Shiinamachi Senpai Volume 3 Episode 1 Part A 6



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【Episode 1 Part A: Sister and Legend, Part 6】

Also, she probably fears what’s going to happen if she turns out to be someone completely different than she is now.

Such anxiety reminded me of my own fear of reverting back to how I was before Aika cultivated my emotions within me from scratch.

「What happened, Jiro-kun? You have such a pained look on your face.」

「Ah, I’m sorry senpai. I was just lost in thoughts for a bit.」

Senpai is so nice and caring towards me. Maybe I should consult her about my worries? It’d certainly be better that keeping it to myself for it to gnaw away at me. However, since I am not used to socializing with other people I don’t know if what I want to ask her about won’t make her think that I’m being too pushy or that I’m intruding on her privacy.

Ah well, it’s worth giving it a shot.

「Uhm… may I ask about something related to that 「Legendary Knight?」

「Of course, go ahead. I’ll try to answer to the best of my ability.」

There it is again. That caring all-accepting smile of hers. Was she carrying about me like a senior cares for his junior, or maybe like a Lord cares for his Vassal? Or maybe…?

Anyway, this kind of smile is what made me fall in love with her in the first place. Senpai’s smile, her gentleness, he style of being and the way of her life, I am captivated by all of those aspects of her, no matter how hard my sister would try to hammer down the idea that all I am attracted to are her physical features. If that was actually the case then I feel it would be like a wet-handed slap to the face for everyone who was ever in love.

「I’m… I’m sorry, senpai. Looks like I can’t find the right words to say it.」

Because I’m still anxious.

Anxious about what senpai might think of me if I dare to speak those words. But I can’t just shrug it off now and say something like 「It was nothing」 . That would have been plain cowardly of me.

「Is that so? Don’t worry about it, Jiro-kun. Whenever you’re ready, I’ll hear you out properly.」

And even so, senpai still said she’s going to wait for me. I feel like she’s being to kind and forgiving towards me for my own good. I feel like all I’ve been doing is taking advantage of her good will without giving anything back in return to her. I am a man for crying out loud! If I have something I want to say to her, I should just go ahead and do it! But no, because of my insecurities and doubts about her and my own feelings, this keeps on happening! I can’t bring myself to do anything and she’s just standing there, smiling at me in anticipation! Why? Just why can’t I muster enough courage to…

「Shall we go on a date tomorrow, Jiro-kun?」

As I was battling my inner demons like that, senpai dropped a bomb straight on my head.


「Even though its summer, all I’ve been doing is sitting in the clock tower or school all day. It would be a shame if I wasted the whole vacation without doing something fun, so let’s go out somewhere tomorrow, all right?」

Well, certainly. If we go somewhere to have fun together, it would be a whole different experience compared to doing the same thing alone.

「And maybe, if we’re lucky enough, we’ll stumble upon Mr. Legendary just like last time?」

「Ahh, you mean that time when Kuhoh tried turn us into a pincushions?」

An incident when senpai and I were killed. An event that marked the beginning of my second chance at life as Shiinamachi-senpai’s Knight. We went on a date to try and lure the perpetrator behind it out, and we succeeded magnificently. The culprit at that time turned out to be Kuhoh Nagi, our kouhai in the Librarian Committee, acting on the orders of a classmate of mine, Fujisato Yuika, who turned out to be another Lord, just like Shiinamachi-senpai.

「Honestly, it would be great if nothing happened at all so we could just have some fun, but if something will indeed happen, I know you’ll protect me, Jiro-kun.」

「Of course. I am always vigilant, after all.」

I don’t know how strong that 「Legendary Knight」 fellow actually is. Last time I was able to thwart Kuhoh’s attempt at a sneak attack on us, but I only managed to do that because we were roughly equal when in terms of strength and skill an assassins. This time however, I’m worried that I might be biting more than I can chew. I mean, since the potential enemy is literally called 「Legendary Knight」then his strength and power must be on the equally legendary level, right?

