Shiinamachi Senpai Volume 2 Episode 1 Part 10



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【Episode 1: Mansion and the Murder Case, Part 10】

I was lying on the bed in my room and just finished sending Shiinamachi-senpai a text message saying 『Nothing so far, will continue to investigate some more』. Even though we were all here on the same floor, Yugao-chan and I decided that it’ll be better to keep this meeting between us a secret from the others, as it would be both dangerous and reckless to act without knowing exactly what that 『Dark Thing』 she mentioned was. That’s why I have to make sure that I’ll properly listen to everything she has to say when she gets here. Once I do that, hopefully the two of us will be able to come up with some kind of countermeasure against it. But before we get to that, there is one problem that I need to take care of, namely: I’m nervous, and this was caused by two facts: one, that a girl was about to visit me in my room at night, and two: this bed is way too large for one person, And I kept imagining Yugao-chan on it! If it was at all possible, then I’d like to replace it wit a simple, single bed. At least then I wouldn’t have any problems with thinking about….

No no no no no, stop it stop it stop it stop it! Get your head out of the gutter, Sakuradamon Jiro! I know that she’s kinda cute and Asagao did say that she’s somehow in love with me, but she’s essentially still a child, and the kind that is all embarrassed whe she so much as glances at her crush!

And more importantly, the one and only object of my affections is Shiinamachi-senpai exclusively! Even if for some bizarre reason that I don’t understand myself my heart seems to be beating faster whenever she’s near me, even if she’s petite and cute like a small animal, senpai is still my ideal woman, my one and only girl that I wanted to make happy no matter the cost!

Ahhh, what is wrong with me today?! I don’t even understand what I’m thinking about anymore! And to add salt to the wound, my heart was beating too fast for comfort, and even when I repeatedly tried to switch my consciousness back and forth between 「Ordinary High School Boy Mode」 and 「Professional Killer Mode」 by removing my glasses and putting them back on, my mind was not getting any clearer.

Heh, some man I am. Yugao-chan was so scared of this 『Dark Thing』 that she gathered her courage and reached out to me for help even though she’s uncomfortable around guys and here I am doing what? Having thoughts that are unbecoming of a gallant gentleman I think myself to be. Truly a pathetic display.

「*Sigh* Maybe so stretching will help me put my mind in its rightful place.」

I said that out loud for whatever reason and got up from the bed.

*Knock Knock*

And then I heard a sound of gentle knocking at the door.


I walked to the door and opened them, revealing the figure of Yugao-chan who was still clutching the hem of her apron nervously and wandered with her eyes from place to place.

「I-It’s me, Monjiro-san. G-Good evening.」

Even her voice was a little shaky, which was perfectly understandable. After all, even if we agreed upon it earlier, she was still visiting a guy’s room late at night.

「Y-Yeah, good evening. Is everyone else still in Shiinamachi-senpai’s room?」

All the girls are in Shiinamachi-senpai’s room, which is located right next to mine, dangerously close in our current circumstances.

「Yes, and my sister should be with them as well, just as she said. Probably…」

Somehow, we both avoided looking the other one in the eye, and the tension between us was clearly rising by the minute. It was then that she grasped the hem of my sleeve with her shaky fingers.


「I… I hate to ask this of you, but… can we go somewhere else to talk? Talking here might be… somewhat dangerous…」

「Of course. If that’s what you want, Yugao-chan, then I have no problems with it.」

It would’ve been bad if any of the girls happened to come out of senpai’s room and happened to overhear what we were talking about for whatever reason, so switching locations seemed like a most logical conclusion.

「T-Then please allow me… to show you to my room.」

I quietly followed after Yugao, passing in front of Fujisato’s room and Asagao’s room, making our way to the ground floor. All this time, I watched my steps, trying to make as little noise as possible. Then, after passing the villa’s entrance, we walked into a room in one of the side corridors. Yugao-chan took a key from one of her kimono’s pockets and used it to open the door. Looking at the key more closely, it was not an individual key, but rather a master key, the one that could open all the doors in the villa. I know it might sound filthy rich coming from an assassin like myself, but things like that really do exist, huh?

