Shiinamachi Senpai Volume 2 Episode 4 Part 5



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist      Editor: Weasalopes


【Episode 4: Day and Night, Part 5】

The Asagao in our world is nothing but a doll. A doll, a fabricated existence that borrows her consciousness and personality. And this Asagao here in front of me is the Asagao who lost her body in that incident four years ago, and she transferred her consciousness into a doll’s body in order to be together with Yugao-chan.

「Of course, Yugao herself has no idea that I’m basically playing Big Brother from here. As far as she’s concerned, the doll that she created is the only me, the real me. You might think it’s a little unfair, but it worked for the last four years, so I figured there’s no point in changing that this late in the game.」

Certainly, even though the Asagao who’s on the other side is nothing but a construct designed to act like the real thing and copy her mannerisms to a fault, I was unable to notice that on my own. If she hadn’t told that to me now, I would have probably still thought that the one in the mansion was the real deal. And she even went so far with the deception as to fool her own sister to spare her the grief. Also, I could clearly see that she was deeply frustrated that she was unable to stop her from resorting to violence in order to save her.

But even knowing all that, I couldn’t shake off the feeling that something was still out of place here.

Maybe I am just imagining or overinterpreting things, but at first I thought that she was similar to myself and even though our circumstances were obviously different, I felt a sense of intimacy with her. Maybe it was because I was no different from a heartless doll before my sister imparted the basic knowledge of living as a proper human being unto me?

「Onee-chan, I finished preparing a new body for you. What do you think? Is it good enough?」

In another vision that started playing before me, Yugao-chan finished fiddling with a doll’s head and attached it onto the body. The newly made doll blinked for a few times and then smiled widely.

「Yup, splendid work as always, Yugao! But you know, your sister wouldn’t mind if you made some parts a tad bit more feminine, you know? For starters, having bigger boobs or plumper ass would be nice! That way we’ll be really identical when you also grow up to be a busty beauty!」

「T-There’s no way I’ll ever be as feminine as you, Onee-chan! That’s just impossible! B-But if you really want, then I’ll make the adjustments next time.」

「Not as feminine as me? Stop with the jokes already, my dear sister! We’re twins, so of course we’re identical! Or perhaps you want me to check that myself again? Come to think of it, it’s been forever since I last groped you, so I need to have my fill, hehe, hehehehehe….!」

「T-There’s really no need for you to… w-wait, O-Onee-chan, stop… haha, Hahahahahaha!」

In the middle of their playful teasing, a single tear dripped down Yugao’s cheek and fell onto the ground.

「Yugao, you…」

「Ah, no, it’s nothing, I’m sorry, Onee-chan.」

「Don’t be, I’m the one who should apologize. Uhm, so, like… I’ll better go get some clothes for myself!」

With that half-hearted excuse, Asagao’s doll tried to leave the room in quite a haste, but before she could do that, a barely audible voice reached her ear as Yugao-chan quietly muttered, both to herself and to her sister:

「I’m sorry, Onee-chan.」

She most probably was still heartbroken that she was unable to be with her real sister and had to use the doll made with her own hands as a substitute. Right now, she was probably being torn apart by an immense sense of guilt for the sin she had committed. But…

As if she could be satisfied with a substitute. To her, it was just a heartless doll, nothing more but an empty shell that was supposed to sustain her sister until she could get her hands on the power of immortality. This, this is not her beloved sister!

Those were the feelings that lingered deep inside Yugao-chan’s heart.

「It’s okay, I don’t mind. You’re doing everything that you can, right? So there’s no need to cry.」

That’s what she told her, but she did that with such a sad voice that it was impossible for her to hide the fact that she also was suffering because of their current situation. Up until that accident the two of them were inseparable and nothing could have possibly drive them apart, but now…

Could that really be called happiness?

「Onee-chan, just a little bit longer.」

Yugao-chan declared that with a shaking voice.

「Soon, Shiki-sama will come here together with her Lord. And the other one of her Knights… is the owner of the 『Divine Gift Thanatos』.」

Her voice couldn’t stop trembling. Was it because of the terror of what they had to do? Or was it perhaps the unstoppable joy?
「The time has almost come for me to take his heart. And once I do that, I will be able to give you back the life that you had lost. So…」

「Monjiro-san! If my survival means that you will have to die, then I don’t need it! I’m fine with things staying the way they are! That way, I will be able to continue to watch over my precious Yugao from inside this darkness! So…! So…!」

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