Shiinamachi Senpai Volume 2 Episode 4 Part 9



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist      Editor: Weasalopes


【Episode 4: Day and Night, Part 9】


A powerful punch to the gut made me crush into the floor some distance away from the altar, and an intense, sharp pain attacked my whole body. After the initial shock had passed I slowly raised myself from the ground and looked towards Asagao’s direction.

She was laughing. Laughing through her tears.

「Ahaha, oh my poor, gentle Monjiro-san. I regret to inform you that the contents of my wish are a tad bit different than what you must have imagined, but do not worry, Yugao’s happiness is still included in it.」

Then, countless body parts: arms, legs, torsos and heads began to converge around her. Even though the eyes of all the heads looked like their eyes were gauged out, tears were still flowing out of the empty eye sockets.

「My true wish is not as noble as what you said. It’s something much more unfair, cruel even. It has very little with being like those typical, beautiful wishes.」


The look on her face showed that she was clearly filled with determination.

「Monjiro-san, my next attack will definitely kill you. Just now, I chose to pierce your empty chest on purpose, but that was only a one-time mercy, but no more. If stopping you from trying to get your Gift Core back means that I’ll have to tear you up into tiny pieces, then that’s exactly what I’ll do!」


Asagao’s whole body began to make a series of horrifyingly disturbing noises.

「Ah…! Onee-chan, stop! Don’t do it! If you use that power now, your body won’t be able to withstand it! Even my 『Azrael』 won’t be able to restore it!」

「Don’t worry, Yugao. Just leave everything to your big sis.」

And she just smiled softly at her.

「No matter what, ever since four years ago, I’ve always loved you more than anything else.」


Sparks began to crackle all over the surrounding area. It was as if the power she was using right now was distorting the space around us. Was that the power of remote-control Shiki was talking about earlier? I always thought that it was more like a kind of tele or psychokinesis that allowed Asagao to control that many puppet parts at will, but now I see that I was wrong to think like that.

It would be more accurate to say that her power allowed her to control the space and material matter around her, which means that if she’s getting serious now, she won’t be able to control just the parts of her spare bodies. If my guess was right, she might be able to control this entire space here at will!


Yugao-chan was just standing helplessly in place, not knowing what she should do.
She lost her beloved sister to a fire four years ago. And since that time, she was doing everything in her power to get her back.

Creating a temporary sister must have been painful enough for her, but now she wa so close to bringing her sister back. But if she allows this to continue, the doll she created will end u destroying herself, and that is not the ending she wishes for. She wouldn’t forgive herself for allowing such an outcome to happen.

「You’re serious about this, Asagao.」

「Of course I am, Monjiro-san. And I think it’s high time for you to take this seriously too.」

My seriousness, huh? I still have my secret technique sealed in my right shoulder, 『Code Calvariae』. If I use it, I’ll probably be able to beat even Asagao’s power of special control, but…

I threw away my glasses which sealed my emotions and I’ve lost my heart, the organ that controlled them in the first place. Also, Shiinamachi-senpai, my master who could serve as my guiding light, was not here.

Taking all of the above into the account, using my trump card here might be too reckless considering the potential loss and gain.

But even knowing that, I…

「You’ve already made your decision, haven’t you, Monjiro?」

I heard a voice behind my back.

For just a split second I thought it was my mother’s voice, but I realized that it belonged to Shiki. I don’t know why would I mistook her for my mother.

「Yes. Yes I did.」

I was prepared to go all out without looking back. Then I heard Shiki’s voice again, as if she was whispering into my ear.

「To those who are truly determined, you can only answer with your own determination.」

Those words were the exact essence of what my mother had taught me! But how can Shiki know them?!

No, now is not the time for asking about such things!

「Take care of activating 『Code Calvariae』 for me, Shiki!」

With my iron determination I will see this through to the end without becoming a killing machine again, so I ask Shiki to unto the seal of my bloodline.

「Activating 『Code Calvariae Limited Mode: Criss Cross』!」

Those were not the words that needed to be used to awaken my ultimate technique from its cursed slumber, but my right shoulder became hot all the same. It echoed instantly in my head, sending my consciousness into a daze.

Limited Mode? Criss Cross? I’ve never heard of such things before; it’s an unknown phenomenon that I’ve never experienced before. What will happen to me now that I’ve decided to use it? Everything about it seems to be so unclear.

But there are some things that I can clearly understand about it. One of them being…

「I can see.」

Somehow, my 「eyes」 were now able to see all the information about my surroundings and every being within my line of sight. The power that Asagao’s doll uses is actually like a myriad of 「threads」 that extend from her body to the parts that are gathered around her, enabling her to manipulate them. If I wanted to defeat her, that 「thread」 is what I should be aiming for.

Everything seemed crystal clear to me now: where she was going to dash, which of the 「thread」 connected limbs she was going to move, exactly how she was going to attack with them… I was able to clearly 「see」 it all.

「Now that’s more like it, Monjiro-san! Go ahead, show me the strength of your determination!」

So I made a step forward. And another one. And another one. And one more after that. And with my every step another limb came flying towards me, but I just swung my knife at them and cut the thread that connected them to Asagao. They all fell onto the ground, showing no signs of further moving.



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