「This way please.」

She told me quietly as she opened the door and let me in.

The inside was clean and tidy, with a number of bookcases at the walls filled to the brim with neatly arranged books, and a big bed, same as in my and senpai’s room, placed at the back, next to a window through which a faint light was being poured inside. I could tell at first glance that this room belonged to someone organized and methodical.

「Monjiro-san… can you please… go sit on the bed?」

「Ah, a-alright.」

I did exactly as I was told, and sat on the edge of the bed with a violently pounding heart. In the next moment, *patan*, I heard the sound of the door’s lock being closed. Yugao-chan and I were now alone in a locked, dark room.

「Y-Yugao-chan…? Can you please turn on the light?」

I asked her to turn on the lights…


… but the only answer to my question was the quiet sound of clothes being removed.

It was Yugao-chan. She was slowly removing the pieces of her Japanese-style maid kimono before my very eyes.


「I’m sorry, Monjiro-san. All this talk about the 『Dark Thing』… that was just a lie.」

*Rustle Rustle* Without stopping, Yugao-chan dropped more pieces of her clothing onto the ground with a blush on her face.

「A-Are you serious?」

「Yes. I thought that was the only way I could get you to come with me so we could be alone together, Monjiro-san.」

「And you lied to me for something like that? Yugao-chan, If you just asked me, I would…」

At this exact moment, I couldn’t understand why she was doing this at all. I couldn’t wrap my head around how did all of this happened. All I could do, was to stare at Yugao-chan’s captivating snow-white skin that was bared in front of me.

Next, she turned her back to me, revealing the pink underwear that was hidden beneath her kimono, and with a *click* sound, she undid the hook of her brassiere.

「I’m… I’m sorry!」

I could clearly hear pain in her voice. What was she apologizing for, exactly? She was a good child, not someone who could be associated with words such as 「bad」 or 「evil」. But maybe she was doing it precisely because such a preconceived notion? Maybe that was how she really was? But… why am I thinking about such things now? What’s happening with me?

「Please forgive me, Monjiro-san.」

*Thud* *Thud* I could hear her light steps getting closer to me, and it made me feel uneasy. She was within my hand’s reach, with her cloths hanging so loosely around her body, that all it would take for them to completely slide off was the smallest breeze.

I don’t know exactly when it happened, but she pushed me lightly with one of her fingers, and it made me fall onto the bed. She got onto it too, and hugged me from behind. I could feel the softness and hotness of her entire body on my back as she sticked to me in a gentle embrace.

「Y-Yugao…chan… why…?」

I couldn’t see her face, and I was unable to shake her off of me. It was like all the strength has suddenly left my body.

Her intentions were now clear to me, but… was it really okay for us to do such a thing?

「Monjiro-san… even in such a situation you’re still so gentle and kind.」

Now I could feel sadness and loneliness in her words.


「Monjiro-san, you’re really… even if you were to force yourself on me like a wild beast, I thought that I’d be fine with that. Just for you, I took a relaxing bath earlier, used my best-smelling shampoo, made my hair with great care, and even chose more adult-like underwear that you might’ve liked…」

「Is… is that… so?」

Remembering her pink underwear, I gulped involuuntarily. She might still be a child, but that is precisely why her daring actions created such a seductive contrast with her appearance. Looking at her now, I was unsure whether or not I’d be able to control myself. But why? Back in that bathroom with Shiinamachi-senpai I was somehow able to hold myself back despite my carnal desires, but now, I felt like the wall of my reason could come crushing down at any moment. Was it because of that sweet and sour aroma she was emitting? Whatever the reason might be, it’s a fact that I can’t get her out of my mind. The more I look at her body, the more alluring it becomes. Her smooth skin, silky hair, her wet eyes, her seductive way of breathing… now I was certain. Something horribly, horribly wrong is going on here!

