Shiinamachi Senpai Volume 4 Epilogue Part 1



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【Epilogue: Afterwards and from now on, Part 1 】

Dear Monjiro-san

It’s already been a month since that incident. How are you doing?

As for myself, I’m still helping with the repairs of the damage that Yugao caused to the mansion. I know I should have expected this, but the scope of the actual damage done to the place was much larger than we initially anticipated, to the point where it will be necessary to bring some parts of the mansion down and rebuild them from scratch. Also the old farts from the family are now somewhat scared of Yugao, fearing what she might do if she ends up going on another rampage like that, causing her a great deal of embarrassment whenever that matter is being mentioned. Also, as an added bonus, no one has looked at her with lecherous eyes, and it couldn’t have made me happier. It looks like we won’t have to worry about any pervs making moves on her for quite a while. I’m sure you must be happy about it as well, right, Monjiro-san? I mean, because of Yugao’s blood, you got roped into a really sticky situation and even died as a result and had your heart taken from you. I have to wonder though, are those memories traumatic to you, or are they the unexpectedly good ones? If it’s not a problem, let me know what you think. Also, I can’t help but wonder what kind of difficulty level our live are going to be set now? Will it be Easy Mode, or perhaps the Very hard Mode? Or maybe even Nightmare or Deathmarch? Oh, but I guess your life has been nothing but Very Hard mode, huh? I feel truly sorry for you.

Anyway, it is strange that I continue to live even after all the Gifts have disappeared, even though my body was that of a Gift-created doll. I even became an actual, bona-fide human, can you imagine? What is that, a modern take on Pinocchio’s tale?
In other words, that makes me the hope of every doll that ever wanted to become human! If that’s not the ultimate COOL than I don’t know what is! I wonder if I also have the ability to bear children like any proper human? If you’re curious about that as well, you’re welcome to try it with me anytime, Monjiro-san!

This is pretty much the purpose of this letter: I’m excited and I wanted to share this excitement with you. I know I could have just send you an email or write a text message, but I wanted to try something new and fresh, and just a little bit hipster. Also, don’t you think it’s kinda mysterious how you always feel compelled to be as polite as possible when writing letters by hand? Could it be that this is one of the secrets remaining in this world even after everything else extraordinary disappeared from it? Maybe all of us sisters should have a go at figuring this one out when we’ll finally have some free time on our hands.

With that being said, see you at the next sleepover party!

Best regards

Yahata Yorugao


Since I don’t want to lose to Yugao, I’ll have to confess to you as well the next time you’ll pay us a visit. That way, we’ll be able to have some quality time when nobody will be watching~~

「Looks like you’ve gotten quite popular, brother. Care to explain how that happened?」

My little sister, Aika, said those words as she was leaning over my shoulder to peek at the letter I was reading in my room.

No, wait, that’s not right. God damn it, she’s at it again!

「What the hell is wrong with you?! Why do you keep impersonating Aika and calling me brother?!」

「Because I grew quite fond of that erotically-cute appearance of hers. Besides, I don’t want to be known as the mother of the Sakuradamon family so people can start calling me a boring old housewife! Don’t you think that your… no, our lives would be much spicier if the word got out that you suddenly got yourself another cute sister? Or maybe I really should be going for the appeal of a young moe mother? Yeah, that might be a nice way to flex on Aika.」

「And what good would that make? My friends already think that I am a massive siscon, so let’s not add Oedipus Complex to the mix, okay?」

「We both know that you have it, so there’s no use denying it now, brother.」

And she flicked me in the forehead with a smug smirk on her face!

