Shiinamachi Senpai Volume 3 Episode 2 Part A 9



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【Episode 2 Part A: Real and Fake, Part 9】


As always, I don’t know what should I think about her. She proved time and time again that she can be relied upon in times of peril, but I can never know what exactly is she thinking. Just like with me and Aika, she should have been together with senpai ever since we finished our date, but she might have been replaced when senpai was not aware of it.

Truth to be told, I didn’t want to suspect her. She saved my ass more times than I can count. Every time senpai or I needed her, she was there for us. And, perhaps more than anything else, my heart was telling me that she is innocent.

I know it’s not cool-headed or logical to think like that, but I want to trust my instincts on this. Whether it’s going to be for the good or bad, I guess we’ll see.

「So? What are we going to do now, Monjiro-senpai?」

Everyone’s gazes went towards me when Kuhoh asked that question.

For the current moment, Fujisato and Kuhoh are the most suspicious out of all of us here. I think both of them realize that and know exactly why would we think that.

That being said, if what Kuhoh said about 「the victim not being aware of being controlled」 is true, then even if we’ll be lucky enough catch the culprit here it is more than likely that the person who was being possessed won’t remember anything, in which case we wont be able to get the confession out of him. Not only that won’t get us anywhere near the culprit, but it’ll also hurt us who are 「here」 right now. And for me who cares about his friends and their emotions more than anything else, I wouldn’t be able to do something so hideous to them.

「If you want my honest opinion, then I want to believe that nothing serious will happen and we’re just getting overly paranoid from overthinking this.」
I shared my honest feelings with everyone.

「But it is an undeniable fact that the enemy we’re facing right now must be someone exceptionally powerful, otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to create a powerful anomaly like the one outside of the clock tower. Of course, there is a possibility that there can be more than one culprit, but taking Fujisato’s and Kuhoh’s earlier encounter and the phone call that I’ve received from Yorugao, then I think we can safely assume that our enemy is indeed the 「Legendary Knight」.」

Everyone ponders on what I have just said. Taking a little break to further organize my thoughts, I adjusted my glasses on my nose and continued.

「The possibility that this guy has already slipped into our midst is very high. It might be meaningless in our current situation, but I think it would be best to confirm whether or not we are really ourselves anyway. Aika and I, Shiinamachi-senpai and Shiki, Fujisato and Kuhoh. Using these configurations we will confirm each other’s 「authenticity」. If any of you feels as if someone is emitting any sense of incongruity, be sure to tell us about it honestly. Let’s do this for the time being and see what are the results going to be.」

「Jiro-kun is right. There’s no use in just sitting around doing nothing. Even if it might be insignificant, we have to do all we can to get to the bottom of this!」

I’m sure senpai was still worried, but nevertheless she did her best to cheer everyone up. I think she wanted to believe that there was no enemy among us even stronger than I did, and I could totally understand how she felt.

「So, with that said, uhm…」

We should all separate ourselves from the other groups to ensure ourselves the bare minimum of privacy, but should we do that here or go somewhere else? After all, I’m sure no one would want to expose the intimate details of his past in front of a large crowd.
「Can Nagi-chan and I make ourselves scarce if everyone’s all right with it?」

As expected, Fujisato who seems to have the most secrets here spoke first. Kuhoh said nothing, instead looking at her Lord with eyes that clearly said 「Oh give me a break!」.

「I have no problems with staying here. If he wants to, Monjiro can even ask me about all of my sexual fetishes.」

「EEEEeehhhhh???!!! Why would you think I’d like to know something like that?!」

「Tch, fine, if that’s how you want to play it, then I can spill the beans on Kaguya’s fetishes. Happy now?」

「Wha…?! H-How do you know about them, Shiki-san?!」

Uwu? That seem s like something that I should listen to very closely. Maybe I’ll even take some notes to ensure that I won’t forget anything. Now, is there any pen and paper around here, cause I’m sure I’ve seen some just casually lying around.

「Are you sure you should be so interested in fetishes of others while yours are also pretty specific? And I don’t want to be judgemental here, but they are getting weirder and weirder by the day.」

「H-H-How do you know about it, Aika?!」

「Support Skill: Sister’s Privilege EX: it allows me to know everything I need to know about my brother, whether he likes it or not.」

What kind of devilishly OP skill is that? Moreover, I had a really, really bad feeling that was telling me Aika was going to start listing the titles of the movies from 「Gentleman’s Collection」 if I didn’t steer the conversation somewhere else. If she does that, then my happy high school life will be over!

We have to go. We absolutely have to leave this room before my own sister will bring about the greatest tragedy in my life! Ahh, but a part of me wants to stay and listen to the secret stories told by others! I want to know their secrets, even though I know this is something I shouldn’t be prying my nose into.

「O-Okay, so how about me and Aika going to the kitchen? Like, way into the back of the kitchen?」

「Then we can go to the bathroom and examine each other while taking a bath, right, Nagi-chan? You’re all a-okay with this, right?」

「Fine by me. Actually I was just about to propose that idea.」

So Fujisato and Kuhoh are going to take a bath? Now that is some interesting development.

「Then me and Kaguya will go to that corner by the window.」

「After all, we already took a bath together yesterday, so we don’t have to go in today.」

Say what?

Shiinamachi-senpai and Shiki… taking a bath… together?

I could see that godly image in all its glory with my mind’s eye.

「You shouldn’t have mentioned that, Shiinamachi-san. Girls taking a bath, or should I say wet girls are one of the things that get my brother overly excited.」

「Ugh, A-Aika, my dear sister? Is this your way of confirming if I am the real deal or not? Public kinkshaming?」

「So what if it is, brother? I know it’s a fact as obvious as the sun rising in the east and setting in the west, so if you won’t confirm it it’ll mean that you’re the fake. Oh, and don’t even try to lie or give me a half-hearted answer because I’ll sense if you’re telling the truth right away.」

「Kuhhh… T-That’s right. I… I often fantasize about girls bathing together and then…」

「It’s all right, you don’t have to elaborate any further. That might have been cruel of me but I’m not merciless.」

You’re not? Then what is this feeling of crushing defeat I feel right now? Not to mention that I had to say it while all the girls are still here. Why? What have I done to deserve this?

「Make sure you remember that feeling of shame and regret, brother. This is also a part of being human.」

Aika concluded by proudly puffing out her chest. So in the end that little kinkshaming session turned into a lecture for me?

As a result senpai had an insanely red face and didn’t want to look me in the eyes and for some bizarre reason Shiki was taking her lab coat off again. Fujisato covered her mouth with her hand, but it was not enough to hide the smug smile she had on her face and Kuhoh… Kuhoh was just tilting her head curiously…. Oh no, nonononono!

「I won’t try to peek at you so you can go ahead!」

I hastly tried to deny any insinuations which might have been born in their heads.

「You sure? I won’t mind if you do and I’m sure Nagi-chan won’t mind either.」

「…… Maybe.」

「Well, uhm… I mean Jiro-kun is a b-boy, so having such thoughts is…」

「Just make sure you won’t lose yourself in your fantasies, okay, Monjiro?」

It’s no use. None of them believes me!

「*Sigh* Let’s just go to the kitchen before you embarrass yourself any further, brother.」

And so Aika literally dragged me along with herself so we could conduct our private interrogation.

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