Shiinamachi Senpai Volume 3 Epilogue Part 2



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【Epilogue, Part 2】

Such simple, yet powerful words. And yet she was able to shout them straight into my face at the top of her lungs. Her voice penetrates my ears and echoes in my head like a powerful spell, blowing the haziness that filled my mind away.

「Even if they don’t want me to, is it okay for me to chase after them?」

「No girl likes passive boys now, Monjiro-san! Just like Yugao and Shiki-sama did to you, it is time for you to finally take the initiative! If you won’t man up and grow a pair now, you will regret for the rest of your life!」

Yorugao’s face was filled with intense heat as she continued to shout her words of encouragement. She truly believes in what she’s saying. I should do the same. If there is something that I want to do, then I should just do it, consequences be damned! Also…

「Asagao I met in my dreamworld was telling me the exact same thing.」

「Ehh?!! So you’ve met with the real Asagao?! I thought you were just bluffing at that time!」

「Fufu, I know, right? Amazing, isn’t it? Maybe she and I have more in common than I initially thought? Although I don’t understand the exact details of how that actually works, because I’m not seeing her in my dreams every night.」

But really, I was truly glad that I was not alone in that dark space. Asagao must have been overjoyed that she was not alone either.

「You’re the one who saved us, Monjiro-san! So don’t give up just yet! I know that thing may look grim now, but I’m sure that even in such a hopeless situation there is still something that only you can do!」

Something that only I can do… if there really is such a thing, then I want to do it. I don’t care what that thing is or how much pain it will cost me. As long as it means that I’ll be able to continue my life together with Shiki and Shiinamachi-senpai, no price would be too high.

「Yup, that’s the look I wanted to see on your face, Monjiro-san! Now, I want you to put your hand on your chest, right where your heart is, and think about what exactly do you want to do.」

I put my hand on my chest exactly as she told me. And then I realized it.

The 『Divine Gift Thanatos』 has been taken away from me. So if it really returned to Kaguya, then maybe, if I’ll be able to steal it back from her, then it might be possible to bring Asagao back to life! I was targeted by Yugao-chan because I had it in the first place, so why can’t I play the role of a phantom thief of hearts for once this time?

I see. There are still some thing that only I can do.

I know that Kaguya should be staying with the Yatono family. Mother and Shiki should also be there with her. Getting to them will probably not be easy, but I know that I can do anything, as long as I put my back into it! All you need is conviction and a strong will!

「Thanks, Yorugao. I think I finally see my goal clearly in front of me.」

「You’d better be! Also, you should thank Yugao as well.」

「I… I’ll be sure to do that if I get the chance.」

「Hoooo… looks like you finally begin to man up, huh, Monjiro-san?」

Yeah, now I see that I was way to passive up until now. Always relying on senpai to bring me back to life, having Shiki do most of the thinking, and now I even dragged my own little sister into the crosshairs… or should I say that I was deceived by mother way too easily? I even gave up on fighting for what was important to be just because she told me to do so.

Honestly, what was I doing this entire time?

「All right, no use just laying around helplessly like this. I guess it’s time for me to gen an early leave out of this hospital.」

「Huh, w-wait, Monjiro-san, that’s way to fast! What about the procedures?! The paperwork?! If you run away now, I’ll be the one stuck doing all of that!」

「But I can’t just lay in bed doing nothing for God knows how long!」
That said, I tried to get out of the bed.

「Ara ara, finally decide to come back from the land of the dead, Monjiro-kun?」

「That nap of yours was way too long this time, senpai. We were seriously worried about you.」

Fujisato and Kuhoh entered the room, each of them carrying a basket filled to the brim with fruits.

「Don’t just stand there like that and help me, you two! This idiotic moron wants to escape early!」

「Ahaha, well aren’t you just filled with motivation now, Monjiro-kun? But really now, I think you should stay in here for just a bit more. The wounds from your battle with Shiki-chan are not fully healed after all.」

「Nghh… you have a point there, Fujisato.」

「As someone who also happened to be at the receiving end of her threads I can tell you that the injuries they inflict are a pain in the butt to fully heal.」

「Yeah, and the way they wrap themselves around you… yuck.」

「Good thing they didn’t leave any nasty scars though.」

「You got that right, Nagi-chan.」

This conversation has taken a turn for the weird but knowing that they were both safe has put my mind at ease. Fujisato then placed her basket on the shelf while I just sat on the bed, watching her as she did so. When she was done, she sat next to me on the bed, so close in fact that I could faintly smell the nice aroma her body was giving off.

