Shiinamachi Senpai Volume 2 Prologue



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Written from Yahata Asagao’s Point of View

Thinking back on it now, that day might have been a dangerous day for us.

「 My name is Sakuradamon Jiro. Pleased to make your acquaintance.」

The young man who was visiting the villa bowed respectfully and gave us a polite greeting, maintaining proper posture even in this hot weather. Looking at us from behind his glasses, his eyes were sharp, yet there were still traces of softness and youthfulness in them. He was a tall and muscular youth, which was evident when we gazed at his muscles, clearly visible from underneath the shirt that was clinging onto his body.

「 Y-yesh, the pleasure is all oursh!」

My younger sister, Yahata Yugao got nervous from greeting our guest and stuttered in a high pitched voice. She is not used to dealing with men, so I was worried that her behavior might have upset our guest, but he seemed to pay that little blunder of hers no mind, which was good, because despite his calm demeanor and politeness of his actions, his face actually looked a bit scary.

Nevertheless, after accepting his greeting, I turned to him with a smile.

「 Pleased to make your acquaintance also, my name is Yahata Asagao, the elder sister, and this here is my younger sister, Yugao. Our given names are written with characters for Morning Glory and Moonflower respectively, and our family name is written with the character for “labyrinth”.」

I greeted him with a cheerful self-introduction. Hearing me say that, Yugao realized that she has yet to introduce herself, and corrected her mistake immediately.

「 Hawawa, m-my name is Yugao, pleased to meet you!」

Greeting the Sakuradamon-san for the second time, my sister lowered her head.

「Haha, the pleasure is all mine. Asagao-san, Yugao-san, please take care of me.」

He also bowed for the second time as he laughed, repeating the usual greeting formula. The tension he was radiating just a second before was gone now, and he seemed more relaxed.

He might look a bit scary, but he doesn’t look like a bad guy after all, is what I concluded after that short exchange of pleasantries.

「Already getting along with the Yahata siblings, are we, Monjiro?」

The person who said that was the girl with long golden hair covering her eyes who appeared from behind Sakuradamon-san. Seeing her, I got just a little bit nervous, but I tried not to show it.

「 Long time no see, Shiki-sama.」

「 Umu.」

From behind the veil of her hair, she was looking at us with her deep blue eyes that seemed like they could see through everything, even the person’s soul. Yugao was even more uncomfortable about it than I, and her shoulders were trembling as she tried to avoid making direct eye contact with Shiki-sama.

「It has indeed been quite a while, Asagao. So much in fact that your level as the 『 Breathtaking Beauty』 seems to have risen quite a bit, to the point where you probably wouldn’t even need to use the 『Charm』 skill to seduce Monjiro.」

「I thank you for your compliment, Shiki-sama, but I think you’re way prettier than me.」

Her gaze and weird way of speaking were the same as ever, if not even more intense, but that was just about it. We haven’t seen each other for almost four years, so it was quite obvious that she grew up to be a beauty, and I’m sure she thought the same thing about me, and probably Yugao too. Being around her still made me somewhat uncomfortable, but thankfully it was all within the scope of expectations.

「In that case I will resume my master-plan to hog Monjiro all to myself.」

Declaring that, Shiki-sama puffed out her chest proudly and patted it with her hands. They were almost the same as mine and my sister’s, not too big, but also not too small. In my mind, having such a balanced chest was not a bad thing at all.

「Fufufu~~, It’s great to see that everyone is getting along so nicely.」

But the person next to her was someone whom both Shiki-sama and us could not even dream to compete with in terms of beauty. It was a girl so pretty that she seemed to be shining brighter than the sun itself.

A person of magnificent bodily proportions with long, jet-black hair, voluptuous chest, slim waist and wide hips whose whole existence radiated a slightly erotic atmosphere.

Her name was Shiinamachi Kaguya. Compared to someone like me or my sister, she was a class or two above us.

「Hello, and thank you for having me in your care. My name is Fujisato Yuika~~!」

「This is indeed quite a nice place. Please take care of us from now on. I am Kuho Nagi, vassal to Fujisato Yuika.」

The two people who subsequently appeared were also girls of unparalleled beauty, who seemed like they were taken straight out of a fashion magazine, or a gravure model shot. So many high-level beautiful girls were our guests today that even I started to have complicated feelings about this whole situation.

