Shiinamachi Senpai Volume 2 Episode 1 Part 4



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【Episode 1: Mansion and the Murder Case, Part 4】

*Knock Knock*


Sometime after we left the dining hall after eating dessert (which was as delicious as Asagao claimed it to be by the way) I knocked on the door to Shiinamachi-senpai’s room, and after a short while I heard her ask that one simple word with her lovely voice from the other side.

「It’s Jiro. Pardon the intrusion, senpai. May I come in?」

Not even five seconds have passed when I heard the sound of the door being unlocked.

「By all means, Jiro-kun, please come in. Oh my, you look wonderful in casual clothes, they suit you to a T!」

What greeted me was Shiinamachi-senpai clad in a cherry blossom-colored yukata. She looked so adorable that I thought my heart was going to burst from my chest if I continue to gaze upon her gross incandescence. With her long, glossy black hair, skin as fair as the fresh snow and her magnificent bust, she really did look like a typical Yamato Nadeshiko. (TL Note: Yamato Nadeshiko is the stereotypical ideal of a Japanese woman.)

「Is something wrong, Jiro-kun? Perhaps I have something on my face?」

「No, everything’s fine, but thank you for the meal nonetheless!」

With that said, I joined my hands in front of my face and bowed deeply to senpai.


She just went red all the way to the nape of her beautifully exposed neck and covered her mouth with her hands.

「Oh, I’m sorry senpai, but you look so lovely that I just couldn’t help myself.」

「G-Geez, don’t be such a tease, Jiro-kun!」

She says that, but I really couldn’t stop myself from teasing her, not when she was in front of me looking and acting like that! Besides, up until recently, I didn’t even know that I have such S tendencies. If my sister saw me now, I’m sure she would chastise me harshly for thinking with my other head in front of my crush, but isn’t that how normal, healthy males my age should act around their crushes?

「All right, all right. Although I’d like to tease you a bit more, senpai, I’ll do as you ask, especially since I had my fill of your blushing face for the day.」

「J-Jiro-kun, you dummy! What did I just told you?!」

「A~~ha! See, Nagi-chan? I told you Monjiro-kun would try to make a move on Shiinamachi-senpai!」

「Indeed he did. And to top it off, he totally ignored us, even when we waited for him in you room for so long. I don’t know about you, Fujisato-senpai, but I feel like my pride as a woman has taken a serious blow. How do you think we should make senpai take responsibility for his actions?」

Suddenly, I heard the voices of Fujisato and Kuhoh behind me.

「Let’s make him spill the beans! Right here, right now! Are you fine with that, Shiinamachi-senpai?」

「Of course.」

「Sweet! You heard her, Monjiro! Confession time!」

Screaming enthusiastically, Fujisato jumped in front of me and spun around, making various seductive poses. Kuhoh was keeping one step behind her, but contrary to Fujisato, she just stood there with her hands behind her back and an expectant look on her face.

I’ve got to say, now that I got a closer look at them, they both looked quite marvelous. Fujisato had a blue yukata adorned with goldfish designs, and Kuhoh was wearing a navy-blue yukata that gave her a certain adult charm. Their yukata’s suited them both very much, so much in fact that I felt truly grateful to Japan for inventing them.

「I was the one who gave them those yukatas. Go on Monjiro, praise me for my good fashion sense.」

「Nice one, Shiki. Great job!」

I just praised Shiki without even caring to point out that she just did what I asked her not to do, that is approaching me from behind while concealing her presence entirely. She was also wearing a yukata, a red one with golden butterflies on it. A part of me was worried she’s going to have her usual trademark lab coat on top of it, so I was greatly relieved when that turned out to not be the case. She looked really, really good in such normal, girly attire. If possible, I’d like her to also do something with her bangs, maybe tie them with a hairpin so that they wouldn’t hide her eyes from view, but I guess that would be too much to ask. Ah well, I think she looks cute even without it. Yup, that settles it: she might be kind of a weirdo, but her fashion sense is surprisingly top notch.


「That’s me alright. What is it?」

All of a sudden, Shiki grabbed a hold of my right hand. For someone as petite and frail-looking as her, her grip was certainly rather strong.

「I know you’re trying to be modest, but the truth is that you want to tear that yukata off of me and have your way with me in front of everyone, right? And by the way, I don’t wear anything underneath it, as God intended. If it’s really what you want, then go ahead, I don’t mind.」

「Y-You really don’t?!」


Ah, there goes senpai with her tsukkomi. Lately she’s been getting even better cutting down our comedic shenanigans.

「All right everyone, we all had a good laugh, and you know, as much as I enjoy staying here in the corridor, I’d very much liked to continue this conversation inside senpai’s room. So, can we come in, Shiinamachi-senpai?」

「Ah, y-yes, of course, do come in!」

Fujisato gave senpai a helping hand and she gladly accepted it, but she was still pouting a bit when she opened the door to her room to let us all in. Seeing her acting all jealous like that made my heart race with excitement, but I had to constantly remind myself not to go overboard with my teasing. After all, Shiinamachi-senpai was the one who saved my life and treated me with nothing but kindness ever since I became her Vassal, so I wanted to do the same for her, possibly without ever getting on her bad side. Anyway, I feel like she’s developed some resistance to mine and Shiki’s hijinks, but we could still get a lovely reaction just like that one out of her if we just push the right buttons. I know this might be a little unfair of us, but whenever I saw senpai smiling, getting angry or flustered, I felt like my soul, my very essence was being rejuvenated, and that is why I had a feeling that if there really is a God out there somewhere, he must be thinking the same thing as I, and therefore he would forgive me for teasing senpai like that.

「Fufu, you look like you’re enjoying yourself, Monjiro. I’m glad.」

Fujisato gave me a pat on the shoulder and whispered into my ear as she walked past me. When it came to popularity, she was always in the top 3 in the secret 「Girls That You Want to Have as Your Girlfriend」 ranking comprised by the boys in our school, so when someone like her, someone who was most likely desired by most of the guys from our environment acted so playfully around me, I couldn’t help it but to smile and feel honored a bit.

■ ■ ■ ■ ■



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