Shiinamachi Senpai Volume 3 Episode 1 Part B 3



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【Episode 1 Part B: Sister and Legend, Part 3】

I was worried since the moment I opened my eyes today. Partially it was because of my date today, but there was another reason which added a whole new layer to my worries, as if they weren’t severe enough. Once again I activated my smartphone’s mail application and looked over the message which was send to me.

『We had an encounter with that 「Legendary Knight」 guy earlier this morning! I don’t know how he did that but for some reason he looked and sounded exactly like me! Even though I had Nagi-chan with me it felt like he was on an entirely different level where we couldn’t do anything against him. Be extra careful, ok?』

That was the message Fujisato sent to me shortly after sunrise. I sent her a quick reply to ask if they weren’t hurt and asked her to share every last detail of that encounter with me.

Because apparently the two of them managed to identify one of his Gift’s abilities.

Couldn’t do anything against him even with Kuhoh by her side, huh? That must mean that he’s superior to them both in terms of physical and technical prowess as well as the power of his Gifts, which makes fighting him an even scarier prospect than it was before. What’s even more concerning is that 「he looked and sounded exactly like me」 part. Do the rumors about him were actually true.

「Are we going to be okay?」

If his target wasn’t Fujisato, then it must mean that he’s aiming for Shiinamachi-senpai after all. That fact alone was enough for my stomach to tighten into a knot.

Is it really a good idea for us to be going on a date when someone so dangerous is prowling in the city? I contacted Shiki to address my concerns, but…

「That’s not a problem, we can proceed as planned.」

… that was the kind of reply she gave me. It’s good that she was brimming with confidence, but I really am not sure about this. Even though we managed to obtain some useful information, too many things were still shrouded by a veil of mystery. The only thing that I am certain of now is that even though today is technically not senpai’s 「Dangerous Day」 it would be better of me to treat it as such.

「Ugh, my head hurts…」

Today is just turning into a boiling hotpot of trouble. First that mail from Fujisato, and now I had to face yet another crisis.

I had no idea what kind of clothes I should wear for the occasion today!

I mean sure, Aika gave me that brightly colored, fancy-pants looking fashion magazine saying 「Please refer to this if you’re unsure what to wear.」 but all it did was confusing me even more than I already was. For you see, next to being emotionally impaired, my biggest flaw would be having practically zero fashion sense. I just wore anything I happened to find at the top of the drawers in my closet and I just couldn’t understand what makes 「this jacket」, 「those pants」 or 「that dress」 particularly popular.

*Knock Knock*

「Brother, are you ready? It’s almost time for you to head out.」

Aika just waltzed into my room without waiting for my response.

「*Sigh* you still haven’t picked what you’re going to wear? What good is waking up early if you’re just going to drag it out until the very last minute?」

Seeing me in my jersey which I used as my pajamas she gave me a disappointed look.

「Can you please stop staring at me like that? It’s not my fault that the magazine you gave me is not doing any good.」

「Ah, now I see. Giving you something like that might have been too big of a hurdle for you to jump over at the current moment indeed.」

Aika picked the magazine from my nightstand and briefly skimmed through it.

「All right, let’s see if we can still make this work.」

First she barges in without knocking and now she just started opening my closets one after another, throwing the contents onto my bed in a magnificent display of privacy intrusion. She just moved around the safe space of my room as if she owned the place.
And yes, before you ask, the contents of my laptop are also subjected to thorough inspection at least once a week.

「You know, I am actually a little worried that I haven’t found any erotic magazines or naughty movies in here even once. Is everything okay with you in that department? Or are you going to come out of the closet on me?」

Asking such direct question as you’re storming through my things, that’s my cute little sister for you.

「What’s the point of having those if you’d find them before I’d have a chance to use them?」

「True, but I’m just curious what kind of said items you’d buy. Knowing her brother’s tastes and preferences is every sister’s duty.」

「It’s still too early for you to stain your eyes with such impurities. You have to wait a few more years.」

「Fufufu, and that’s where you’re wrong, my poor summer child. Nowadays it’s perfectly normal for middle schoolers to be knowledgeable about those things. Moreover, most of my classmates already have boyfriends, even though we are an all-girl middle school.」

「Is that how it is?」

Kids these days. I wonder if Aika’s classmates got themselves boyfriends exactly because they were going to an all-female educational facility, where intimate contacts with the opposite sex are usually prohibited by the school rules? I hope Aika won’t end up getting influenced by them in any measure.

「Be that as it may, I still think it’s too early for you to get interested in such indecent things.」

「Fufu, whatever you say, brother. If you’re holding up just for my sake, then I feel like it’s only a common courtesy for me to respond in kind.」

Why do I feel like she’s just making fun of me while I was dead-serious about it? Even so, it’s great that we managed to achieve a compromise here, even though I still fail to grasp the nuances of most of the things Aika’s saying.

「I feel proud of myself for raising you up into such a fine older brother from an emotionless scratch. It makes me feel that much better about myself.」

「So making me a borderline siscon was also part of your grand 「How to Raise a Model Brother」plan?」

「Pretty much. But unfortunately, there is one thing I have failed at.」

「And what is that thing, exactly?」

「I never dreamed, not even in my wildest dreams, that you’re going to turn into a big breasts lover, brother. Where have I made a mistake?」

She’s still salty about Shiinamachi-senpai’s body I see. But I kind of understand where she’s coming from. Compared to other girls her age she is not as tall as others and her chest is not as developed as she would have liked. But who knows, maybe she still has some hidden growth potential she hasn’t realized yet? I’ll have to make a point to ask senpai or Fujisato about that at some later time, when things will calm down. They are both well endowed after all, so maybe they’ll be able to come up with some useful advice for her?

「I think you have nothing to worry about. You are already plenty cute the way you are now.」

「….Thank you, brother.」

She just thanked me and smiled. Looking at her face from the sidelines, it looked as if her mind was now preoccupied with something entirely different than her uneven bodily proportions.

「Ah, there it is. Since today is not as hot as other days were, I think we can go with this jacket here.」

I was relieved to see that what Aika decided on was a simple black jacket without any gimmicks to it. Such a safe choice made me breathe a sigh of relief.

「You can’t feel relieved yet, brother. Clothes were the easy part, now we have to do something with that mess you call hair. Now get over here.」

「Oh, a, all right.」

Anyway, I am glad that, as much of a bother as taking care of me must be, Aika seems to be enjoying it. Maybe it is because it reminded her of how she used to play dress ups with her dolls when she was little?

And just like that, the preparations for my date, including styling my hair and preparing the right outfit took an entire hour and then some.

■ ■ ■ ■ ■

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