Shiinamachi Senpai Volume 2 Epilogue Part 1



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【Epilogue, Part 1】

• August 22nd, weather forecast: Sunny

• Hachihoukan villa, early morning

When I woke up in the morning I could feel the blazing heat piercing through the curtains. That’s the summer sun for you. Taking my glasses from the nightstand next to the bed and putting them on my nose I glance at the clock and notice that it is still as early as five AM. As it was unusual for me to wake up this early, my head still felt kind of groggy.

After my murder case was resolved I must have lost consciousness due to all of the wounds I’ve sustained combined with extreme exhaustion, so I don’t even know exactly how much time has passed since then. I decided to get out of the bed, since now that I’ve woken up there’s no sense in just lying around in it pointlessly. Might as well use that time for a little walk around the villa’s vicinity.

「Wawawa, g-good mor.. ning.」

Yugao-chan was standing in the middle of the living room.

「Oh, good morning, Yugao-chan.」

「Ah, yes, uhm, well…」

Turning bright red and acting all flustered, she was acting the same as when we first came to this villa. At that time her sister’s doll was by her side at all possible times, but now she was by herself.

「Uhm, I… I just couldn’t sleep at all, so I decided to get up and prepare breakfast, even though it might still be a little early. A-As promised, I’ll be making rice balls, so… well…」

Her words become more and more disjointed as she avoids looking me in the eyes and just twiddles her thumbs. Now that she mentioned it, I remember that we indeed made such a promise. Knowing that a cute made will make a Japanese-styled breakfast for us made me really happy. The fact that said maid was also a cute, clumsy girl was also doing it for me in various ways.

「Sorry to ask this of you, Yugao-chan, but do you know exactly how long have I slept?」

「Umm, for about an entire day, I think. You collapsed immediately after the fight and haven’t woken up since, so we were all beginning to get worried about you.」

No surprises there. Without my heart, I was basically a walking corpse, so the strain on my body must’ve been unimaginably severe. I’m sure it was the same or even worse for Shiinamachi-senpai.

When I put my hand on my chest, my heartbeat was still a little bit faster than usual. And looking at Yugao-chan makes me feel that painful yet sweet and sour sensation all over again. Is it because her blood still has its effect work on me, or maybe it’s because of all the things that Asagao said to me in that dream? After all, she is, objectively speaking, quite attractive for her age so I’m sure that even without the power of her blood she’d be making the hearts of men race with excitement when she’s around them.

「I knew it. Maybe I shouldn’t come into your room alone, Monjiro-san. I am being a bother, right?」

Yugao asks, probably figuring out what the source of my uneasiness was.

「You don’t have to. My current state might have something to do with your power, but I honestly think that that’s not it. Tt’s most probable that my mind has some difficulties coping with the fact that after all we’ve been through I’ve grown quite interested both in you and your sister, Yugao-chan. This feeling is quite new to me, so I’d be great if you could limit my exposure to it by having your sister with you as much as possible, since I don’t want to cause any accidents by not being able to control myself. Can I ask this of you?」

「Not being able to… control yourself? Ah….!」

Yugao-chan then grabbed both of my hands quite strongly. I wonder if asking her to do that was too rude of me?

「If… if it so happens that you won’t be able to hold back anymore… then… then I wouldn’t mind, I-I-I mean I wouldn’t have anything against it if you… u-used me to help yourself whenever you like, however you like. Just… it would be nice if you informed me beforehand so I could prepare myself, all right?」





「Hi, HIYAaaaaAAAaaAaAAAA!!!!!!!!」

A very strange scream came out of Yugao-chan’s mouth as she crouched on the floor and covered her face with both her hands, turning so red like I have never seen her before.

So like, I can use her to do what if I feel like it, exactly? Even after fixing my glasses a few times, the meaning of her words still eluded me.

「All right then, since you say it’s all right with you, will you be fine with giving me a lap pillow from time to time?」

「I-I-I-If that’s what you desire then…. Huh? A lap… pillow? You’re fine with just that?」

Just that? Is she trying to say that it was okay for me to take it a step further if I wanted? Is that what she means? No, nononono, that’s impossible, no way in hell that’s true. Come on now, Yugao-chan, don’t leave me here without an answer or I’ll have to start assuming and you really don’t want me to start assuming, trust me on that!

Maybe she thinks that she stronger than me? That she can get me even without using the power of her blood? Something like that?

No, as I was saying, it’s impossible for such an innocent, pure girl like her to have such thoughts. But I also have a vague feeling that I heard her or Asagao saying something like that before when we first met. Oh, I see now! She probably meant it in a sense that I should keep myself in check not to say or do anything rude as it will also create more trouble for her. That must be it!

「Ehh, forget it, I was only joking, Monjiro-san.」

「Say what now?! Joking?!」

「Yes, joking. So I won’t be helping you with anything. Besides, it’d be embarrassing beyond measure, now that I think about it.」
She then smiled in a way that was more than a little mischievous, causing me to inadvertently stare at her in wonder.

「Eh, ah, W-What is it? Do I have something on my face?」

「Ah, no it’s nothing like that. It’s just that for a second I thought that you’re not yourself, Yugao-chan.」

No, this atmosphere, this pounding of my heart, this breathtaking aroma of delicious fruits. No matter how I looked at it, the person standing before me now is definitely Yugao-chan.

「Ha, haaa…. Uhm, Monjiro-san? Y-Your face is… very close…」

「Yeah, sorry about that.」

Yes, this reaction is just like the one Yugao-chan should make. Unfortunately I have been bamboozled like that before, so I had to make absolutely sure that I was dealing with her here, now with Asagao’s doll in disguise. I would feel incredibly stupid if I fell for the same trick twice, so I wanted to check if there was any crucial difference between them that I could use to tell which is which.

