Shiinamachi Senpai Volume 3 Episode Of the End Part 1



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【Episode of the End: … and her birthday, Part 1】

The first thing I saw when I woke up was Shiinamachi-senpai’s beautiful chest. That beautiful sight combined with the sweet fragrance of her body was enough for me to understand that I was once again brought back to life by her.

Does that mean that she came to help me after Shiki killed me? For some reason, my head felt unusually heavy, as if my brain was enveloped by a thin membrane that caused dizziness and nausea every time I tried to lift my head for even a little. Also, the back of my chest was hurting like a b*tch. That’s strange. Normally my body should be back to it’s peak condition after a revive, but I felt like that wasn’t the case this time. Maybe the first row view of senpai’s chest combined with the unearthly softness of her lap pillow had something to do with it? It would be hellishly nice if that was it.

「Ah, are you awake, Jiro-kun?」

From beyond senpai’s bountiful hills I could see her face and her gentle smile that filled my heart with ease, and the gentle movements of her hand stroking my head were so blissfully soothing that I felt like I could fall asleep at any time.

「Where are…?」

Glancing sideways, apparently we were back in senpai’s room. I couldn’t see the clock nor the windows from where I was laying, but judging by how dark the room was the sun has yet to rise.


Could it be that when I died after fighting with Shiki senpai found me and brought me back here all by herself? Is that what happened? Cause if Shiki was actually the one who had to carry me then I feel so sorry for her. She was crying when she was killing me, so I could only imagine how awful she must’ve felt if she had to bring my corpse back to where senpai was.

But why would she even do that in the first place? When I tried to remember anything that could help me understand that, my head was pierced by a lance of blinding pain again.

「Don’t strain yourself too much, Jiro-kun. You’ve just been brought back to life, so try not to move around too much for a while and just lay still, okay?」

So that’s… how it is, huh? Looks like there is still a lot of things about my 『Divine Gift Thanatos』 that I don’t know about.

「Senpai, I’m sorry, but, uhm, why am I…?」

「After I was separated from everyone I found myself in a bit of trouble, but I somehow managed to deal with it. After that, Shiki-san came to me with your lifeless body in tow, so I revived you as fast as I could.」

「Ah, that explains a lot.」

So that’s what must have happened. So then Shiki whom I’ve fought with must have been a fake that the 「Legandary Knight」 turned into, and the one who found me and brought me back to senpai was the real one…

No, something’s still not right here.

The Shiki I fought should have been the genuine one. Her tears at the end and those parting words, that was not something that could have been easily faked by just about anyone, of that much I was certain.

Yes, what brought be back this time was my renewed determination after I met Aika in my dreamworld. So I can’t just lay here relaxed on senpai’s lap! I have to…!

「Senpai, I…!」

「Yes, what is it, Jiro-kun? Did you have a bad dream?」

「A bad dream… you say?」

When she puts it like that, then maybe it was all a bad dream after all? I don’t know why, but when senpai suggested it, I started seriously considering such a possibility.
「No, no I did not, but…」

Nevertheless I tried to resist the urge to just dismiss everything that’s happened today and tell senpai about the graveness of the situation, but my head is still so cloudy that I’m having trouble just putting all the words together.

「Ah, that reminds me! Jiro-kun, when you died and before I revived you, have you been in that strange dark space you’ve told us about before? And have you dreamt about anyone, just like with Asagao-san back at the mansion?」

「Ah, yes, s-something like that has indeed happened. Strictly speaking, I think it’s a space that I enter every time I find myself on the borderline between life and death… or something like that…」

Perhaps it is somewhat different from the space I enter when I’m just extremely exhausted. Maybe I can only see the people who are close to me only when I actually die? This time Aika was the one who appeared before me, but right at the end the very atmosphere around her changed drastically. At that moment she was just like…

「What kind of dream did you have this time?」

Senpai spoke as if she was reading through my mind.

「Probably… about Aika…」

Again, when I tried to recall what was so familiar about her change at the end, all I got was an intense headache.

「I see, so you dreamt about your sister this time.」

Senpai smiled at me again. Normally I was always on cloud nine whenever I saw it, but right now seeing it made me feel uneasy. Why is it? Why is the smile that always brought me piece of mind feel so strange and foreign now?


「Was the person you saw in your dream really your sister?」

At the same time as senpai asked me that question, my sight fell on the entrance to the room and the person who stood there. That’s right, it was the same one I saw in my dream…


Long, raven-black smooth hair, petite, delicate body and an unusually sharp eyes. Simply seeing her made my heart beat so fast that I was afraid it might burst out of my chest at any moment.

「I’ll ask again, Jiro-kun. Was she really your sister?」

I didn’t thought it possible, but senpai’s word made my heart beat even faster and my entire body was covered with cold sweat.

I told her about everything that happened on our trip to Yatono family’s mansion when I got back.

On the day of our date, I had her help me choose the appropriate clothing and make my hair.

And when the night has fallen, I came to pick her up so we could go to the sleepover party together.

But was she…

… was she really…my younger…sister?

「No. Nononono, that… that’s not possible!」

「Finally putting all the pieces of the puzzle together, are we, Jiro? Took you long enough.」

The eyes that were able to see right int your soul and freeze you to the bone with just one glance. The intimidating aura that send shivers throughout your entire body. And most of importantly, the voice that wrapped itself around your ears and made you think that you were being drowned in the sea of blackest darkness.
I know all of those things! I know them better than anyone else in this world!! So WHY?!!! WHY HAVE I THOUGHT ABOUT HER AS MY SISTER UP UNTIL NOW?!!!! WHY WAS I THINKING THAT THIS WOMAN WAS AIKA?!!!!! WHY HAVEN’T I REALIZED IT SOONER!!!!!!!!!

「What’s wrong Jiro, you looked like you just saw a ghost? Well, I guess I can’t really blame you. After all, the Gift that I possess, the 『Demonic Gift Doppelganger』 and its ability ability, 『Shapeshifting』 can freely alter the way in which every living being perceives me, so I can’t really blame you for being stunned speechless when I was the one who chose to play around with this 「Moe Little Sister」 archetype. So? How did I do, Jiro? I know that every man secretly wishes to have an adorable little sister who fawns over him, but I wonder if I didn’t went too far at certain times?」

Those condescending words… this overconfident attitude…

I know only one person who could behave like that.


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