Shiinamachi Senpai Volume 2 Episode 1 Part 7



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【Episode 1: Mansion and the Murder Case, Part 7】

「……nyu~~…… nyunyunyu~~….」

I could clearly hear the sound of Fujisato’s sleeping breath coming from the bedroom. When I quickly glanced inside, I saw she was lying on the bed, curled up like a cat with mouth agape and her hair in complete disarray. Kuhoh was lying right next to her, hugging onto one of her arms. Looking at them now, it was impossible to tell which one was the Lord and which one was the Vassal. Not to mention that their yukatas were disheveled and opened around their chest areas, so if I wanted, I could have a little sneak-peak at what was hidden beneath them.

「Nope, not falling for that one.」

But, being a gentleman as I am, I resisted the temptation, pushed my fogged-up glasses up my nose and turned away from that seductive sight.

「You’re going to have a look around the villa, Jiro-kun?」

Shiinamachi-senpai called out to me from the sofa she was resting on.


「Want me to tag along?」

Shiki asked, focused on the triangular card tower she was making for quite some time now.

「I appreciate the thought, but for now I should be more than enough to conduct reconnaissance. You just keep doing what you were doing, Shiki.」

「I see. Are you going to pay Yugao a night visit while you’re at it?」

「Eh? Is that true, Jiro-kun?」

「O-Of course not! I’m just going to check for any potential dark places, that’s all. Yes, that’s all there is to it!」

Night visit my ass. Doing weird things with the twin maids is a last thing on my to-do list at the current moment. But strangely enough, when Shiki mentioned Yugao-chan’s name, I could feel my heart beating slightly faster. How weird.

「Jiro-kun, just… just be careful, okay?」

「Okay. I will proceed with the utmost caution, I promise.」

「If something happens, just scream. I’ll have my Satori turned on just in case, so I’ll hear it and come to your aid.」

「Thanks. I’ll keep that in mind.」

I took off my glasses, only to see that despite my repeated reassurance, senpai was still looking at me with worried face.

When I left the room, my eyes were drawn to the huge window and the scenery outside it. The wind seemed to be getting stronger, swaying the threes which were planted in the courtyard, but despite the fact that a typhoon was supposedly going to be passing through the area, but there was still no sign of rain. But what was definitely present outside were the small shadows, dancing and flickering in the windy weather.

And then I saw someone moving outside and leaned closer to the window’s glass to get a closer. Upon closer inspection, it was Asagao-san. She looked like she could be swept off her feet at any moment, so I hurried down the stairs and rushed towards her. As soon as I walked through the entrance door…


I was assaulted by the violent torrents of wind and the slashing, high-pitched sound of swaying tree branches. And as if that wasn’t enough, the droplets of rain soon began to fall to the ground from the dark clouds that were hanging in the sky above

「This is worse than I thought!」

I was almost pushed back against the door but managed to somehow hold my ground. It was hard to do, but I managed to get a look around to determine why was the wind so strong here. It was because the whole courtyard was cylindrical in shape, like the inside of a washing machine, which resulted in wind rushing round and round in circles at an abnormally high speed.

「Huh?! Monjiro-san, what are you doing here?! It’s dangerous!」

「Right back at you! What were you even thinking, coming outside in such a weather?!」

Then I noticed that Asagao had something that looked like a wire in one of her hands. She was also soaked to the bone, with her kimono clinging heavily onto her body.

「I forgot to tie that that tree so that the wind can’t knock it down!」

Indeed, one of the trees that were in the courtyard looked like it was about to fall over.

「All right, I’ll help you tie it, but were out of here as soon as it gets too dangerous, got it?!」

While curling up not to get knocked over by the wind ourselves, we got closer to the tree. I moved in front to shield Asagao from the raging gusts, but she looked so light and small that I thought she might be blown away into the air, so I grabbed her hand and held it tightly.


She was surprised at first but quickly realized what my intention was and calmed down.

「So all we have to do is to tie this wire around the tree, right?!」

「Y-Yes! There are hooks on either side of this wire, so all we have to do is to embed them the similar hooks in the ground nearby!」

It’s good thing that whoever designed this courtyard thought about such a safety feature. The trees looked quite strong and were planted firmly into the ground, but the wind was so strong now that without the wire more than half of them would’ve surely snapped.

