Shiinamachi Senpai Volume 2 Interlude 4 Part 1



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【Interlude: Between the Night and the Morning, Part 1】

Before I even realized it, I was once again in the dark endless space of the dream world.

After the battle reached its happy conclusion we’ve returned back to the mansion’s courtyard where the twins lifted the barrier and we wanted to go back to Shiinamachi-senpai’s room to check on her, that much I remember clearly, but since I am here again that must mean that I have fallen unconscious somewhere along the road.

「I must’ve blacked out due to exhaustion caused by overburdening my body so much.」

「So it would seem.」

As expected, Asagao was here as well.

「You were running around and doing all of that over-the-top stuff without a beating heart in your chest after all. Isn’t it that normally people die without their hearts?」

「Probably, but I’m not that normal to begin with, so maybe that’s why it’s different for me?」

That was the only possible explanation of this abnormal situation that came to my mind. Maybe my body was enduring all the tension of today’s events and when it regained its heart it snapped under its weight like a broken thread?

「Well, not that it matters now. What truly matters now, Monjiro-san, is that you have my thanks. Good job on succesfully solving the case of your own murder.」

The Asagao in front of me was that white dress wearing slightly older one I’ve met earlier, meaning it was the real Asagao. Why did she chose to meet with me at such a strange time? Maybe she has something she wants to tell me?


Asagao giggled happily, prompting me to laugh as well.

「You know, so much happened so fast that I haven’t even got the time to think about it properly, but I feel so tired.」

「Want me to give you a lap pillow then? I heard guys like that sort of thing. And we’re the only ones here, so no need to worry about some girls getting jealous.」

「Thank you for the offer, but I will kindly decline. Knowing you, you would have probably used that to blackmail me.」

「Eh, here you go being rude again, Monjiro-san. How old do you think I am? Of course I wouldn’t do something so childish. Although you did beat me, so maybe I’d at least tease you a bit with it as a punishment. Teehee~~」

「See? I told you so.」

This feeling of slight annoyance at such a lighthearted exchange was truly the greatest. I’m so glad that I got my heart and emotions back.

However, that time when I lost it made me realize, even if just a little bit, how sad and lonely this girl must have been. Stuck in such a place all alone with no one to talk to for all this time… but now I was here with her, and seeing her genuinely laugh warmed my newly reclaimed heart.
「Come on now, don’t be such a stick in the mud! My lap pillow will send you to straight to heaven, I promise!」

「Well, if you’re being so persistent about it, then maybe I’ll take you up on your kind offer before you change your mind.」

「Great! It’s a shame that we have only this boring darkness for a background, but I guess we’ll just have to make do. Now then, make yourself at home!」

Asagao sat on the ground in a seiza position and patted her knees with her hand, prompting me to lay my weary head on them, and I did just that.

「Fufu, this is nice in its own way, isn’t it?」

She’s right, I’ll give her that. Laying with my head on her kness like that, I was soon enveloped by a sensation of blissful comfort and safety.

「You know Monjiro-san, I Was expecting you to be more excited, or nervous, or fidgety about it. Could it be that you’re so used to having girls do that for you that you don’t get aroused by it anymore, you perv?」

At least she didn’t call me a man whore. Nice.

「I guess. I mean, Shiinamachi-senpai is always doing this for me when she revives me.」

Being called a perv still stung me a little, but essentially what she said wasn’t entirely wrong, so I couldn’t retort to it in any way.

And don’t get me wrong, but… let’s just say that there is one… all right, two big differences between Asagao and Shiinamachi-senpai.

The way I am laying now, I could clearly see Asagao’s face looking down on me when I raised my eyes. Whereas with senpai, her beautiful face was obstructed from view by something even more amazing and beautiful: her two big, firm mountains and a valley between them. Truly a paradise for the eyes!

「Aha! You’ve thought about something really perverted just now, right?」

「No, no I did not… uhm, I mean yeah, but…. Yeah, I did.」

Since apparently my thoughts are leaking out of my mind and she can hear them then there’s no use in hiding anything. Being brutally honest is the only way to go.

「Oh really? Goodness gracious, can guys only thing about perverted stuff?」

「Not always, but I do think it occupies a large portion of out time. But it’s not really our fault. Guys are simple creatures: we see something that arouses us, we get excited.」

「I see, it makes surprisingly much sense. Tell me then: out of the three of us: myself, my doll and Yugao, which one would be the best source material for your naughty fantasies?」

That is a… curious question, to say the least and certainly the one that I didn’t pay much heed before. I wonder is she has any fantasies of that kind herself… no! that is a territory that I most definitely shouldn’t be stepping onto if I know what’s good for me, but anyway! Even after she bared herself before me and wanted me to partake of her, I think I’d still have trouble perceiving her as a person of sexual interest.

「Fufufu, personally I still think that you and Yugao should hit it off. The two of you would make such a nice couple.」

「But that way I’d only hurt her.」

「And I told you that it’d be fine. If you love someone, if you truly, truly love someone, hurting them is inevitable. That is an unavoidable part of that bitter-sweet experience called 「youth」. Granted, we may be not as 「normal」 as everyone else, but it doesn’t change the fact that we also want to experience 「living」 as much as possible.」

It was a really good argument that could also be applied to other human relations, including friendships. Be it with Shiinamachi-senpai, Shiki, Fujisato, Kuhoh or even Yugao-chan and Asagao, thanks to the fact that the beginnings of my friendships with all of them were always rather intense I can now say that it is strong and rooted in mutual respect and understanding. That is also why I don’t think I’d be able to force myself on any of them unless they themselves expressed a desire for me to do it.

「You know what they say about intense first meetings, right? That they bring with themselves intense and passionate nights together.」

「You having the same face as Yugao-chan does not make this conversation any less awkward for me I’ll have you know.」

「Want to practice with me so you won’t have to worry about being awkward during the real thing?」

Asagao then brought her face really close to mine. Her lips are almost touching my lips and I can feel her hot breath on my face.

「H-Hey, stop that, Asagao!」
If me or her move around too much then our lips will definitely touch. This position we’re currently in, isn’t it a little bit too intimate?

「See, Monjiro-san? I might look like I’m clueless, but I really do know my way around those things.」

And she blew another one of her hot breaths right into my ear!

「Ah, aaaahhhh!」

「I like you, Monjiro-san.」

When I heard that sudden confession, all of my thinking processes stopped for a split second.

「You know how they say that the twins are always connected? That they can share their pain, anxiety and that they can even fall for the same person? That’s why when Yugao fell in love with you at first sight, I too fell for you just like that.」

「That’s, no, but…」

「Or maybe it was the other way around? Maybe it was I who fell in love with you when I first saw you from here and the influence of my feelings reached Yugao in the real world, making her also fall in love with you?」

She pulled her face away from me just a little and laughed, but was still so close to me that she could’ve kissed me if she wanted and that made me feel a little uneasy.

「Hmm, you want to kiss? Sure, I don’t mind. *Kiss*」
And without even a second for my heart to prepare she kissed me… on the tip of my nose. Is it normal that I feel a bit dissapointed but my heart is pounding so fast like it was about to burst out of my chest again? Is such behaviour normal or am I just overthinking it?!

「Ahahahaha, I can’t, Monjiro-san, I just can’t! Your reactions are too adorable!」

So she played me like a damn fiddle, this girl! Something was telling me that I should feel triggered by such a prank, but honestly, I was okay with it, especially if she’s having fun because of it.

Her next question came after a short period of silence when she was stroking my head. Having anyone else besides senpai do this to me felt kind of strange, but in a good way.

「Say Monjiro-san, do you love Shiinamachi-san?」


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