as “dead” upon going down to the tunnels. Even if they do manage to survive the actual battles, what kills them off are the poisonous fumes that permeate the area. And since the only way to lift the curse placed upon you by the Unique Monster is to actually defeat the Unique Monster in question, the Vorpal Bunnies have no hope of surviving.


So, unless we take care of the “Divider” monsters that lead all the rest and serve as the poison pods, the poison fumes will keep on circulating inside of the tunnels, and eventually all of the Vorpal Bunny defenders will end up dead. Either as a result of direct combat with the snake army, or eroded by the poison way behind their defense lines. Anyways, it seems that the situation in the tunnels is going to be our main concern here.


Also the main concern here would be the poison. The “Divider” monsters generate it and it can contaminate any biological organism that it comes into contact with. I do believe there is no need for me to say this, but if any of the contaminated defenders happened to go back to Rabbitz, the only thing that would result in would be an unprecedented disaster.


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