Shiinamachi Senpai Volume 3 Episode 2 Part B 3



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【Episode 2 Part B: Real and Fake, Part 3】

「I realize how sketchy all of this sounds, so please keep in mind that those are only mine and Nagi-chan’s predictions. Just mere possibilities. There might be another way to do it of course, but as far as I’m concerned that is what the enemy is trying to steer us towards.」

「He might even be guiding us towards a trap while trying to make our convictions waver by making us constantly doubt ourselves.」

Both Fujisato and Kuhoh said some worrysome things, and looking around, I was not the only one who thought like that.



Shiinamachi senpai pondered on their words quietly and next to her Shiki was also silent.

I just hope that no one starts suspecting anyone again over it. Also, today I hear it a lot, and honestly, I’m getting more than a little fed up with the word 「Possibility」.

So at that time, in order to break this dreadful silence…

「All right everyone, you stay here where it’s safe; I’ll go check it out.」

I am an ideal candidate for such missions after all. Everyone else will die if they are killed once whereas for me death is not the end stop, but rather a short break before resuming my journey. So logically speaking, I am the only one who can do it without any significant risks.

「All right, but I’m going to accompany you. Somebody has to keep you on a short leash after all.」

However, Shiki grabbed me by the arm and squeezed it rather strongly, stopping me before I had the chance to leave the room.


「Come on, Monjiro, we both know that if you go by yourself you’re going to die for sure. With me around, the possibility of that happening will drop significantly, I can assure you. Besides… I don’t want you to die anymore and I’m sure everyone here feels the same.」

Now that… that actually moved me to my core. When we first met all she could think about were various ways in which she could kill me and now she’s telling me she doesn’t want me to die anymore.

「I… I also don’t want you to die, Jiro-kun. So make sure you return here safely, both of you.」

Senpai said so while pressing her hand to her chest. I always knew she cared about me and Shiki, but no matter how many times I saw her put that affection into words it always made me grateful to her for being my master. So grateful in fact that I felt my chest was burning up and my eyes began to water.

「This should be obvious, but I don’t wish to see you get hurt, brother. You have to value your life more, or else you’ll make me sad!」

Aika rushes to my side and grabs my other hand.

Fujisato and Kuhoh looked at each other and smiled softly.

「What can I say? I know he will be all right in the long shot, but seeing Monjiro-kun suffer is not entertaining in the slightest.」

「I know I don’t have the right to say this because I killed you earlier, senpai, but still…!」

The world is a really funny place, you know? Kuhoh was the one who killed me for the very first time (so in a sense, she took my death virginity… I don’t ever want to use that term ever again) as a collateral damage resulting from Fujisato’s order to exterminate Shiinamachi senpai. Yet despite being killed by Kuhoh I managed to survive and we even fought against them when it was time for senpai to have one of her 「Dangerous Days」an we have emerged victorious, securing a truce between our groups and returning my relationship with the two of them to that of friends who wish nothing but the best for themselves. This is how it should be and I want it to stay that way between us. Knowing that they also want me to remain alive makes me happy, and also relieved.

「Truly, this whole evening has been so out of my pace so far that it makes me want to scream, but if Shiinamachi-senpai decides that it’s time to take action then we’ll follow along and do just that. After all, being the only ones left in the safety of this room would be incredibly boring.」

「Couldn’t have said that better myself. Shiinamachi-senpai, Monjiro-senpai, we are in this together with you until the end. Just… can you just give us a moment to switch back into our regular clothes please?」

So it looks like Fujisato and Kuhoh will tag along this time too. *Sigh* here I was all fired up and ready to go alone, but it looks like our party for this mission is constantly getting bigger. And if I have to be honest, I do not dislike that development in the slightest.

「E-Everyone, I’m glad that all of you think that way, but… but…」

Ahhhhh, here it goes, I can’t contain myself anymore. Yup, my eyes are getting all watery and I’m pretty sure that soon enough I’m going to have a runny nose. I don’t want to expose any of the girls to danger, but I also can’t contain my happiness from knowing that they are all willing to put their lives on the line to ensure that we will all leave this place safely.

Looking at it in terms of efficiency, it shouldn’t have mattered whether I’ll live or die, sending me alone would be our safest option. Even if it’d turn out that battle would have been unavoidable I could have given it my all since I can take advantage of my Gift’s ability. I have been blessed with the Gift of Immortality, my trump card, by Shiinamachi-senpai, and not using my trump card in a situation that can be called our biggest crisis up to date would be nothing short of a waste.


Senpai must know it as well as I do, and yet she still called out to me with her caring, gentle voice.


「I know I have told you about it before, but bringing you back to life in front of everyone would be so embarrassing that I think I’d die from shame, so if it’s at all possible, then please, could you… try and not die this time?」

「I will take that under advisement… I-I mean, I will do my best!」

Yes, I have to do everything I can not to let my beloved senpai down! Although I have to say, but let it stay just between you and me, that even though dying is always painful and very much unpleasant, it was a small price to pay for the privilege of waking up with my head on senpai’s lap pillow with a front row view of her magnificent, bountiful hills right before my eyes. And speaking of dying and coming back to life, I still have no clue as to how exactly senpai is doing it, or rather, every time I tried to ask her about is she was too embarrassed to tell me. My personal favorite theory is that she’s bringing me back through a kiss, but without any evidence to back it up it remains nothing more but my manly romantic fantasy. I swear, one of these days I’ll make senpai tell me the truth about it, no matter how embarrassing it would be. But for now, let’s put that matter on a backburner.

We have work to do, snow to shovel, and intruders who need to be put in their place.

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