Shiinamachi Senpai Volume 3 Episode Of the End Part 3



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【Episode of the End: … and her birthday, Part 3】

Why are you telling me all this? Can’t you see that my heart can’t take it anymore?!

So what you want to tell me is that if she lives long enough then she won’t be able to feel anything at all. Nothing will move her, nothing will excite her, every day is going to be the same black and white monotonous void. I couldn’t even imagine how lonely and painful that must be, but as someone who went through something similar I guess I could say that I understand why someone would fear it.

「Fujisato Yuika’s story is to kill the long-living Lords before they completely turn into monsters. Or at least it was until she came across the one who has lived an abnormally long life even among the Nightkin.」

So Fujisato and Kuhoh came to this school because of senpai? That was the reason why Kuhoh had to kill her that fateful day when I became her Knight and got dragged into all of this by a complete accident?

「However, the real irony kicks in here: Imagine Fujisato Yuika’s face when she discovered that her target, the supposed monster she was tasked with exterminating lost all but a fraction of her memories and a normal, exciting life thanks to the new personality that her amnesia created. A personality that was enjoying the company of others and got flustered when interacting with the members of the opposite sex like any other normal girl. In essence, you could say that Kaguya did Fujisato Yuika’s job for her. By losing her memory, she has killed herself who was targeted by the 「Lord Killer」.」

Fujisato and Kuhoh came here to kill Shiinamachi-senpai, but since she was no longer her old self there was no danger of her turning into a monster, but they ended up killing her anyway, probably as a precaution. I can’t help but to wonder if those three could have become friends if things played out differently? Would Fujisato and Kuhoh be able to free themselves from their Lord-killing story?

「Incidentally, Kaguya herself was the one who erased her own memories by using one of her Gift’s powers to seal most of her 「episodic memory」 which governed all of her past personal experiences, leaving only her 「knowledge」 and 「semantic memory」 intact. Can you believe it? She willingly cast aside everything that made her who she was and turned herself into a blank slate, but she still remembered the meaning of the terms 「Nightkin」, 「Lord」, 「Story」, 「Gift」, 「Safe Day」 and 「Dangerous Day」.」

「Because at the moment I have determined that I’ll have no need of any vulgar knowledge. Those essentials were the only thing I needed.」

Seems like senpai’s original personality deemed those information as more valuable than her experiences with the opposite sex. Assuming she had any to begin with. Or maybe it was her pride as that 「Lord Above All Lords」?

「As a result, she has forgotten everything except the important bits and returned her mind to a state of 「zero」. In doing so, Kaguya’s very soul has been reborn, allowing her to enjoy the life as a Lord for a second time. Or perhaps it will be better to say that her soul was rewritten, and to keep her in that newborn state without risking the old personality surfacing back her consciousness and memory had to be constantly held in equilibrium by a combined effort of two Gifts: Kaguya’s 『Angelic Gift Sariel』 and my 『Fallen Angel Gift Sariel』, the angelic version’s twin Gift. In other words, because of you being so close to Kaguya, I was able to synchronize my consciousness with yours, Jiro.」

Was that the reason why I was able to see her in my dreamworld whenever I died? Because my soul was connected with senpai’s through the 『Divine Gift Thanatos』 and senpai’s soul was connected with my mother through their 『Sariels』, making me connected with mother through senpai?

「The fact that Kaguya lost her memories did not remained unnoticed by other Lords of course, and while many were relieved that 「The Lord Above All Lords」 won’t be causing problems anytime soon, there were also many who dreaded the thought of what might happen if her memories were to return one day and still targeted her because of that. So in order to combat all of those threats to her, Yatono family offered their daughter, Shiki, to act as the anchor that would keep Kaguya’s mind stable at all times, while I chose you to be my replacement as her bodyguard, Jiro.」

Senpai erased her own memories in order to start a new life.

Then my mother disappeared without a word, abandoning me after making me into a killing machine.

Next, I went on to live with Aika who helped me become a proper human being by creating my 「heart」 from scratch, and that 「heart」 then fell in love with Shiinamachi-senpai. Don’t tell me it was all…

「That’s right, Jiro. As you have probably realized, your whole life went all according to our plan, aside for you actually befriending the Lord Killer and her Knight and becoming Kaguya’s Knight the way you did, but that was all within our scope of expectations.」

I understand now. If I continued to be an emotionless killing machine, there’d be no way for me to get attached to senpai, so while keeping her in the dark about all of this, mother arranged for Aika to reawaken my human heart so that I would get attracted to Shiinamachi-senpai, whom I felt a strange of similarity with. After all, she was the same as me in a sense, born anew with her heart still immature. Of course I’d feel empathy towards someone like that.

To think that even my meeting her has not been just a chance encounter but a farce orchestrated by someone else. It’s so laughable that it’s just not funny. Should I feel anger? Or maybe regret?

「However, there was one thing that we didn’t account for, and it ended up throwing a real wrench into our plan. You see, originally Kaguya was supposed to have two more Knights, the Yahata sisters. They were supposed to be the ones to go through with the ritual that would return Kaguya’s memories to her, and that’s why Kaguya herself trained them for. The night of that damned fire was the day it was supposed to be carried out, but unfortunately that was not meant to be.」

So you even roped Yugao-chan and Asagao into this? How much of a monster are you, actually?! You know that as a result of that disaster Yugao-chan lost Asagao, don’t you?! Also, the more I hear about senpai from before she lost her memories, the worse my opinion about her becomes.

「I won’t deny that the two of them were quite promising, but the untimely death of Yahata Asagao made them useless to our cause, even more so when Yahata Yugao decided to steal 『Thanatos』 from you. Her stubborn selfishness might have cost us Kaguya’s life, so I am truly grateful to you for putting her twisted plot to a stop and changing the sister’s hearts. Your intervention rally saved the day there, even if you acted mainly because you wanted to avoid dying. As your mother, I was honestly surprised at how you managed to resolve the situation the way you did, albeit with just a small amount of help.」

You think hearing that from you now will make me feel proud of myself when you were the one who indirectly caused it all to begin with? Go choke on a baguette of d*cks! But as infuriating as mother’s explanations were, they were finally filling the blanks left by the missing pieces of the giant puzzle that were all the things that were happening around us lately.

「Speaking of the mansion incident, Shiki really did her best to help me out there. Was that also…?」

Shiki was serving Princess Kaguya as her Knight from the very beginning, so she must have known about what happened to the twins, and yet she was the one who helped me resolve that case and turn things around. She was pretty adamant about helping the sisters too, since they were her cousins. Was all of her determination and desperation to make up with them just an act too?

「Ah, you’re wondering about Yatono-san’s role in all of this? Fear not Jiro, she was not acting when she was helping you back at the mansion, she was doing all of that in accordance with her own honest feelings. For you see, most of the details of what was going on were being kept hidden from her. And whenever I was not giving her orders through the Yatono family, she was free to act however she pleased. The day of your trip happened to be one of those times.」

「And you expect me to believe it just like that!?」

「Jiro, I couldn’t care less about what you believe and what you don’t believe. I only stated what I know to be a fact, and what you’re going to do with that information is entirely up to you.」


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