「You probably figured it out by now, but I will tell you, as I want to be honest with you as an apology. My blood, the blood of the Yahata clan, is said to be especially delicious and rich with spiritual power, since we were the owners of various supernatural abilities since the day our clan first came to be. For that reason, I was raised to believe that it is my duty to… to allow the male Knights to do… things to me, if they deemed it necessary.」

「No, that’s just too… how could they….?!」

I tried to piece all those information together. Just because she possessed special blood, she thought it was her duty to be a plaything of whoever would try to force himself on her. But I’m sure that somewhere deep insider her heart she knew that that kind of reasoning was wrong! That it was too cruel!

「Fortunately, no one has actually tried laying a finger on me up to this point, but right now… my blood is telling me that doing it with you… would be fine…」

「No, you can’t, Yugao-chan! You might think that it’s all right to do it with me, and if the circumstances were different, I’d probably feel honored, but now… this isn’t right! We’ve just met today, and I don’t want you to think that I’m looking at you like a piece of meat to be consumed just because I’m a Knight! That’s not my intention at all! If possible, I wanted to be friend with you and your sister…」

「Thank you for saying that, Monjiro-san, but unfortunately, your blood is more honest in that regard, I can feel it.」

When she finished that sentence, *DON* *DON* *DON*, I felt like a church’s bell began ringing right in the back of my head, quickly spreading this sensation throughout my entire body, which suddenly became unbearably hot. Was that my 『Thanatos’s』 reaction to the blood of the Yahata?

Hot. So hot. Too hot… consciousness… fading.

「Yugao-chan, listen to… to me! Like I said… I don’t want to… to hurt you! This …. This is wrong, it… it shouldn’t be like that!」

「You really are… to kind for someone like me, Monjiro-san.」

My head hurts so much that I think it’s going to be ripped apart at any moment now, just like my entire body.

Reach out with my hand. That’s all it’ll take to make that body of hers mine. I want it. I crave it. I want to break it and defile it. With that intent in mind, my body tried to turn towards her so I could push her down.

It takes all of my remaining willpower, but I somehow managed to use my hand to knock my glasses of my face. It’s not enough to make the hot sensations disappear, but at least my body stopped moving against my will.

「I’m truly grateful to you for resisting so valliantly, Monjiro-san… and I’m sorry.」

At that moment, tears were mixed with her weeping voice, and…


In the next moment, I saw a sharp, bladed object covered in red sticking out of my chest.

Have I been here before? Because I have a feeling that I’ve definitely been here before. Right, a similar thing happened to me not that long ago! Something that should normally be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

First time it happened to me, the ones responsible for it were my cute kouhai and my dependable classmate, who were now sleeping soundly in the room upstairs.

And this time, I’m…

「*Sob* I’m sorry, please, forgive me, but…. But I have to kill you now *Sob Sob*!」

As I listened to Yugao-chan’s cries, my body fell forward like a log. I could feel the life force escaping it alarmingly quickly.

Each time my heart beats, another portion of red spills out of the gaping wound.

「Gha… *Hack*…!」

I tried to speak, but no coherent sound could be made by my throat anymore. Looks like the weapon she used to stab me was something akin to a sharp knife. Great, another similarity with the first time I died. Well, she is Shiki’s cousin, so I shouldn’t be surprised she’s able to handle a weapon like that. But she must’ve been not as skilled as her or Kuhoh, because she did not pierced my heart directly.

「*Sob* *Hic*, *Sob Sob*….!」

She killed me, and yet she was crying, and apologized to me over and over again.

I don’t feel anger, and strangely enough, I don’t hold a grudge against her. Instead, I’m worried about her, and about what might happen to her once my friend will discover that I died. Ha… haha, to worry about something like that as my consciousness was literally going dark… truly, the is something… wrong with me today.

…. But even so, there is still something that I must do before I will die completely.

「It’s fine, Yugao…. chan. The pain that I’m feeling right now… must be nothing compared to the one you had to endure… all because I was too stupid… too blind to see it…」

That is all that I wanted to say to her. I hope that with that her guilt fades away, even if just a little bit.

With that, I once again allow the Grim Reaper to lull me into the cold sleep of death.


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