「I’ve done some digging while you were asleep, Monjiro-kun. Looks like the Yatonos are preparing to celebrate the return of the 「Lord Above all Lords」. Looks like they will be conducting some big celebratory ritual soon.」

「A ritual? What for?」
「My guess is that even though she’s awakened, she hasn’t regained all of her powers yet. So they will probably do something to get them to return to her.」

Kuhoh also approached the bed and sat on the edge near me, so currently I am surrounded by three beautiful girls. What is this harem-like scenario?

「According to the data I found on 「Kaguya」, the big ritual in her story was performed on the night of the fifteenth moon. In other words, the full moon night in the month of September.」

So something big will probably happen on the night of the full moon? This looks like the story of the 「Bamboo Cutter and Princess Kaguya」 all right.

「Since this ritual will also be a celebration, it will probably gather all of the Lords and their knights from around the world. Well, considering my reputation I might not get an invitation at all, but if I do, we won’t have a better chance at infiltrating the enemy headquarters.」

「From all over the world, huh?」

「As I said, I will be going there even if I won’t get an invitation, for my story’s sake, fufu, ufufufu…」

Well that makes sense. For a 「Lord Killer」 like her, a celebration like that will essentially be like an all-you-can-eat-buffet.

For me, the biggest problem is that as I am now, I am powerless. Even if I wanted to, I wouldn’t be able to go against any Gift wielders without a Gift of my own.


No, wait. If I am no longer senpai’s Knight, then…

「Fujisato, mind if I ask you something?」

「Sure, I don’t mind. Just let me get reeeal close to you so I could hear you well.」
Fujisato’s face is really close to mine. Too close for comfort, I’d say. Just from looking at her from this close, I can feel my face flaring up. But that can wait. I can’t allow myself to waver now.

「So? What do you want to ask me about? I think I know what’s it going to be, but I want to hear you say it.」

「Fujisato… I want you to lend me your power. I want you to give me a Gift that will allow me to kill a Lord.」

「So you can kill Kaguya with it?」

Kaguya, the original personality of Shiinamachi-senpai. Killing her is the ultimate goal of Fujisato’s story. But I have something different in mind.

「I’m going to put her back to sleep and draw out Shiinamachi-senpai’s temporal personality again. On the night of the fifteenth moon, I will make sure to pay her a visit in her room!」

After my declaration, Fujisato’ eyes became round with surprise.

「Pfft, puahahahaha! All right, Monjiro-kun, count me in! Together, we will show her just how beautiful the moon can be!」

And she hugged me. Tightly, but also gently.

「Hey, that’s not fair! I wanted to do that with Monjiro-senpai as well!」

「News flash, Nagi-chan: All is permitted in love and war. Also, first come, first served.」

「Good grief, what a childish Lord you are. But I won’t lose to you! Not this time!」

「I’m back! Sorry for being so…. Uwababababababa?! M-M-M-Monjiro-san has dragged so many girls into his bed even though he has just awakened! How Obscene! How shameless! How obscenely shameless!」

「No no no, it’s not like that, Yugao-chan! Please, stop saying things that people can easily misunderstand!」

But I understand your confusion, since the first thing you saw after you walked in was Fujisato rubbing her face against my cheek like a cat and Kuhoh trying to do the same at my other side. That could have been… slightly overwhelming indeed. Form her corner of the bed, Yorugao just smiles and waves her head to the sides and Yugao-chan, being Yugao-chan as she is, goes bright red all the way to the base of her neck and the tips of her ears.

Things have gotten slightly out of control here, but thanks to everyone’s efforts to cheer me up I was finally able to return to my usual self.

There will surely be a lot of hurdles on the road that will be ahead of us. But I have to find a way to bring Shiinamachi-senpai back and settle things with mother, preferably without having to fight her. And get some answers out of Shiki. It’s not going to be easy, but with my current 「heart」, I should be able to reach her.

Yes. I won’t run away from my 「heart」 anymore. I will face it head on and do what only I am able to do!

「Wait for me, senpai, Shiki. I will make sure to get our fun everyday lives back with my own hands!」

I raised my tightly clenched fist into the air, and everyone else did the same with a bright smile on their faces.

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