「Hand me the wire, I’ll do it. Meanwhile, Asagao-san, you should…!」



When she wanted to hand me the wire, Asagao’s body was indeed raised into the air by the raging winds, much to my surprise. I quickly reached out towards her and pressed her firmly against myself to keep her safe.

「Uwaah, I-I’m sorry…」

「Don’t worry about it. But you know, you really are light, Asagao. Like, super light.」

「T-That’s not true at all. Besides, Yugao is almost as light as me, even though she has more curvaceous body than me, as much as I hate to admit it.」

You say that, but there you go, getting all blushy… well, whatever. She might not like it, but her body was actually very befitting of a middle-schooler. And now that I held her firmly with one of my arms, there was no way for her to be blown away by the wind again.

「All right, let’s get this over with. Give me that wire, and make sure to stick to me like glue. As much as I’d like to see you undergo a crash-course in flying, now’s not the time for that.」

「All right. Here you go.」

Holding onto my torso with all her strength, Asagao handed me the wire. The wind made the glasses slip from my nose, but with both of my hands preoccupied, there was not much that I could do about it besides letting them fall to the ground next to my feet.

Without my glasses on, my mind entered the 「Professional Killer Mode」. As a result, my mind became much clearer, and all of my senses were heightened, enabling me to feel the warmth of Asagao’s body and the pulse of her rapidly beating heart just by touching her with my hand.

As I was working with the wire, there was a point when I’ve pressed her onto myself more firmly, to which she reacted with a cute 「Hyan!」 shout, but my mind was so focused on the task at hand that I didn’t even had the time to savor the sound of this maidenly scream properly. What I wanted to do right now was to be done with wiring this tree, leave the windy courtyard and get the two of us to safety as soon as possible. But in order to do that, I needed to wait for just the right occasion…. Here!

Taking advantage of the moment when the wind got slightly weaker, I hurriedly wrapped the wire around the whole tree, after which I placed all the hooks in the ground and then made a beeline straight towards the door that led back to the villa.

And then, just as I was about to reach our goal, I slipped on the wet floor and fell to the ground right in front of the door. Ignoring the pain in my body and the sound of wind howling in my ears I got up, flung the door open with my free hand, and then immediately slammed them closed once we were safe inside.

Putting my glasses back on with shaking hands, I did my best to stabilize my ragged breathing.


Next to me, Asagao made a sound that might’ve been either a long sigh or a calm scream. Her eyes were swirling, and she had a somewhat anxious expression on her face.

「What’s wrong? You all right?」

「Don’t you ‘You all right?’ me! That surprised me, you know, suddenly being hugged like that! I know the circumstances kind of forced it on us, but even so, you were too casual about this! I don’t know about you, but I’m not a fan of such thrills! Is that how it is, huh? Does that sort of thing makes your jumbo jet fly cheerfully?」

「Hm? Ah, you might be right.」

I didn’t quite understand what she was so angry about, but it was generally better to agree with her just in case.

「Huh?! Maybe so?! Geez!」

Visibly agitated, Asagao stood up and went down the corridor. She seemed very energetic for someone who almost learned how to fly thanks to the typhoon winds. Well, it’s no surprise, seeing as I practically carried her throughout the whole courtyard.

「You know what, Monjiro-san? I know you helped me without any ulterior motives, and I’m grateful to you for that, but allow me to give you some friendly advice. Think more carefully about the feelings of the girls around you, lest you want to become an insensitive jerk. Or a man whore.」


Think about the feelings of others?! Me, someone who was initially raised to be an emotionless killing machine, who had to learn common sense and all the nuances and subtleties of human interaction from scratch from his younger sister?! Someone who was surrounded by girls on a daily basis, yet still could not understand how 「The Heart of a Maiden」 worked even if his life depended on it?!

I know I’m just making excuses now, but it really was easier said than done.

「But… you know…. Oh, how do I put it… being held like that… it felt nice. You really have some… really nice hands.」

「Y-You’re welcome?」

Faced with such an odd praise, all I could do was fix my glasses on my nose and laugh to cover the fact that this time I was the one who was going red to his ears.



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