Shiinamachi Senpai Volume 3 Episode 2 Part A 10



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【Episode 2 Part A: Real and Fake, Part 10】

Much to my contempt, even with my supreme hearing I was unable to hear any voices from the bath while being in the kitchen with Aika. Luckily for me, I could still hear the details of Shiinamachi-senpai’s conversation with Shiki.

I know it’s not good to eavesdrop, but I couldn’t help it in our current situation. I’m not some kind of robot who can turn his hearing on or off wherever he pleases.

「What is the part of your body that you usually wash first when you bathe?」

「Uhm, it has to be… my left shoulder.」

「Then according to the rules of psychological testing, that is the part of your body that you are the most confident about.」

「Psychological testing… something like a quiz game, essentially?」

「You can think about it like that if you wish. So you are subconsciously confident in in your left shoulder, and that means the hidden desire to subdue your enemies by subjecting them to the punch of your left fist.」

「Really? But I’m not all that good when it comes to exercising and physical abilities.」

「Then we can switch it to being confident in your left breast. It’s close to the left shoulder anyway, so much so that it can be said they are basically neighbors.」


「I see. So you have absolute confidence in your chest, huh? And you said that without any hesitation. Can’t say that surprises me, but still… tch!」

「S-Shiki-san, why do you have such a resentful look on your face? A-And why did you click your tongue just now?」

「Just a typical reaction known as 「A-Cup Angst」, nothing you really need to concern yourself with, since you obviously belong to the 「D-Cup Distress」 side of the spectrum. Or maybe even E-cup?」

「N-Now you’re making me feel guilty for some reason. Have I done something wrong?」

「More like nature did, but that is not important right now. So, Monjiro, want to help me boost my confidence in my own chest by taking a bath together with me when those two are done?」

「What are you saying, Shiki-san? And no, wait, JIRO-KUN IS LISTENING?!」

「Primo, why wouldn’t he be listening since his hearing is better than your average human, and secundo, you being so loud does not exactly help you in keeping the contents of this conversation a secret, Kaguya. I advise you to keep your voice down at least a couple notches.」

「HyAaaaAAaAAaAah, J-Jiro-kun, I know it might be rude of me to ask something like that, but can you please stop listening?!」

「Feel free to continue to listen Monjiro, you have my permission. Here, I’ll even throw you something extra to keep you interested. Based on my observations of Kaguya’s chest during our bath yesterday it looks like it has grown again. Currently, the size of her breasts should be……」



Shiinamachi-senpai tried to cover Shiki’s mouth to prevent her from spilling that information out, so now would probably be a good time to stop listening to them and focus on the task at hand.

Also, I think Shiki might have gone a little bit too far in teasing senpai. But good job doing so anyway. Once we get out of this predicament I’ll have to buy her some ice cream as a token of my appreciation.

「Eavesdropping is a really bad hobby to have, brother.」

Aika said so, patiently waiting for me this entire time.

「I’m sorry, Aika. It’s not like I wanted to do so on purpose, but you know how it is. Once you hear something so interesting, you can’t help it but to want to know more.」
「Well, I guess it was mildly entertaining to listen to, but it seems to me like Shiki-san sure likes to fool around a lot, even in the middle of such a dire situation.」

Aika was speaking very quietly to ensure that we won’t disturb the others. It was nice of her to be so considerate, but if Shiki decides to use her 『Satori』 to listen in on us it won’t make that big of a difference. And it would probably be the same no matter where we’d go, so we might as well get on with it.

「I have to say, she’s a really interesting one.」

「Interesting doesn’t even begin to describe her.」

「Not to mention that no matter what the time or place is, she seems to be observing you very closely. Not to the level where she could be openly called a stalker, but still…」

「You think so?」

「Also, Shiinamachi-san seems to be holding you in a pretty high esteem. Am I correct in assuming that she relies on you in times of peril such as this?」

「….. I guess?」

「Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that I think Shiki-san is suspicious, but I don’t think she’s the culprit here. She’s just… weird.」

Aika delivered her statement in her usual, logically cool-headed manner. I’m glad to see that she was able to calmly assess the situation even under such strenuous circumstances.

「May I ask why you thought she was suspicious?」

「At first I thought she might be the one possessed by the one who caused this 「Snowy Landscape Incident」. After all, if Shiinamachi-san is indeed his target, then the most logical choice would be to possess someone who’s close to her and spends the most time with her on a daily basis. Possessing you would also be a viable option, but then again, since you have your trait of not dying when you are killed then if we discovered he was possessing you then we could just kill you without any consequences whatsoever.」
I was a little shocked how easy it was for her to say 「We could just kill you」. However, that stone-cold analysis of hers helped me realize two things: that Aika is always worrying about my well-being, and two:

「But according to Fujisato’s words 「He might also be able to copy the powers granted by Gifts of others」.

When Fujisato wanted to use her 『Demonic Gift Kirin』 to strike him with lightning she generated in her hand, I heard a similar lighting appeared in his right hand. So it is possible that he can not only copy the appearance of others, but their Gifts as well.

「Even if that’s the case, senpai told me that my 『Divine Gift Thanatos』 works in such a way that when I am being revived, my body and mind will return to their peak condition. So If I was the one possessed by our criminal and my body happened to die when his hypnotized consciousness was still within me, I wonder if both of us would get resurrected or would I be the only one as the Gift’s original user?」

I don’t know the details governing the revival process myself, but if my body is supposed to go back to it’s peak condition and all the injuries and ailments are supposed to be healed, then I wonder if that would also mean that the effects like possession or hypnosis which I’ve been afflicted for longer periods of time would also be reversed? I hope that’s a bridge that we will never have to cross. Anyway, aside from me, everyone is going to die when they are killed, so we can’t allow ourselves to conduct Shiki-level experiments like 「Let’s kill everyone and see what happens」. No, something like that is a huge no-no in my book. If someone absolutely has to die, then it has to be me…. Oh man, that was not on the list of the lines I wanted to say at least once in my life.

「That fact alone puts you in the clear in my book. Worst case scenario, you’ll just have to die for a bit later so we could officially clear everyone’s doubts.」

「I hope you realize you just said something that’s both amazing and incredibly concerning at the same time, right? Should I be afraid?」

And just like that, she topped it off with 「Do your best when that happens, all right?」 with a big smile on her face.

Even if I do have to suspect everyone including myself, offing myself just so everyone would believe me seems like a bit of an overkill, wouldn’t you agree?! What if I kill myself and right after that we’re going to have a case of emergency?! For the sake of our safety, I hope such drastic measures won’t have to be taken. In conclusion:

Scary! My little sister is scarier than I thought!

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