Shiinamachi Senpai Volume 3 Episode 1 Part A 7



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【Episode 1 Part A: Sister and Legend, Part 7】

「A quick question, Shiki.」


「Even though we’re going on a date, I’m sorry to say that I have no idea where we should go or what we should do to ensure that we will all have fun. Any ideas?」

「I have no experience in dating men myself, but I’ll try to do my best to come up with something. Fumu fumu, since it’s going to be the first 「real」date experience for you and Kaguya then we should do something that would allow you to deepen your relationship.」

I don’t fully get what she means by 「deepen your relationship」and honestly, I feel like leaving it up to her might be a bad idea, especially considering what that dirty mind of hers can think of, but since I can’t think of anything myself it looks like it’s my only option.

「I’m sorry, but I’ll be counting on you.」

「Please and thank you. Just leave everything to the great Yatono Shiki here.」

That sounded way cooler than she probably intended it to.

「Uhm, If I may add something? Whatever you plan on doing, please make sure it’s nothing naughty or too perverted, all right?」

「Tsk, looks like I’ll have to correct my plans after all.」

「So you were planning on something like that after all!」

Can she not think of anything normal for a change? Well, even if we did end up doing something naughty or perverted I wouldn’t raise a single complaint here, but if senpai is against it then I’m afraid that’s a categorical no go. It’s good that we cleared this up now and avoided potentially catastrophic misunderstandings in the near future, but I would have to lie if I said that I wasn’t a bit disappointed.

「Dare I ask what kind of activities you thought we were going to indulge ourselves in?」

「Well I thought we were going to pay a visit to the castle where man and a woman can do a lot of fun things together.」

Shiki explained proudly as she was making suggestive gestures with her fingers. If she’s talking about going to a love hotel then so help me God…! (TL Note: for those of you who don’t know, love hotels are often pictured as castles or similar looking buildings in anime and manga. You learn something new every day, huh?)

「A castle huh? Like the ones where kings live with their queens and servants?」

Senpai tilted her head like a curious puppy, completely oblivious to the fact that what Shiki was talking about was probably very much against her 「No Naughty or Too Perverted Things」.

「That’s right. Just a little bit of travel away from this town is that one great castle-like facility which deals primarily in providing males and females a place where they can practice love….」


I hurriedly closed Shiki’s mouth with my hand before she was able to utter another word that could end up corrupting senpai’s pure soul beyond any recognition.

「*Mumble Mumble* *Mumble Mumble* *Mumble Mumble*」

Shiki tried to say something, but thanks to my perfect maneuver her words were nothing more but muffled mumbling that no human in existence could possibly make any sense of. I have to say though, the feeling of her lips and her hot breath on the palm of my hand was actually quite nice, and it even made my heart race just a little bit faster than usual.

「They can practice what there?」

「Don’t listen to her senpai! Just stay as innocent as you are now and I promise that I’ll teach you about it one day, but for now just don’t listen!」

「Eh? F-Fine, if you say so… wait, innocent?!」

As I though, senpai was hot even when she was just casually tilting her head in wonder! Her innocent curiosity was also so cute it was criminal! And now that I promised to teach her about 「that」one day, I have no choice but to keep my word about it! Which I will gladly do! But those are just my inner thought that I won’t share with anyone here.

Just then I noticed that Shiki was staring at me quite intensely as her face began to grow somewhat pale, so I hurriedly took my hand off her mouth.

「Pwaaaaah, and here I thought I’ll convince Kaguya to have some fun together.」

「Adult fun, you mean.」

「I was also under the impression that you’d be all for it, Monjiro. But now that I think about it, it would be problematic for all of us if we were to be caught in such a place.」

I’m glad to see that there’s still some common sense left in that head of hers. Besides, entering a love hotel would be hard enough for just two high schoolers of opposite genders, so if three of them attempted to do such a feat… ugh, just thinking about the fallout of such a stunt gives me conniptions.

「Shiki, I’m begging you! Please think of something we could do together on a date, but let it be nothing hardcore! Stick to the easy mode, you hear me? E-A-S-Y mode!」

「Understood. Just to clarify, does it have to be something that only a maximum of three people can do at the same time?」

「I’m afraid to ask, but… no, not necessarily. Why do you ask?」

「Because I was thinking of including Fujisato-san and Kuhoh-san into our plans so you could have some fun with all the members of your harem.」

「Where did that even come from? I want all of us to get along, that much is true, but more like what we were having during our trip last time!」

Not that there would be anything wrong with having more girls joining us mind you. But if that ended up happening I fear that a peaceful time could end up turning into a real pandemonium.

「Just like last time, huh? Is there something steamy going on between you and them? Cause if my memory serves me correctly they were trying to lure you into a honey trap with their disheveled yukatas.」

「No way! I’m just friends with them!」

Fujisato Yuika the class representative and Kuhoh Nagi, my junior in the Librarian Committee and a member of the kendo club. I always though about them as my good friends, and the fact that they are a Lord and her Knight has absolutely nothing to do with it.

Both of them were targeting senpai at first, but now that we managed to talk out our differences there was no need to worry about that anymore.

「But that’s quite unexpected.」

「What’s unexpected?」

「That both of them seem to be making moves on you.」

Making moves on me, she says. I mean they are both cute, beautiful even, and that’s not flattery, that’s just stating a fact. If they were indeed making advances towards me, that would make me very happy. But I think I know both Fujisato and Kuhoh well enough to know that they are not that shallow to just flirt with someone like me for fun. And besides, I think I wouldn’t be able to handle dealing with both of them at the same time. It’s still too big of a hurdle for someone as emotionally immature as myself.

「So Monjiro, you want to tell me that you’d feel nothing when a classmate who’s bodacious enough to be a gravure model and a slender kouhai with whom you seem to be getting along quite well would try to push you down and seal the deal?」

「Can you not associate them with the stereotypes of their bodies please? I said it once and I will say so as many times as I have to: we’re just good friends, there’s nothing going on between us.」

「….Is that so?」

It looks like my explanation did not convince her at all, but I can’t say that for sure. I know she might still be vary of them, but I don’t think there is any further need for such suspicions between us.

Shiki pondered something for a short while and then turned around and faced me.

「What about me?」

「Hm? What about you?」

「No, it’s nothing, forget it.」

What exactly was Shiki trying to confirm?

I tried looking at senpai to get at least some hint, but her smile was as gentle as always.

「All right, leave the preparations for tomorrow’s date to me. I will definitely make sure that we’ll be having an exciting, heart-pounding time.」

Is leaving things up to Shiki really a good idea? I felt more than a little anxious about the possible outcome of such development, but senpai seemed excited to see that is she going to come up with, so I decided to let it go for the time being.

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