Shiinamachi Senpai Volume 3 Episode 1 Part A 8



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【Episode 1 Part A: Sister and Legend, Part 8】

On an evening of a certain day during the summer vacation Monjiro-senpai and his crew shared a peculiar rumor with us.

「Nagi-chan, wait up! This hill is too steep!」

「Do you need me to give you a piggyback ride?」

Now, late at night, we were walking along the road in front of the school building. The same road where I’ve met Monjiro-senpai on the day I killed Shiinamachi-senpai. I was surprised to see him there of course but I managed to keep my act together, my face as still as a mask carved out of stone. But as I chatted with him for a short while, my mind was filled with sadness and pain for what I was about to do.

A lot has happened since then, but thankfully I was able to keep my relationship with both of my Librarian Committee senpai’s the same as before, and I am grateful to them for that and for their understanding that I did that not because I personally wanted it, but because I had to do it.

While I was reminiscing about such things, the face of my Lord appeared right beside me.

「Were you perhaps thinking about Monjiro-kun, Nagi-chan?」

「You’re half-correct. I was thinking about Shiinamachi-senpai too.」


Fujisato-senpai’s lips curl up into a smug smile. Apparently she finds it funny to entertain the idea that I am in love with Monjiro-senpai.

「Because of this place you remembered your meeting with Monjiro-kun here, and then it lead you to the memory of what you did to Shiinamachi-senpai, right?」

She might appear as easygoing and aloof, but in reality she has a very sharp mind.

I nodded in an honest manner.

「You’re right. Just seeing this place makes me feel guilty.」

「Well, that was to be expected. After all, after meeting him here you had to quickly return to the scene of the crime, thanks to which you were also forced to kill him as a result. Not surprising for you to have a moral hangover.」

Although she was the one who ordered me to kill senpai in the first place, her current tone of voice contained not even a shred of guilt. That is just the kind of Lord Fujisato Yuika really is. She is a free spirit who does whatever her heart dictates her to do without looking at what others might think of her, just like a stray cat. No matter the circumstances, she will always do whatever she thinks is best for her and her only. This characteristic is exactly what makes her an unpredictable wild card, just like after our battle with senpai and her Knights, where she was defeated by Monjiro-senpai. Even though her story literally states that she has to 「Defeat other Lords」 she decided on a whim that she’s going to lay senpai off the hook and become allies with her.

Who knows, maybe she has some ulterior motive in doing so, but since I’m just her Knight I can’t even begin to guess that exactly is going on in that head of hers… and it annoys me to no end.

「Don’t you want to join The Love Battle for Monjiro’s Heart?」

「Maybe I want to, or maybe I don’t want to. I wouldn’t mind joining it if you joined it with me, my Lord.」

「Ehhhh?! Me?! Fighting for Monjiro’s affections?!」

That overreaction was more than I expected of her. Maybe she’s not as hard to understand as I initially thought she is?

「What should I do, I wonder? Join the battle this late in the game…?」

「Do my ears deceive me or do you want to chicken out even though you tried to get me involved?」

「But you know, I’m not even sure if I think of him that way…」

「And yet you tried to rope me into it.」

「A, Ahahahahaha…」

She laughed this time, trying to play the whole thing off.

She truly is a hopeless person.

「Ah, but you know, now might be a good chance to make your move since the mood is so nice and all!」

「That might be true for Shiki-san or Shiinamachi-senpai, but for us? I wonder about that.」

「Oh, well… yeah, yes, you’re right. But maybe, just maybe those two will disappear somewhere, even for a short while? Then again, if something like that ended up happening I have a feeling Monjiro-kun would be more interested in looking for them than in flirting with us.」

「Yare yare, what a bother. Can’t you just let it go then?」

「All right all right. I just wanted to make sure that we will have some fun with him for ourselves that’s all.」

Seeing how my Lord was blushing over a trivial matter like that I couldn’t help it but to smile a little. That’s just who she is after all. She wants to have a good time right now, so she’s going to do everything in her power to make it happen. And I will do all I can to protect that good time, and all the good times that will come after it.

「You’re doing it again, Nagi-chan. That ever-so-serious expression you’re making when you’re worried about something. I know you probably have a lot on your mind right now, but maybe try to ease up a little and relax?」

「What was that just now? Need I remind you that with the kind of life I’ve been living by your side relaxing is always potentially problematic?」

「Ahahaha! Hey now! You know as well as I do that I’m a little different when it comes to being a Lord. Contrary to others, my 「Dangerous Day」 can happen virtually at any time, so when I get a chance to have a nice peaceful breather like that then of course I’d like to squeeze every last drop of fun I can from it!」

Essentially Fujisato-senpai’s story revolves around slaying other Lords, ending their stories so she can advance her own. Even if her enemy was on her 「Safe Day」, I think she’d be able to defeat her them without any trouble if only she used her true Gift. But because of the battle-oriented nature of her story it was always possible for her to become the target of an attack herself. That is the special kind of Lord that Fujisato Yuika is.

「That happy-go-lucky attitude of yours is the real problematic thing here, but then again, that is what I am here for, to be both your sword and your shield. That is my role as your Knight, so you don’t have to worry about anything.」

「But you must be pretty nervous more than ever now, huh? Because of that unusual situation we are in?」

「That 「Legendary Knight」 business? I have to admit, that does sound kind of ominous, so we’d better keep our guard up.」

Truth to be told, that was the only solution I was able to come up with for now.

Normally, there is no reason for Lord and a Knight to act together unless the Lord’s life is in danger. The usual custom dictates that Lord and her Knights should hide their relationship from the rest of the world as much as possible. Also, Lords are strong enough to protect themselves on their own, so technically they don’t even need to have Vassals serving under them. Taking that into account, advice such as 「be extra vigilant!」 seem s to be kind of useless. But now it looks like this city is about to be visited by a force that even a 「Lord Killer」 such as my master might need my help with.

「The Legendary Knight.」

Whether you’re a Lord or a Knight, the general consensus is that it’s better not to become this guy’s target. Unfortunately, there are two individuals who can become just that in this town right now.

「Are we really sure that he’s really coming? Wasn’t that just a rumor? Is this information authentical?」

「As much as I want it to be, it’s an information I’ve got from a well-informed friend. Also They wanted their identity to remain a secret, so please don’t ask me who it was.」

「All right, if they value their privacy then I will respect that. But it sure is pretty neat that your source knew what Mr. Knight’s rumored fabled Gift is.」

The Gift this person’s holding is supposed to be called 『Demonic Gift Mimic』, a power able of altering the sensory perception. It’s not a remarkable ability in and out of itself, but if the user is skilled enough, then it can be turned into a lethal weapon capitalizing on his opponent’s weaknesses.

「How is it? Any sign of someone hiding near here?」

「No, the coast is clear. Maybe it’s because we’re so close to the school already, but I doubt anyone would attack us here.」

「I see. That certainly puts my heart at ease.」

Breathing a sigh of relief, Fujisato-senpai placed her hand on her chest.

It happened exactly at that time.

「There’s no need for you to be so cautious about me.」

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