If we do end up fighting him, will I be able to protect senpai?

「And we’ll be even safer if we’ll have Shiki with us.」

Since we’re supposed to go on a date then of course I’d like it to be only between senpai and me, but if Shiki will be there with us as well, our chances of protecting senpai effectively will be that much greater. That, and I also feel that a solo date with senpai could still be a little too big of a hurdle for me to jump over, so it would be nice to have someone who could keep the conversation going…

「I see. So Monjiro wishes to have a threesome with Kaguya and myself. I have no objections to that idea.」

Speak of the devil and he shall appear. I don’t know when, but at some point in time Shiki was following right behind us.


「Don’t worry Kaguya, it’s just that Monjiro has absolutely no faith in his dating skills, so he needs someone to act as his wingman to aid him when the time comes.」

「W-What are you talking about? When a time for what comes?」

「Adult stuff of course.」


Senpai was still as oblivious to Shiki’s innuendos as ever.

「Sexual intercourse between a man and a woman, what else?」

「Now now, hold your horses Shiki. There’s no need for you to fill senpai’s head with weird ideas, all right? But you’re right about my lack of confidence, so if you’d be so kind as to accompany us I’d be very grateful to you.」

「So you won’t deny that you want to do it with two girls at once, huh?」

「If you meant having a nice meal together with the two of you then yes, you’re right.」

「Well, eating together is also a nice option. One that does not rule out the other thing, if I may add.」

I was truly glad to see that when Shiki finished spewing her usual nonsense, there was a faint smile on her face. What I was not glad though, was the speed at which our talk devolved into the usual sexual harassment antics but given the topic of the conversation I guess it was kind of unavoidable.

「Fufu~~, you’ve really become such a good friends lately, Shiki-san, Jiro-kun.」

She might have been so innocent that she was unable to comprehend the contents of our conversation but seeing senpai praising us for committing sexual harassment made me want to internally die out of laughter. May she forever remain the sweetest cinnamon roll in the world.

「Shiki, have you heard the news from Yugao-chan?」

「That she bought herself a set of pretty naughty underwear?」

「She did?!」

「She totally did.」

Yugao-chan, I’m happy that you’re trying to amplify your womanly charm, but that might be pushing things a little too far, not that I’m complaining… wait, that’s not the issue here!

「As interesting as that information is, that’s not the one I had in mind.」

「You meant the one about the 「Legendary Knight」. Of course I’ve heard about it.」

Shiki glanced directly towards senpai. But since we’ve already established that she doesn’t know anything about him, she just clasped her hands in front of her face and bowed apologetically.

「Him appearing here is quite a surprise even to me, I won’t lie. His powers include mind manipulation and alteration of perception, and we can probably assume that his physical battle prowess is also top-class, in which case our best course of action would be to 「not make him hostile towards us.」 」

Every time I hear someone list his abilities it makes me understand over and over again that he’s someone who’s way out of my league. I don’t know how exaggerated the rumors about him are, but it would be best to assume that his strength is as genuine as they say.

Also, 「not make him hostile」 , huh?

It would be best for us if he actually turned out to be a peace-loving person who’d does not aim for either Shiinamachi-senpai or Fujisato.

「We do not know his identity. Therefore, if we are to go out on a date tomorrow, it would be best to come up with a plan of action beforehand.」

「Because he’s supposed to be so strong then maybe we shouldn’t be going around carelessly to avoid bumping into him by pure accident?」

「Good thinking, Monjiro. If we don’t want to get ourselves a Bad End and have a nice date, we’ll have to keep our wits about us at any time.」

If only we manage to do just that, that would be ideal. I don’t even want to think what will happen if we’ll be forced to fight such a legendary opponent. So if we can avoid meeting him altogether and be at peace, I’m all for it.

「So, we have ourselves a date then?」

「We have ourselves a date.」

And the two of them looked at me while smiling. Looks like it has been decided that I’ll be their escort for tomorrow.

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