Shiinamachi Senpai Volume 2 Interlude 4 Part 2



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist      Editor: Weasalopes


【Interlude: Between the Night and the Morning, Part 2】

「Eh? What do you…?」

「What do I mean by that? Hmm, let’s see… it’s clear that you “love” her from a sexual point of view, because let’s face it, who wouldn’t when boys are all sex-obsessed fiends. What I meant to say is…」

I do know that she is somewhat biased towards men since it was something that senpai herself told me and Shiki confirmed it, but for some reason I was able to get along with her just fine despite being male myself. My lack of the normal person’s common sense must also be a factor here, because even when I’m surrounded with so many outstanding girls on a daily basis, I have never been the one to proactively make any kind of sexual advances towards any of them, minus that one time when senpai invited me to pay her a visit in her room on a dangerous day, but I think we all remember how that one played out. Anyway, I apologize to any harem-seeking individuals who must be facepalming right now, but that’s just how it is with me and the girls.
「… would you be able to do everything for her, no matter what it was? That is the kind of “love” that I meant.」

「Everything, huh?」

If it was for the sake of making senpai happy and protecting her smile then of course I would do anything. However…

「For example, what is that person was a really bad person, the one who committed many evil deeds that absolutely cannot be forgiven. Would you still be able to stay by their side, even if you knew that what they were doing was wrong?」

I… I honestly don’t know. If senpai started doing evil things, I probably wouldn’t have been able to forgive her. I don’t even want to imagine it. That is why I would probably…

「If it came to that then I think I would have at least tried to stop her.」

「Oh really?」

「I feel like it would be a natural thing to do since I have no predispositions to be a villain, and senpai and all my friends know that.」

「Ahahaha, I know, right? There’s no way you’d ever be the villain. You have too good of a heart for it.」

She stroke my head again while laughing. It might sounded like an insult, but actually, I think that 「A Kind-hearted Killer」 is a wonderful concept and something that I’d definitely want to become in the future.

「Now then, what about Shiki-sama?」

「What about her? What is she did something bad?」

「Yup-yup. Would you help her?」

「One hundred percent stop her. And also give her an earful after that.」

「Wow, that was easy.」

「Well of course it was. She might be acting like a mad scientist who doesn’t give a damn about anything else, but I know that deep down she loves senpai and her friends, and most importantly, her family.」

I finally understood that thanks to all that’s happened here today. She showed me the warmth of her heart and shared it with me, so there ever comes a time when she’ll start heading down a dark path, I’ll do everything in my power to stop her before it’s too late. And if she won’t listen to my words, I’ll just have to give her a good smack to that thick skull of hers.

「Fufu, I see, that sounds just like her, hehehe…」

Asagao grinned when she heard my line of reasoning.

「What? Is there something wrong with it?」

「No, nothing. Nothing at all~~」

But that smug look on her face only got smugger still. She really seems to be having fun with this whole conversation.

「All right, it’s decided. I won’t try to kiss you anymore, Monjiro-san.」

「Really? Because forgive me for saying this but I don’t believe you.」

「Aww, don’t be like that! Don’t you know that love is a fickle, often disastrous thing? Even if you like someone now, there’s no telling whether or not you will realize that it was actually a mistake after a few years.」

「Well, it might be just like you’re saying.」

I couldn’t help it but to smile at such a smart thing coming out of the mouth of someone so young. After all, four years ago Asagao was probably still just a late elementary school student. Adding to it the fact that she was probably kept away from males due to the Yahata blood’s special characteristics, it was pretty obvious that her theory about love was a completely made-up thing.

