Shiinamachi Senpai Volume 2 Episode 3 Part 4



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【Episode 3: Tension and intention, Part 4】

「Uh-huh, looks like we’re out of time.」

Noticing the same thing that I did, Kuhoh grabbed the knife that was embedded into the wall.

「Pretty much. And by the looks of it, we’re probably going to have to deal with something particularly nasty.」

Both Fujisato and Kuhoh seemed exceptionally calm about this situation, even when the shadowy mass began to leak out of walls and ceiling, constantly flickering with black and white, just like that veiny things we saw back at the courtyard. So that is the true shape of those 「Otherworldly monsters」?

「Heh, for monsters summoned from another world they sure look like some low-level mobs you’ll find in just about every RPG. They sure don’t look like the kind that could kill you by looking at it or touching it, and I bet they don’t even have any tentacles that’d do naughty things to us.」

Fujisato was relieved and full of confidence, which was nice, but that last part… no, on second thought, I don’t want to stain my healthy mind with that knowledge.

「Fujisato, even if you’re a Nightkin, you think you’ll be able to handle such monstrosities?」

「Sure I do, especially with my cute Nagi-chan here by my side. But even if I was without a Knight, I think I wouldn’t even break a sweat against something like that!」

If she says so, then it must be true. After all, her story as a Nightkin was supposedly 『To defeat other Lords 』, or at least she claimed it to be. That was the whole reason why she targeted Shiinamachi-senpai before in the first place.

「So protecting senpai from them won’t be a problem?」

「Not one bit, unless it’ll be the type that spawns infinitely and in large quantities. Other than that, we’ll manage just fine!」

「That’s what she said, but we won’t know until we try.」

Kuhoh inserted herself into Fujisato’s boastful speech with a sharp, down to earth comment.

「Thanks for ruining my flow, Little Miss Killjoy. Essentially, we just have to observe them, learn as much as we can and use that knowledge to break them. Or if worse comes to worst, I’ll just use my mind controlling Gift to turn them against one another.」

「Y-Yeah, I guess you could do that.」

That was certainly a method of fighting that I knew next to nothing about. I knew this even before I met senpai and became her Knight, but the world is truly filled with a multitude of things that are way beyond my scope of understanding.

「Anyhow, I think it’s okay if you just ;leave this place to us, Monjiro-kun. Just like we originally agreed.」

「I won’t let them lay a single finger on Shiinamachi-senpai. After all, she’s my precious senpai, just like you!」

Fujisato puffed out her ample chest proudly while Kuhoh handed me the other knife she was holding onto.

「Take this, Monjiro-senpai. I think you’ll going to need this.」

I looked at the knife she was giving me from behind my glasses. I’ll have to use this against Yugao-chan to… I didn’t even want to finish that sentence in my mind. I just couldn’t imagine myself using this knife to hurt her. Unfortunately, if she’s ready to go this far to achieve her goal, then I’ll also have to be ready to do what must be done. I have n other choice if I want to keep everyone I hold dear safe.

「Thanks. I’ll be sure to put it to use if I’ll have to.」

The knife she handed me felt exceptionally heavy. Is it because it’s the kind I am unfamiliar with using, or maybe because it bore the weight of the responsibility to fight and kill?

Faces of Asagao and Yugao-chan flashed before my eyes. A cheerful and bright older sister and withdrawn, easily embarrassed younger sister. I want them to be like that again, and I want them to get along with Shiki again. That is why, if I’ll get even the slightest opportunity to save the both of them, even during battle… I’ll jump at it without a second thought.

「Thank you, Kuhoh.」

I wanted to take my knife holding hand back, but she suddenly squeezed it with her own.

「That’s it, Monjiro-senpai. Seeing you make a face like that; I am truly glad that I decided to come along for this trip.」

「Face like that?」

Just what kind of face did I made just now to make Kuhoh say something like that? Not to mention that gentle expression and clearly visible warmth in her eyes.


「What kind of decision are you going to make, and what are you going to fight for? I can’t wait to see it, Monjiro-senpai.」

「I’m curious about that too, you know. You were the one who utterly defeated me, so you’re not allowed to put on a shameful display, got it?」

Following after Kuhoh, Fujisato graced me with her usual cheerful smile.

What kind of decision will I make, and what am I going to fight for, huh? I really wanted to give those two an answer, but unfortunately I don’t know what the future will hold, so all I can say is:

「Thank you both for the encouragement. I’ll do my best not to let you down.」

Satisfied with my answer, Kuhoh let go of my hand, after which Shiki appeared next to me, fluttering about with her lab coat

「Leaving Kaguya’s defense to those two is more then enough, Monjiro. We can go without worrying about anything.」

「So you want to tag along after all?」

「I thought it was obvious.」

Her blue eye that stared into my eyes was burning with the fire of intense determination. Even if I wanted to tell her to stay here, she would not let that fly.

「Well, I guess we’ll be heading off then!」

「Go and kick the butt of whoever is behind it, Monjiro-kun!」

「Give it your best, senpai. The three of us will be waiting for you when it’ll be all over!」

Just as Kuhoh finishes speaking, countless dark silhouettes appeared behind her, stretching their clawed hands towards her. Sensing their presence, she didn’t even flinch. She just smirked, gracefully spun in place… And in the next second, all of them were thrown backwards with knives sticking out of their bodies vital points.

That was undoubtedly the work of her Gift’s, 『Divine Gift Chronos』’s power to stop time for one second (TL Note: ZA WARUDO!!!!). Since I wasn’t able to see the moment she sent all those knives flying at the enemies, there was no other explanation. The power of 『Time Stopping』 is so amazing it’s ridiculous, but Kuhoh’s own abilities played a large role here too. In a span of a mere second she managed to prepare so many knives and throw them at her targets with surgical precision! As expected of my dependable kouhai!

「All right, Shiki, let’s go while we have the chance!」


Using the opportunity Kuhoh gave us, we dashed out of the room in a hurry.

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