I know I just criticized her for that, but… but maybe having more cute little sisters was really not that bad of an idea? I thought about it for a little and came to the conclusion that it might have worked if looks were the only thing we’d be dealing with, personality and age be damned. And, objectively speaking, mother in this form is definitely cute… as long as she keeps her mouth shut that is. And speaking of little sisters…

「Where’s Aika? Hasn’t she came back from school already?」

「Nah, our little princess said she is going to stay there longer today since she apparently had home economics class today and she wanted to practice more after school. Apparently she’s going that so she could challenge me to a cooking duel. Personally I think that’s a foolish endeavor, but I have to at least admire her fighting spirit.」

A month has passed since the three of us started living together under one roof, and during that time the gap between mother and Aika only deepened. Aika said that she’s never going to forgive her for what she’s done, to which she just shrugged her shoulders and replied 「suit yourself kiddo, I’m only staying here because Monjiro wanted me to」.

I truly want all of us to get along again, but at this rate it won’t be long before the knives start flying… but maybe that would be for the better? After all, there is a saying that the more we fight, the more we grow close to one another.

「Anyway, you’re having another sleepover party at Kaguya’s place today?」

「Well, yeah. But honestly, I’ve been thinking that you should skip today.」

「Why? Go, don’t go, it’s my choice, we’re living in a free country after all. If I say I want to go then that’s what I’ll do and nobody’s going to stop me!」

「I’d prefer you didn’t do that. I don’t want another innocent party to turn into a murder mystery just because you’ll get bored.」

「You’re still mad about that? Oh come on, it was a great way to liven things up!」

Even after she lost her Gift and started living with us, mother continued to butt into our daily lives, even going as far as causing incident after incident whenever senpai organized a sleepover.

「Hmm, you now what? I heard that lately those 「escape rooms」 are all the rage, so maybe I should try creating something like that next time?」

「Can you please not treat human lives so lightly?」

Knowing her she’d definitely make the traps lethal to accommodate to mine and Kuhoh’s heightened physical abilities. By the way, just last week she planted a bomb in the clock tower and wanted us to disarm it in one minute.

「Anyway, no means no, mother! Just this once, please listen to me and stay like a good mother, okay?」

「What are you so gung-ho about me not going… ahhhhhh, I see, now I get it! You’re going there today to give Shiki a response to her confession, am I right?」


I almost choked on the glass of water I tried to drink.

That’s right, a month ago, during the incident in the Yatono mansion. It is a very important matter both to me and Shiki…

…. So important in fact, that we put it on hold for an entire month. I am mostly at fault here, because I failed to properly asses my feelings.

And now, for some bizarre reason mother was staring at my face as if there was something interesting on it.

「W-What is it, mother?」

「It’s just that I still can’t believe it that even though you used {Code: Calvariae} so much your heart hasn’t disappeared at all and you’re this emotional even though you’re not wearing your glasses, Monjiro.」

Then she smirked… and laughed softly.

「Looks like you final graduated from being a 「killing machine」 and became 「a normal human」. Congratulations.」

That smile and words moved me to my very core, but I tried not to let my tear ducts turn into waterfalls.


「All right, that’s enough p=playing good mommy for now. The next time will be at least ten years from now.」

「Isn’t that too long?!」

「The opposite, actually. From now on you’ll continue to grow as an ordinary boy, so in ten years, when I will turn into a super busty beauty, I’ll be sure to snatch you normie ass from Kaguya and Shiki and Fujisato Yuika and Kuhoh Nagi.」

And with that, she left my room with an unpleasant snicker and light footsteps.

I swear to God, I just can’t keep up with that breakneck pace of hers. However, I was glad that my mother, who was known as 「The Legendary Knight」 and one of the best assassin in the world was able to spend her time with her family just like any normal person. She even took up cooking, cleaning and doing laundry! Of course when compared to Aika, who has those chores down to a masterful degree she still sucks horribly, but that rivalry is what makes them interact, so maybe there will come a day where we could all have a peaceful familial connection not tainted by the grievances of days past.

「Good heavens, it’s that late already?」

As for the sleepover itself, we didn’t agree to meet at any particular time, but something was telling me that I should be there as fast as possible, so I took the rest of the letters, grabbed the jacket from the wall and left my room.

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