「Ah, you laughed right now, didn’t you?! All right, joke’s over! Last question now!」

「Sure, sure. What is it this time?」

「Isn’t it obvious?! Me! Do you like me?!」

How should I answer that? With my right hand I grabbed her right hand. It was filled with soft and gentle warmth. I truly regretted that after I wake up from this dream I won’t be able to feel that warmth anymore.
「I like you, Asagao. Which is why I really don’t like the fact that I’ll have to leave this place soon, because who knows when we’ll be able to see each other again.」

「Fufu, couldn’t have told that better myself. I don’t like this too, Monjiro-san. Not one bit.」

That’s right. After this is over, we won’t be able to see each other again. Because I have reclaimed my heart. Without it, she lost her only chance at truly coming back to life.

「That’s why I wanted to kiss you so badly, you know?」

「For your information, I won’t stop you if that’s what you really want to do.」

「Ah, so now you’re getting all passive?! That super lame!」

I don’t want to say goodbye to you. The two of us were never supposed to meet in the first place, but we were able to do so here, in this dreamworld between life and death. It was truly a miracle, so at the very least I want our last meeting to end with your smile.

「I feel so too. That’s why I want to leave behind me something that would serve as proof that I truly lived. L-Like a child or something.」

「N-Now wait just a minute here!」

「Ahaha, that was only an example you dummy! I know full well that in my current state something like that is impossible for me. It’s just that I would like to try that one day.」

「Even so, I don’t think it’s very lady-like for girls to be saying that so openly.」

「Really? I thought it’s perfectly normal because girls talk about it with each other all the time.」

I didn’t need to hear that last part, but now that I did, it got me curious. Has Yugao-chan also been thinking about those things? But she’s so shy around men so I think that’s highly unlikely. I could be wrong about it of course, and I honestly want to be, but who knows? Maybe I’ll ask Fujisato about it later. She looks like someone who’s knowledgeable about such subjects after all.

「Ahhh, this talk is getting really embarrassing, so let’s drop it. How about thinking about a name for that girl?」

「That girl… you mean your doll?」

「Yes. Isn’t she a cutie? As long as she’s made of my ashes she’ll look exactly like me, minus the modifications that Yugao chooses to apply to her. And wouldn’t you know, she even has a genuine heart now, so I think she’s my substitute no longer. It’s time for her to become her own being, her own person.」

「If that’s the case, then I think we don’t need a brainstorming session here, because I came with something a while ago. Want to hear it?」

「Really now? All right, let’s see what you’ve got.」

I wonder if she’s going to like what I’m about to propose since the process of getting to it was somewhat convoluted. Ah well, here goes nothing.

「Since she’ll be like your second sister, which will make you not twins, but triplets, and your names mean 「morning」 and 「evening」 respectively, I thought 「Yorugao」 might be appropriate. What do you think? (TL NOTE: Yoru means night in Japanese. Also, the names of the three sisters are the names of flowers: morning glory, evening glory and moonflower)

「If she herself accepts it then I won’t have any objections for it. I think it’s a really good name. It perfectly catches the differences between us.」

Asagao looked thoroughly satisfied with my idea. She grabbed my hand more tightly and showed me a satisfied smile that was somewhat tinged with sadness. No, don’t make such a d=face now. Send me off with your usual warmth and cheerfulness. If you won’t shine to the very end, I won’t be able to say goodbye to you.



Noticing how I felt, Asagao brought her face closer to mine…


…and kissed me on the forehead. Her lips were hot and incredibly soft.

「Hey, Monjiro-san?」

I can feel that it’s almost time for us to say goodbye, so I take my time just to stare her in the eyes.

「I am glad that I got to meet you. I’m glad that I fell for you. I will never forget you, so could you please do the same for me? And also… no, you already did so much for me that I couldn’t possibly…」

「No, it’s fine, you can tell me. What is it that you want me to do? I promise that I’ll try my best to fulfill that request.」

And with tears in her eyes, she tells me her last request.

「One day, can you come back here and save me, please?」

Hearing that simple yet powerful wish, all I could do was to bow my head affirmatively without saying a word. Because right now, in this moment as everything around me began to turn pure white, Asagao looked like the most beautiful blooming flower in the world.


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