Shiinamachi Senpai Volume 3 Episode 1 Part B 4



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【Episode 1 Part B: Sister and Legend, Part 4】

I was waiting for senpai to arrive at under the clock at the station.

Just to be on the safe side I arrived thirty minutes early than we agreed, because, as Aika put it 「It’s always tactful for a guy to arrive earlier and wait for the girl!」. If that’s how it really is then fine by me, making Shiinamachi-senpai wait for me was the last thing I wanted to do, since I want to make sure that she’ll have as much fun as possible today.

Could it be that I’m anticipating this way too much? Well, this is going to be my second date with senpai, so of course I’m looking forward to it! The first one we had was that one where we went to the beach to have a nice relaxing walk at the seaside to lure senpai’s killer out of hiding and ended up attacked by Kuhoh who tried to claim senpai’s life again, so I don’t think we can really call that one a proper date.

This time it’s similar to be honest, although fighting that 「Legendary Knight」 guy is only a worst-case scenario objective. Our main goal for today is just to have fun on a perfectly normal date.

She said so herself when she was inviting me. Well, not just me, since Shiki will be going with us as well, but you get the idea, right?

Essentially, we will be having a 「Double Date with Three People」. Just thinking that sentence in my head made my heart feel uneasy. Hoo boy, today is going to be such a fun day.

「I wonder if everything will go smoothly this time.」

I know it wasn’t my fault, but our last date went south pretty quickly and it left a sour taste in my mouth. That is why I want to make sure that this time everything will be perfect!

Since I have some time to kill I might as well go over the notes Aika gave me before I left the house. Let’s see, what do we have here? 「Read in Case of Trouble」, 「What to Talk About with a Girl」… wow, those are some oddly specific notes. It seem that Aika is always prepared for everything when it comes to me. She truly is such a dependable younger sister!

Since Shiki will be here with us I think I won’t have to use 「What to Talk About with a Girl」 notes, but I’ll hold on to them just in case. Better safe than sorry and there’s no telling when my nervousness might get the better of me.

While we’re on the topic of Shiki, I still think that leaving the course of the date in her hands might not be such a swell idea. What if she ends up choosing some weird place for us to go? That would be a disaster! No matter what happens I have to make sure we’ll be doing only the things that people our age are expected to do.

Which is to say, what, exactly?

As I was racking my brains to create a foolproof plan for our activities, I soon saw the figures of two girls approaching from the direction of our school. There was absolutely no way for me to miss them.

「Kept you waiting, huh?」

Shiinamachi-senpai looked even more stunningly beautiful than normal, clad in a white dress and a similar white hat which screamed 「Ojou-sama!」 (TL Note: Ojou-sama means rich lady or a woman/girl of high social standing) from a mile away. I’m sure she was drawing everyone’s attention to her while she was on her way here, but that getup suited her to a T and made me think that she was born to be wearing such simple yet dignified clothes.

「I see you arrived before appointed time, just as the Gentleman’s Code dictates. Nice one, Monjiro, you get some extra points for that.」

Shiki said after she checked the time on her smartphone. Her appearance is… unusually unusual, from a lack of a better word. Normally she’s wearing nothing but her school uniform and a white lab coat with her eyes covered entirely by her bangs, so seeing her in casual clothes was a nice change of pace. The clothes themselves are pretty neutral and kind of cute, but personally I think she went a bit overboard with the tomboy style she was obviously aiming for. All in all, a pretty surprising choice.

「See Kaguya? I told you we should have came earlier to make fun of Monjiro for making us wait. I also told you he was going to do the same to avoid us doing that. Just for the record’s sake, how long have you been waiting for us, Monjiro?」

「Hmm, for about half an hour or so, I think.」

Confirming Shiki’s suspicions made me somewhat embarrassed. On the contrary, senpai’s eyes were round with amazement.

「Haa, ladies and gentleman, please give a warm round of applause for this dork who has no idea how these things work right here.」


So admitting how long I have waited for them was a mistake? In fact, I do have very little experience when it comes to dating, so I really don’t know what I should have said. Maybe something along the lines of 「I just got here?」.

「Fufufu~~ I am glad, Jiro-kun. You came so early because you didn’t want to make us wait, right?」

「Well yes, that was my intention, but I see it has backfired rather spectacularly.」

「Please don’t say that. You even went as far as styling your hair and picking fashionable clothes in order not to embarrass us. Your preparations must’ve taken a lot of time?」

「Well, I had my sister help me with everything… but it still took over an hour.」

「So long! Did you have any time to sleep properly?!」

「Ah, you don’t have to worry about that.」

During my years of training I learned to calculate the exact amount of time my body would need to have a proper rest and maintain its good health at all times, so I’m always in optimal condition.

「Sleep is always important, no matter the time spent on it.」

My mother’s words again.

「Ah, that’s right. Shiki, about that mail I’ve received…」

「I already told Kaguya about it, and she said there’s no problem with it. We can just focus on our date today.」
Shiki repeated the same words she said to me when I contacted her about it earlier. Nevertheless, I still think that the enemy of such level as that 「Legendary Knight」 shouldn’t be taken lightly. The fact that Fujisato and Kuhoh met him and got out of that unscratched only proves that they were not the target he’s aiming for. That leaves only one possible target for him: Shiinamachi-senpai!

「If his aim was to cause harm to Kaguya, then he would’ve attacked her yesterday instead of meeting with Fujisato Yuika, don’t you think?」

「Ah! Now that you… mention it…」

If I was in his shoes, I certainly would have done so instead of meeting with Fujisato. That means he has some other purpose, one that does not involve harming senpai directly.

「See, was I right or was I right? Now that we have that bothersome matter out of the way, how about we enjoy our date?」

「Y-Yes, I couldn’t agree more!」

Since Shiki’s knowledge about all the things Nightkin & Knights related was much richer than my own, I once again decided to trust her judgement.

All right, now switching into full-on date mode!

「Thank you for your understanding, Jiro-kun. I know you’re worried about my safety, but lately Shiki-san has been sleeping together with me, so even without you around to come to my aid I will still be protected. I hope it’ll easy your worries at least a bit.」

「That’s right. Now be envious of me as I am doing my best not to let Kaguya get any sleep every day, if you catch my drift.」

「Oh I’m catching it all right! Oh I am envious all right!」

Shiki, you traitor! And you were the one who was saying how important it is to get the proper amount of sleep! But putting that aside, I am happy that she’s doing that to keep senpai safe. If I were the one doing that then I’m afraid I’d be too nervous to watch over senpai properly. But in the current situation it was unacceptable to leave senpai unattended, so I’m glad that she also has a female Vassal she can rely on in times like these.

「If you want all the juicy details then come ask me about it later. I’ll tell you all you want to know and then some.」

「I’ll be sure to do that.」

「S-Stop it, both of you, please!」

Senpai turned red in an instant and shook her hands in front of her face. Thanks to us teasing her like that I began to think that this date might not be a bad idea after all. If we were alone together senpai might have started behaving like a proper Onee-san instead of her cute true self. Not that I would mind seeing her act like that, mind you!

「So, where are we going first?」

「To see a movie. Regrettably, no horrors are currently showing.」

Did she wanted to see a horror movie that badly because she likes them? Or maybe she wanted to do it to scare the living daylights out of senpai? Either way, this is one of those question that are better if they remain unanswered.

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