Shiinamachi Senpai Volume 3 Episode 1 Part B 8



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【Episode 1 Part B: Sister and Legend, Part 8】

After that we continued our 「Perfectly Normal High School Date」 by going to an exhibition at an art gallery, then we went to the beach to have a nice relaxing walk at the seaside and then topped it off with a visit to a café/cake shop which apparently was very popular with all the female students at our school, until we arrived at an island which we were supposed to visit together with senpai during our first date back in the day.

Crossing the wooden bridge leading to the island from the mainland we headed towards the park. The sun was already setting, reflecting its golden radiance on the surface of the water, creating a sight worthy of immortalizing it on a painting.

「This place might be good. Let’s take a break here.」

The three of us sat on a bench at the edge of the park and watched as the sun slowly descended beyond the horizon.

「Fuaaah, today was such a fun day!」

Senpai exclaimed with a satisfied expression as she put her hands on her chest.

「Yeah, but did we really have to go watch that 「Revenge Lagoon」 thing? I mean, even after watching it I have no idea what have I watched! Was it a horror? A slasher? A literal gorefest?」

「Whatever it was it gave me a few dozen good ideas on how can I play with your immortality to test its limits, Monjiro. And Kaguya liked it too, so I don’t see what the problem is.」

The problem is that she probably said that she doesn’t mind it because she didn’t want to be rude, but what do I know, right?

「So what should we do next? The night is still young after all, so we might as well go wild.」

All right, first thing, it’s evening, not the night, and second, if she suggests that we should go to the night club or any other shady place like that then I’m afraid I’ll have to grab senpai and nope the heck out of here!

「I think I’ve had my fill of excitement for today. The last time I was on a date with Jiro it was to draw out our killer, so we had no chance to actually enjoy it properly. Today I was able to make up for that and that makes me really satisfied.」

I feel the same. It was not much a date as a mission to uncover the culprit behind our deaths. Still, it was my first ever date in my entire life so it’s an important memory for me, but this time I can say that I truly enjoyed it from the bottom of my heart. No one attacked us today and we were able to just let it go and have some unrestrained fun. Considering the fact that senpai could be attacked practically at any moment, such moments of rest are definitely few and far between, so we have to make the best of them when they do happen, especially when we don’t know when we can have another 「Dangerous Day」 on our hands.

Even if she’s a Nightkin Lord whose entire life plays out as a set story from start to finish, the clues to certain events that senpai receives are often cryptic and littered with riddles. In light of that, shed has to treasure every little moment of peace she can get her hands on.

If I promise her that I will protect those peaceful days for her, will she let me stay by her side forever?

「How about this then, senpai? Let’s have another date like that sometime soon. In fact, we can have them as many times as you want!」


「Next time we can have another pajama party at the clock tower, a legit one this time, together with Fujisato and Kuhoh. Surely it will be more fun that way.」

「Ah, that sounds great! Let’s do that then! Today!」

「All right! It’s decided then!」

I bumped my fists together in a victory gesture.

「It’s great and all, but look at the time, Monjiro. I think it’s high time for our Cinderella to return home before her magic disappears and she’ll end up butt-naked.」

「Geez Shiki-san, stop it! You know as well as I do that nothing like that will happen!」

「Not if I have anything to say in the matter. Don’t worry Kaguya, I will make sure to bring you back home safe and sound and then we will have the whole night for ourselves. I won’t let you get any sleep tonight.」

「W-What are you going on about, Shiki-san? Y-You’ll make Jiro-kun get the wrong idea!」

Senpai’s face was so red that even the setting sun paled in comparison to her.

So Shiki is going to stay with her for the night again, huh? Well, whatever they are going to do in that time is none of my business, but I’m sure that senpai won’t allow Shiki to do anything weird to her. In that field I am superior to her, since I had quite a lot physical contact with senpai since I became her Knight, like lap pillows, or being (presumably) kissed and the like.

「But you know what?」

Having regained her composure, senpai had this somewhat melancholic aura around her.

「It would be nice if such days could last forever.」

My chest hurt a little because of what senpai said just now. A desire for peaceful days to last forever is a common wish. After all, peace is best and everyone knows it. However, there is one just one small problem with that kind of wish. Mainly, that it is an impossible one.

No matter how hard you wish for it, fun, peaceful days will one day come to an end. That is the inevitable truth of this world. So even if senpai was saying such things, deep inside her she must know that it is impossible. And yet, she was still able to say those words with an unwavering smile on her face.
「All right then. Let’s go home once the sun goes down, shall we?」

Senpai observed the sun as it slowly disappeared beyond the horizon with a serene expression.

It might be because I was having so much fun with our date today, but at that time I failed to notice that the shadow we were supposed to be wary off had already been looming over us, just like the darkness of the night that creeped onto the world with the absence of the light.

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