「I…. I…. I….」

Beet-red face, avoiding eye contact, frantically waving her hands around… yup, this is definitely Yugao-chan. But wait, I know Asagao’s weight, don’t I? So I can confirm her identity by lifting her up! Am I a genius or what?!

「Yugao-chan, can I hold you in my arms to confirm that you’re really you?」


But when I tried to do this she just got incredibly stiff.

「Care to explain what in the hell are you doing this early in the morning, Mo-n-ji-ro-sa-n?」



Something sharp flew right past my face and pierced into the wall, making a huge hole in it. Looking at the direction when it came from I saw a figure who was still frozen in the throwing position.

「Fueeeee, O-Onee-chan?!」

And sure enough, the one who threw something at me was Asagao’s doll herself. That something, by the way, was her own hand! How crazy is that?! And now she just entered the room and snatched Yugao-chan away from me with a smile on her face as if nothing had happened! Scary!

「It’s all right, Yugao. Onee-chan is here for you, SO LEAVE THAT MAN WHORE TO ME!」

Then she extended her right arm towards the hand that pierced the wall and it attached itself to her just like that! And now she’s using that rocket hand to casually pat her sister on the head in a comforting manner.

「You’re hopeless, Monjiro-san!」
「Yes! Yes I am, now please forgive me!」

Prepared to receive a scolding I have already assumed a seiza position on the floor.

「Those things should be done during the night, not in the morning, you moron!」


Yugao-chan was the one who was the most surprised by her sister’s words.

「No, wait a moment, we weren’t doing anything improper right now. I wanted to hug her only for the purposes of lifting her to confirm that it was really her, that’s all.」

「Who in their right mind does something like that just to confirm someone’s identity?! Have you no shame?」

I honestly had no idea that hugging and lifting someone is now considered to be something shameful. Ah well.

「Anyway, I confirmed what I wanted to confirm. Good morning, Asagao.」

「Yes, good morning to you as well. How are you feeling? Hungry? Your heart is still beating?」

「I’m as hungry as a wolf and my heart is beating just fine, thank you for your concern.」

I placed my hand on my stomach and chest respectively, to which Asagao smiled happily.

「You know that everyone was waiting for you to wake up? Good for you, Mr. Popular. See now Yugao, he has a bunch of first-class beauties aiming for him, so if you want to one-up them, your best bet are night activities! Not to worry, if you’re scared then I’ll be there for you every step of the way.」

「And I told you that’s impossible for me, Onee-chan!」

「Huh? You wanted to do something like that? So that’s why at that time, you…」

「Well, at that time, it was…」

Yugao-chan had a tough time finishing a single coherent sentence. Ok, let’s tease her a little.

「Your underwear was very beautiful.」


The damage she received must’ve been immense because she fell onto her knees on the spot. Asagao immediately proceeded to comfort her again, but I could see that she struggled holding back her laughter.

「I also want to thank you, Asagao.」

「Huh? Me? What for?」

「For everything. You really did everything you could for Yugao-chan’s sake, right?」

When I asked her this, she just shook her head.

「Hmm, I wonder about that. I don’t understand all of it myself…」

And she closed her eyelids for a second.

「I think I probably knew about it from the very beginning. About the real Asagao. But I was also jealous of Yugao. Of how wanted and loved she was. And even so, I did all I could for her.」


「Honestly, there was even a time when I thought about ending it all, but all of that changed after I talked with Monjiro-san.」

She put her fingers on her lips and laughed a little.

「You can be proud of yourself. You convinced me to try harder.」

So she was saying. If I was in her shoes, I think I would’ve acted the same way.

「Oh, while we’re already kind of on the subject, I’ve met the real Asagao in my dream while I was sleeping. We had a little talk, and she told me that it’s high time for you to become your own person, and that you’ll need a new name for that.」

「Yeah, I thought about it as well.」

「Oh, is that so? Well, that makes things that much easier, because I’ve came up with a name together wit Asagao. If it’s all right with you, want to hear what we came up with?」

I wonder if she’s going to like it, especially since it was the one chosen by me and approved by the original Asagao.

「No need to. The one you wanted to propose was actually 「Yorugao」 Right?」

「Ehhh?! How did you know?」

「Because that’s the exact same one Yugao and I came up with. We had some time to talk things out while you were out cold, after all.」

「I-Is that so? Well, if you’re fine with it then I guess there’s nothing for me to complain about here.」

I guess Asagao and I were worried over nothing. It was so heartwarming to see that the two of them reached the same conclusion we did that I had to smile.

「I think a proper introduction is in order then. Nice to meet you, Yorugao.」

「Nice to meet you as well, Monjiro-san. Leave it to me to live up to my new name as the Lady of the Night!」

「Eh?! N-No, you can’t do that, O-Onee-chan!」

While they were having their fun bickering back and forth, I looked around the bedroom, but of course no one was present here besides us. Even so, I could have sworn that Asagao was looking at that scene as well and that she was also smiling seeing her younger sisters move on with their lives.

「Ah, Monjiro-san, well…」


「Onee-chan’s heart… her spirit, I mean. She, she’s still out there somewhere?」

「She is, and she’s doing quite all right. We met a few times, actually. Probably because we’re both threading a thin line between life and death.」

I guess that’s one of the advantages of being immortal.

「Really?! Then…!」

Yugao-chan places both of her hands on her chest and clenches them tightly.

「I will study my power more and won’t be afraid of it anymore. I will learn more about both Lords and Knights so that one day… one day for sure, I’ll bring my sister back to this world with my own strength!」

A strong gust of wind flips one of the curtains over, making the light of the early morning shine on Yugao as she found her new determination. From where I was standing, it looked like both her sister and the world were giving her their blessing.

■ ■ ■ ■ ■


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