Shiinamachi Senpai Volume 3 Episode 2 Part B 4



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【Episode 2 Part B: Real and Fake, Part 4】

But before we get this show on the road, there is one thing that I want to say to Shiki.

「I can understand the others, but I’ve gotta say, your confession surprised me the most, Shiki. I thought you only saw me as the object of your twisted death experiments?」

「Don’t worry about it, Monjiro. We’ll have plenty of time for it once things will quiet down again. Truth to be told, I tried to hold my urges to perform experiments on you in check throughout the summer, but I think I’m nearing my limit. I have do it with you soon, or else I’ll lose my mind.」

That might have sounded a little more convincing if you’d have put even a bit of emotions into that statement. You won’t make my heart beat faster that way, Shiki.

「And also, I meant it when I said it. I really don’t want you to be killed by anyone else. I am the only one who is allowed to do that to you. If something like that happens ever again, I’ll kill your murderer and then I’ll kill you for being killed my someone else who isn’t me. You hear me, Monjiro? I won’t allow that kind of unfaithfulness in our relationship.」


「There are so many wrong things with that statement that even I don’t know where to start!」

「Is that so? Then you obviously haven’t heard about what a yandere is, Monjiro. An explanation then, just for you: Yandere, verb. Somebody, often a beautiful girl, who is sweet and kind at first glance, but when it comes to the object of their affections they will act obsessive and violent. How about it? Pretty thrilling, don’t you think? Definitely makes your heart beat faster, right?」

Yes it does but for all the wrong reasons! I mean seriously? I didn’t even know it was a real concept! I thought it was restricted only to anime and manga! Well, I can understand the beautiful part, but the rest is a huge no-no in my book! I like when girls are sweet and caring, but without all the gory stuff!

「If that’s the case then I guess I am somewhat of a yandere myself then. After all, I love brother more than anything else in this world. If anyone tried to take him away from me, I would chase that someone to the ends of the earth and beyond to enact the cruelest punishment possible on them.」

Aika made another shocking confession!

「A-Aika?! Not you too!」

Based on what limited knowledge I have on this subject, a yandere is a girl who sees her lover as her whole world, disregarding everything else that is not related to him, essentially making him an object of personal cult. But if her beloved ever cheated on her, she would probably killed the girl he cheated on her with, then her lover and then herself. Thankfully, I don’t think that would be the case with Aika. We are close as siblings, that much is true, but throughout all this time we lived together under the same roof she never made any advances towards or acted possessive of me. Moreover, she was willing to provide me all the assistance she could in my efforts of finding myself a girlfriend, since having your significant other is also a part of being a model human being. Or at least that is what she said to me because right now she’s sending me a very mixed signals!

「Brother, I know that hearing something so shocking might be confusing at first, but do not worry. Wherever you might go, I will be there for you. There’s no use trying to escape from me, since I will always follow you.」

「That makes me very happy, but why do I have such a bad feeling about this?!」

「Don’t worry, Monjiro, it’s only scary in the beginning.」

「What is scary?! I don’t understand and I don’t think I even want to understand!」

Just a second ago I was all fired up and ready to sacrifice myself, but now I am just scared about my life!

「Pft… haha, hahahahaha!」

Huh? A-Aika?


And Shiki too? What is going on in…

「Brother, you truly are too innocent, hahahaa!」

「She’s right, Monjiro. As entertaining as your reaction was, you shouldn’t take everything people say at face value. Being so trusting has its own merits, but it can be a two-sided blade if you are not careful enough. But thanks for showing me something so amusing anyway.」

So… it was all a joke? They two of them just had fun at my expense?! Oh give me a break!

「Thanks for waiting for us, everyone, we’re done changing now! Although it was a bit disappointing that a certain someone didn’t even try to sneak a peek at us….Huh? What’s wrong, Monjiro-kun? Why is your face so pale? And your breathing is kinda ragged too. Don’t tell me, you did try to peek at us…?!」

「No I did not! I just… I just went through something that I never ever want to experience again in my life. And in the next one too!」

「Aaaaaaall right, I guess? So, are we ready to go outside now?」

Looking at them, Fujisato and Kuhoh were back in the clothes they were wearing when they arrived to the party a few hours earlier, which is a bit of a shame since both of their pajamas were pretty cute, especially Fujisato’s, but since we were going to get ourselves into a potentially life threatening situation it was pretty understandable that wearing something that won’t restrict your movements too much was the optimal choice. Besides, it’s not like I won’t see them wearing them again. Apparently they left their pajamas in senpai’s bathroom, so they will probably change back into them once all of this is over, or at least I hope they will do so.

「Yes, I think we are ready. Let’s go now, to the Preparation Room.」

Everyone agreed with Shiinamachi-senpai’s words. By staying here everyone would most probably be safe from the danger that is more than likely to prowl outside. But, as unfortunately as this sounds, leaving the safety of this room is the only way for us to move the situation forward.

In the end, we might end up regretting this decision, but nevertheless, it was a decision that each and every one of us made of our own accord, so can blame no one but ourselves if things go down the drain.

「All right, let’s start by opening the door to this room. Hey, guys, it might not be the right moment, but who was the one who said that 「A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step」?」

「Laozi or Confucious, depends on who are you going to ask.」

「Is that so? That’s good to know.」

I grabbed the doorknob and asked senpai to stand behind me, just in case we’ll be attacked by something right off the bat. Kuhoh stood next to me as a vanguard and Aika was placed at the very back, right behind Fujisato and Shiki.

This looks like it will be a point of no return. Once we go through that door there will be no turning back. The only road remaining for us will be the one leading forward into the snowy fields of white death outside the clock tower.

I glanced towards Kuhoh one last time, and when she nodded back at me, I opened the door to senpai’s room with a sharp, firm movement.

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