Shiinamachi Senpai Volume 2 Episode 2 Part 1



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【Episode 2: Heart and Heart, Part 1】

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• A flower that is said to bloom on the summer mornings, and wilt on the evenings

• A flower popular in the area of Japan

• It means 「Fleeting Love」 in the language of flowers

The first thing I saw after I opened my eyes was the bottom part of Shiinamachi-senpai’s magnificent chest. That sight alone was enough to make me think 「Ahh, it’s so good to be back.」, but it also made me feel a bit guilty.

「Oh, it seems you’ve awakened, Jiro-kun.」

There was relief in senpai’s voice, but her face, which was mostly obstructed by her two bountiful mountains from my point of view, showed that she looked extremely worried. Can’t say I blame her. After all, I was killed here in this mansion, a place where we were supposed to be safe, so it was natural for her to be uneasy.

From what I could ascertain, we were still in the room in which I was killed last night, but I was laying on the bed, and senpai was giving me a lap pillow again.

「I’m sorry, senpai.」

「It’s all right, Jiro-kun, don’t try to force yourself to talk too much just yet. Is your eyesight okay? Can you breathe properly?」

She told me not to force myself, but that was kind of impossible from where I was standing, or rather, laying. Is my sight okay? Yes it is, as I was able to burn the sight of senpai’s breasts into my mind in Ultra HD 4K resolution. And as for my breathing, it might be a little hard to breathe properly, but that is mostly due to excitement than anything else. Oh, and my head was surprisingly clear too. So clear in fact, that it was indeed strange. After all, my head was on senpai’s deliciously thick thighs, and they are just so soft and warm that it’s unbelievable, my contrary to my initial expectations, I was not panicking at all, and my heartbeat remained unchanged.

Maybe I don’t have my glasses on my nose? If so, I need to put them on right this instant! They are the switch that allows me to change from 「Ordinary High School Boy Mode」 to 「Professional Killer Mode」 at will, and a restraint that keeps me from losing my emotions to the cold, calculative mind of an assassin, which would turn me back to being nothing more but an emotionless killing machine. I instinctively touched my face with my hand, and to my surprise, my glasses were still there.

They are still on my face, but when I look around to ascertain my situation, I was not feeling much at all, as if I was still in 「Professional Killer Mode」, the same state I entered when I was fighting against Fujisato, the state of a killing machine. Could it be that I somehow got closer to that terrifying state during the time I was dead?


Senpai called out to me, even more worried than before. I don’t want her to have such a face. I want her to be relieved. I want her to be happy. I want her to smile and laugh like she always does. That was my only wish, and the goal I was hell-bent on achieving.

「You look somewhat confused, but other than that, there does not seem to be anything wrong with your consciousness. I’m so glad.」

「You don’t say. But if you’re sure about that, then I guess that’s fine.」

I said that to assure her, but I’m pretty sure that my expression was still anxious.

「When you didn’t come back to us even though it was so late at night, we got so worried, and Shiki-san volunteered to go looking for you. And not long after that, she found your corpse here in this study…」

Ugh, so much for the excuse that I wanted to go to one of the late-night shops to buy a souvenir for my sister. Such a cheap one won’t do anything against Shiki’s razor-sharp mind.

「When she calmed down from the shock of her discovery, she went straight back to my room to inform me. Right now she’s waiting outside… why, you ask? That’s because… I didn’t want her to see me while I was reviving you…」

I stared at senpai’s embarrassed face for a good minute or two. So can I take this for confirmation that in order to be revived she had to do something embarrassing or suggestive to me? Can I? I can’t, right? Another chance to confirm that the method of bringing me back to life was a kiss has gone down the dryer! Normally, I would’ve probably felt this irritating feeling squeezing down on my chest, and wandered is that what people call 「the regret of death」, but now… I felt no such thing. I felt strangely calm and lighthearted. What a strange feeling…

「Are you sure you’re alright, Jiro-kun? I sensed no abnormalities within you when I brought you back to life, but there is always a possibility that I might’ve missed something, so…」

「Well… I am alive, and my limbs can move, so that’s definitely a plus… but as for my mind, there is something that I need to confirm. Oh, don’t worry senpai, it’s nothing life-threatening, just a minor inconvenience, really.」

I said that and noticed that senpai’s gaze was not on my face, but rather on the area of my chest. This made me look at it myself. The wound was now closed and gone without a trace, but there was something… odd about it. I placed my hand firmly on it to sense my heartbeat… but there was no reaction, no matter how long I waited.

Could this be…

「Jiro-kun… the truth is… the truth is that your heart is gone.」

「What did you say?」

As unbelievable as it sounded, it was most likely the truth, seeing as I could not feel anything beating in there. But despite that, my body still continued to operate without a hitch.

Alive despite missing the one thing that made it alive. Now that’s something going way beyond common sense.

「Listen to me carefully, Jiro-kun. I know you must think that you shouldn’t be able to keep living without a heart, but since your life is now linked to mine… then I think now my heart is also somehow acting as your heart, and that’s why you’re still alive.」
I checked my pulse by touching one of the veins on my wrist and neck respectively, and it was indeed present. Even though my own heart was somehow gone, my blood continued to flow harmoniously thanks to Shiinamachi-senpai’s own heart. To be honest, it was a strange feeling, and a scary one at that, but more than anything, I was grateful that I was still alive.

So, now that I knew that my heart was gone from my chest, I guess that would explain my relative emotionlessness, huh? After all, it is said that emotions are closely tied to one’s heart and blood circulation. For example, when you’re excited your heart beats much faster than usual, and when you’re embarrassed, blood rushed to your face, resulting in the blushing of the cheeks and so on and so forth. Going by that logic, those things should be impossible without a working, actively beating heart.

Well, putting the issue of my now empty chest aside, I finally had a chance to get a good look around the room which I was murdered in.

As expected, a large portion of the bed, the floor, some bookshelves and the walls were dyed crimson red. On a side note, can bloodstains be cleared from books without damaging the book itself too much? Cause it would be such a shame if some of them ended up being unreadable once my blood dries.

「Uhm, Jiro-kun?」

「Y-Yes, senpai?」

「I know that right now might not be the best time for it, but if the current situation drags on… if my heart will be forced to sustain two bodies at once, then I… I will probably die.」


Those news were quite shocking, but now that I think about it, senpai did explain that to me shortly after I became immortal: that our lives are now connected with one another, and if she dies, I will die as well.

And if her heart was now forced to basically sustain not one, but two bodies at the same time, then of course it would be quite a heavy burden on her. In that case, we need to find my heart and return it to me as soon as possible, both for mine and senpai’s sake!

*Sigh* This is a 『Dangerous Day』 all right. We tried so hard to keep her out of harms way, but senpai ended up in danger all the same.

「What is our time limit? How long do you think you can keep going like that, senpai?」

Hearing me ask that, senpai look genuinely relieved, and her spirits became lifted as she breathed a sigh of relief.


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