Shiinamachi Senpai Volume 3 Episode 1 Part B 2



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【Episode 1 Part B: Sister and Legend, Part 2】

I watched as Shiki-san washed her body like it was some kind of a captivating spectacle. Combined with the foam and the bubbles of the bath, her now wet skin was even more enchanting than usual.

「What you need to realize, my dear Kaguya, is that what draws boys towards you the most is the size of your chest.」

「M-My chest?!」

That was another shocking fact for me. But now that she mentions it, I always caught glimpses of Jiro-kun staring at it quite intently.

I heard that it cannot be helped because boys like looking at girls’ chests, especially if they were on the larger side of the spectrum, but I never once thought that Jiro-kun might be staring at them because he finds them attractive. Well, he is a boy too, so I guess that one’s on me for being overly idealistic.

「Now for a bit of statistics to make that statement more believable. About ninety percent of the male population of our school gets sexually aroused when they see your breasts and/or fantasizes about touching them.」

「That much?! What about the other ten percent then?」

「Those who, instead of female breasts or crotch area, are being drawn to the reproductive organs of other males.」


「Oh indeed.」

「Well what do you know, you learn something new every day, hahahaha…」

That information seem like it’s a bit biased to me, but if Shiki-san said so then it’s best not to argue with her.

「What I’m trying to say is that when males look at you, Kaguya, they don’t see you for who you really are, but mostly your breasts only. They are the object of their lewd adolescent, hormone-driven fantasies and therefore they associate you as a person with the lewdest part of your body. That’s why I said that you are a lewd girl.」

「I, Is that so?」

Tonight is just one shocking information after another. I don’t know anymore if my body is getting so hot due to staying in the bath too much or from learning all of that.

「But if we assume that to be true then it must be the same for you, Shiki-san. I mean, you also have such a wonderful body…」

「It is true that some men prefer girls with smaller chests like mine (I can’t believe I just admitted having a small chest) , but I’m fairly certain that Monjiro is a member of the Big Funbags Club. How would you otherwise explain him refusing all of my temptation attempts no matter how daring I try to be?」

Is it just me or have I just heard irritation in Shiki-san’s voice? Jiro-kun, you have to make sure to take care of Shiki-san properly as well! I’ll give you a good scolding about it later if I get the chance!

「All right, so… I’ll make sure to wear a dress that’s not too revealing for tomorrow.」

Normally I didn’t put much of a thought into what I was wearing and bought the clothes based on what I liked, but I am to put my newfound knowledge into practice then it might be better not to needlessly tempt Jiro-kun with something that exposes my indecent chest area too much. Also, I have to ask him what was the source of his sad expression, as it continues to bother me.

「You don’t have to go that far. I was mostly joking to tease you a bit.」

「No you were not. You were dead serious the entire time.」

「Guilty as charged. But please, don’t let that discourage you from having fun tomorrow. It would be bad if you were to tuck tail and run at the eleventh hour.」

To be honest, some part of me wanted to run and call the entire thing off. But that would be nothing but a sign of cowardice on my part. I went out of my way to invite Jiro-kun and Shiki-san o a date then it is my responsibility as their Lord and their friend to ensure we will all have a great time!

As I was steeling my resolve, Shiki-san finished washing herself. My hair are pretty long so washing them thoroughly always takes me a considerable amount of time, but Shiki-san always finished her bath in a flash. I wonder how is she doing that? Does she have some secret method for it? Maybe she was skilled with taking care of her hair because she was using wires as her weapon of choice?

「Okay, I’m done for today, but what about you, Kaguya? You still going to soak in?」

「Umu, I want to warm myself up a bit more so I’ll stay in for a little longer.」

Usually I prefer more lukewarm baths, but when I have something that I need to contemplate calmly I usually prepare hotter ones to wash the tension away from my body to get myself into the thinking mood more easily. On a side note, Shiki-san apparently likes her bathwater to be really hot, so I had to keep that in mind whenever she was inviting herself in.

「If that’s the case then I think I’ll join you. 」

When she got it the water level increased and some of it overflows from the tub onto the bathroom’s tiled floor. For a while we just sat there facing each other and relaxing silently. Thankfully the tub was wide enough for two people, so it was possible for both of us to stretch our legs without worrying about the lack of space.


「Yes, what is it?」

Shiki-san called my name quietly after some time. Somehow her voice sounded more mature now, making her look even more like a caring mother or dependable older sister for the me who doesn’t know anything.

「Do you like Monjiro?」

「Eh? Of course I do…」

I just cannot fathom what the intention behind her question was. She of all people should know full well that I feel a great amount of affection towards him as my friend and my Knight even though the circumstances behind it were not as I originally intended. Ever since then he did his best to support me and my story, and for that I have a great deal of respect towards him. He and Shiki-san are my precious friends and allies and I couldn’t have asked for better ones.

Shiki-san was the one who recommended Jiro-kun to me, saying that someone with his talents will be a great addition to my group of Knights. I didn’t know what to think about it at first, but once I got to know him and talked with him properly it turned out that he is a very kind and caring person, and that I feel comfortable by being around him.

「….I see. Somehow I knew you’d say that.」

She said that softly and looked at me with a faint smile on her face. I could see her other, golden eye looking at me from beyond the gap in her wet bangs. No matter how many times I saw it, I was getting goosebumps every single time, as if I was gazing into a shining maelstrom filled with mysterious emotions and feelings hidden from the rest of the world.

「Dates are a really curious creations. Both parties involved have to give it their all to make is work, but even a smallest mistake can ruin everything. Kaguya, you were the one who invited us to go out with you. You have set the course for tomorrow’s events, so you have to make sure this whole thing will stay on course without straying down the intended path.」

「O, Of course, I’ll be sure to do just that!」

That was the best advice she could have give me right now. Certainly, when it comes to dating, it is impossible to know if you and the other person will be compatible with each other right off the bat. But if you truly like each other and want to be together, it is important to work together to bridge those differences and find a common ground for the both of you. At least that’s what I believe in.

「And remember, if Monjiro looks like he’ll start wavering and be at the brink of losing his way it is all right to use your womanly charms to create an erotic development that will seal the deal between the two of you.」

「That’s, well… I think I’d be too embarrassed to do that.」

「Kaguya, as much as you don’t want to do it, I think it’s high time you started to think about that 「Lewd Body」 of yours as your greatest womanly weapon. And what good is a weapon if it’s not going to be used?」

Shiki-san said something outrageous again. It’s impossible for me to change my mindset at the drop of a hat like that! But maybe I could try to do it, just a little that is.

「I, I understand! I will try to do my best!」

「Yes. Whatever happens, you have my full support, Kaguya.」

Oh, Shiki-san…

I smiled with joy, but deep inside my chest felt very painful. I can’t explain it very well, but somehow I felt that Jiro-kun’s sadness and loneliness were very similar to my own. That he was always fighting with crippling loneliness on his own even though he always tried to do his best to remain cheerful.

But I could never ask him about that even if I wanted to. Because I had a feeling that it would bother Shiki-san.

That was probably why I couldn’t allow myself to make the mistake of asking her that one important question.

「Shiki-san, do you like Jiro-kun as well?」

Because deep down inside, I was afraid to hear an answer to it.

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