Shiinamachi Senpai Volume 3 Episode 1 Part A 1



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【Episode 1 Part A: Sister and Legend, Part 1】

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• Slang term for an intimate way of calling one’s wife or lover

• Written as 「sister-in-law」: sister of a husband or wife or wife of a younger brother

• Female younger sibling

Returning back home has always made me feel at ease. So many crazy things have happened during our group’s stay at Hachihouken, the summer mansion belonging to the Yatono family that I felt like I could almost understand what the person who invented the saying 「There’s no place like home」 had in mind. As cheesy as it may sound, this place has always been a kind of my safe haven ever since I started living here.

「Ahh, it’s good to be back.」

Exhaling deeply, I left my luggage bag in the hallway and made my way towards the living room while saying 「I’m back!」, which filled me with a sense of nostalgia mixed with just a slight bit of loneliness.

Looking at the clock on the wall, it was now 11:00 PM, and even though it was an hour where most of middle-schoolers should be in bed already, my younger sister was waiting for me diligently.

「Welcome back, brother.」

「Yeah, I’m home, Aika.」

My younger sister, Sakuradamon Aika. Instead of her nightwear she was still wearing her typical casual clothes which consisted of a plain short-sleeved dress shirt and a gray skirt. She sat on a couch with a perfectly straight back and drank black tea, evoking an aura of elegance so rarely associated with middle-school girls these days. Couple that with her short, glossy black hair and fair skin and you have a picture-perfect example of a Japanese beauty different from the type Shiinamachi-senpai was representing, but just as alluring all the same. In a few years she will probably become even more beautiful than she is now.

「I hope you had fun during your trip. Even though I was able to hear your voice practically every day, seeing you in person again does make me feel as if we’ve not seen each other for such a long time.」

「Maybe that’s because you got so accustomed to having me around all the time, don’t you think?」

「Yes, you might be right. Every day when I was going to sleep I felt lonely knowing that you won’t be here when I wake up the next morning, so today I wanted to wait until you come back.」

Aika puts her cup of tea away and smiles quietly.

「Now, would you be so kind as to tell me everything that happened while you were away?」

That’s right, that was the number one reason why Aika was waiting for me for so long.

In the past I was raised to be nothing more but a cold-blooded assassin, a mindless killing machine. And the one who pulled me out of that living nightmare, taught me how I should function in the mundane world and essentially gifted me with the 「heart」 I was currently possessing was none other than Aika.

Only after meeting her have my buried emotions began to awaken. Before that, my mind was nothing more but a tool to process and filter information needed for carrying out my missions successfully that saw other human beings as just 「insignificant things that continued to exist in this world.」. Thanks to Aika’s valiant efforts, such a tool became something that was able of harnessing feelings such as love, worries, compassion and longing to see its family as soon as possible after being away from them.

Regrettably, it wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine now.

Even now there is still a possibility of me reverting to my old ways if I go without my fake glasses for an extended period of time. Fixing them with my middle finger I sat next to Aika so we could talk about what happened during my holiday trip.

「You have told me over the phone that there was a certain incident, if memory serves me correctly?」

「Yes. It was an incident where I had to put my life on the line for the sake of a pair of lovely twin maid-sisters.」


「Let me guess, they were in trouble and you just couldn’t help it but to jump in to help them resolve their predicament, right? Well, as long as you are fine and everything ended well then I have no problems with it. But we’ll have to work on fixing that messiah complex of yours.」

Yes, it was the 「Hachihoukan Mansion Murder Case」, an incident in which I was murdered and had my heart literally ripped from my chest. Due to that, I was temporarily deprived of my 「Gift of Immortality」 which made things even worse than they already were, but despite all the odds I was able to bring this case to a happy conclusion without putting anyone in harms way. Although now that I think about it, it is kinda weird for the murder victim to be the one who brought said murder’s case to a close, but then again, those are the kind of shenanigans that I have to live with now.

「I understand. Let’s call it Yahata Yugao-san’s Incident then.」

That’s what my sister said after I finished recounting all of the events that took place during my trip. When she spoke that name, she did so with a gentle and delicate voice which was beaming with compassion.

When we were leaving the mansion, Yugao-chan was moved to tears. Seeing her like that, I felt like I was about to cry myself, which would be a pretty rare phenomenon for someone like me.
Of course, her older… her little sister, Yorugao, was at her side all along, and she was just as sad as her older sister was. All in all, I think the two of them grew quite attached to our group (Shiki and I in particular) and didn’t want to say goodbye so soon.

「All right, I will submit a report about those two later.」

「Yes. Thank you in advance for that.」

I was grateful to her for her both for her understanding and the fact that she wasn’t prying any further into the matter that was clearly not so simple to talk about. It’s just that… Yugao-chan didn’t have anyone to turn to for help, and tried to fix all of her problems by herself. I just wanted to do all I could to help her; nothing more, nothing less.

「But if at all possible, I would like you to stop pushing yourself so hard to get into trouble this much.」

Aika brought the teacup to her mouth again and took another sip.

「Though I have to admit, it pleases me to see that you have become a man who wants to help others of his own volition.」

「W-Well thank you, Aika.」

「You don’t have to. And please, if you have something else on your mind or something you’d like to talk to me about, then please don’t hesitate to do so, brother.」

Regarding the incidents I was involved in, I really don’t want Aika to constantly hear about them. Because I don’t want to get her involved any further with assassin’s, underground world of crime or any other dangerous things like that.

「Are you worrying about getting me further involved in something dangerous? Oh brother, you really are such a dummy sometimes.」

She saw right through me. Now I have no other choice but to tell her everything that’s been weighting on my mind.

My worries, my hopes, my problems… Aika was always my go-to whenever I needed someone to talk about them. Like my personal counselor.

「So, anything noteworthy happened during your trip? Aside from that life-threatening incident of course. Perhaps something exciting? In the male-female relationship sense of the word?」

I couldn’t help but to notice that the temperature of Aika’s body was slightly higher than usual. Maybe she got out of the bath not that long ago, since her hair were also giving off the smell of her favorite shampoo. I wonder if she didn’t change into her pajamas on purpose just so she could greet me properly so we could have this talk.

「Something exciting you say? Let me see… hmm, whenever I was together with Shiinamachi-senpai, my heart was all aflutter like usual. Does that count?」

「Yes, we can certainly work with that. So I take it that your feelings for Shiinamachi-san remain unchanged?」

「Well I wouldn’t really say unchanged, seeing as whenever I am with her they apparently jump all over the place…」

And so we spend a good amount of time discussing and analyzing my relationship with Shiinamachi Kaguya-senpai. And the thrilling conclusion my sister arrived was…

「In other words, all you can associate her with are things relating to lust and sexual excitement… Goodness Gracious, boys do really have a one-track mind when it comes to these things.」

「Well, that might as well be it, I guess.」

But it remains an undeniable fact that when I see Shiinamachi-senpai, when I talk with her, when I remember all the things she did for me my heart gets painfully squeezed and my face gets all hot.

I wonder if those are really just the symptoms of sexual attraction, or are they perhaps the signs of something more meaningful, like love.

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