Still, I cannot allow myself to lose my composure here, unlike my sister who got so nervous that she was practically unable to do anything now. With that said, the duty of taking a proper care of our guests was entirely in my hands now.

「All right everybody, we’re pleased to have all of you here. We will now carry your luggage to your respective rooms and begin the preparations for the feast in the evening. Until then, please make yourselves at home and relax in the living room.」

「Y-Yes, elder sister! Everyone, the living room is the first room to the right after you exit the main hall. We have already prepared iced barley tea and watermelon for you to cool yourselves, so please do not hesitate to partake of them while we will take care of your belongings!」

The two of us, my little sister and I, work in this summer villa as maids by the order of Shiki-sama. Our job can best be surmised as taking care of various household chores, and making sure that each and every visitor can enjoy their stay here without any problems, so it was a given that we should also take care of the transportation of our respected guest’s parcels and serve them in any way we can.

「Carrying all of our luggage will be hard for just the two of you. Allow me to give you a hand with that.」

Sakuradamon… Jiro-san said as he grabbed the bag that Yugao was supposed to be taking.

「W-well, uhm, I…」

「It’s alright. At times like these, you should just leave the heavy lifting to the guys.」

Jiro-san smiled at my sister, taking another case into his hand.

Yugao’s face was all red and she was covering her mouth with her hands. For me, someone who knows her better than anyone, this was a clear sign. This was definitely a face made by a pure maiden smitten with her Prince Charming.

Yup, the full package is here: dreamy eyes, face blushing all the way to the neck and ears, and I’m pretty sure that I could hear the sound of her heart pounding like crazy.

This could prove to be an interesting development, but we are the maids of this villa. Is it really okay for us to have someone else help us perform our assigned duties?

「Is this acceptable, Shiki-sama?」

Just to be on the safe side, I asked Shiki-sama what she thought about it. For just a brief moment I thought that I saw a glimpse of hostility in her eyes before they returned to their usual expressionless state as she shrugged her shoulders.

「As long as he’s fine with it then I see no problems. He’s a natural-born playboy, so gathering flags and clearing affection-raising events like these comes as naturally as breathing to him.」

「A natural-born playboy? I see…」

「Shiki, I would appreciate it if you stopped spreading false rumors that people might misunderstand. It’s bad for my reputation, you know?」

He said as he casually took another bag on his shoulder. And it was the one that I was just about to take.

「I’m sorry, Monjiro, it was rude of me to call you a natural-born playboy. What I really meant to say was useless playboy.」

「That’s uncalled for!」

Ouch, now that seemed to score a critical hit with him. And since he got mad at something like this, does that mean that he has no luck with girls? Judging by the reactions of the rest of his female companions and the looks of kind pity they were sending him, that must have been the case.

「U, Uhm, thank you kindly for your help, Monjiro-san.」

Yugao muttered shyly, with her hands still covering her mouth. She also kept staring at Jiro-san from the moment she first saw him.

「Hm? Oh, that’s not a problem at all. You should be fine with the rest of Shiki’s stuff, right? And, if I may, please don’t believe what Shiki said just now.」

「Y-yes, of course!」

He didn’t struck me as the womanizing type at all. Perhaps this guy is simply not accustomed to talking with other people very much? Maybe that is why he was approaching everyone, be it man or woman, with overwhelming sincerity?

That was the feeling that I understood very well.

「Sigh, I guess it can’t be helped then. We will carry our luggage to the rooms ourselves, and then we’ll rest.」

「Ara, is that how it’s going to be? Okay then, allow me to guide you into your rooms.」
And that sincere behavior of his is what draws other woman to him. Whether he was aware of it or not, he was always in the center of the events, unconsciously drawing those around him into them.

That is the kind of person that the one called Sakuradamon Jiro is.

Or rather, that is the kind of person that our target is.


By the looks of it, Yugao was completely ensnared by him as well. If that’s the case, is targeting him really okay? For whatever reason, I couldn’t stop such thoughts from gathering inside my head.

It’s okay, everything’s going to be alright. This is something that we both agreed on doing. If Yugao says that she wants to be the one to do it, then as her older sister I will do everything in my power to support her. That is what I have decided.

「Let’s put the matter of luggage aside for now. Everyone, I would like to hereby welcome you to 『Hachihoukan 』, one of the famous villas of the Yatono family!」

As I declared so, somewhere in the back of my mind there was a thought that Monjiro-san and his friends are going to be involved in many things during their stay here, whether they like it or not.



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