Shiinamachi Senpai Volume 4 Epilogue Part 3



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【Epilogue: Afterwards and from now on, Part 3】

When I finally arrived at the clock tower, Shiki was already waiting for me.

「How long have you been waiting here?」

「Around an hour.」

「Really? I’m sorry I made you wait so long then.」

Her place is not that far from here, so she didn’t have to stand here for so long. Also, for some reason her cheeks were kinda red.

「What’s wrong Shiki? Everything all right?」

「Yes, I feel fine. It’s just that I received a rather curious email. A threatening one, actually.」


Concerned with her words, I frowned when she showed me the said email’s contents.

If Monjiro refuses to give you a clear answer, he shall be turned into minced meat』.

It was a threat, but the one directed towards me.

「Let me guess, was Yorugao the sender?」

「That is the number one answer on the board.」

I’m sure she must’ve had a lot of fun writing this. The next time we meet, I’ll have to lecture her about the moral consequences of threatening people. Now that she’s turned into a full-fledged human she can no longer use the excuse that it’s okay for her to fool around like that since she’s a doll. It might be hard for her, but she needs to learn how to be a proper human, even if it takes time.

「So what’s my reward for guessing correctly?」

「A pudding party with two breathtakingly beautiful girls. I see that you have already procured it, which is good, but unfortunately it is too little to have me and Kaguya have a wrestling match in it.」

Now I really regret not buying all the pudding that Fujisato’s convenience store had to offer, and that today’s sleepover is only for Shiki, Shiinamachi-senpai and I. If everyone else also participated, it would definitely be a sight to see!

「I would love to see that. Especially you.」

I know that I came here to reply to Shiki’s confession, but that does not mean that I can’t tease her for a bit. It’s not like she’s going to be offended by it any…

「…. Stupid jerk.」


Wow, seeing her so nervous and flustered that she was clutching the hem of her skirt was such a rare sight that I feel like burning this image in my mind forever. I should consider behaving like a bad guy more often if this is going to be my reward for being bolder in my interactions with her.

「All right, playtime’s over. Shiki.」


If it meant that I could see another side of her then I’m glad that I made her wait a whole month for my reply. But the time for fooling around is over. Now is the time to finally give her my honest answer.

「*Inhale*…. *Exhale*…」

Shiki took a deep breath and placed her hand on her chest. It was an incredibly cute gesture. If mother saw her now, I’m sure she would end up with blood gushing out of her nostrils.

「You see, the thing is…」


Shiki stares at my face with great intensity. Okay, this is it, the moment of truth. No chickening out now, me!

As I struggled with picking the right words to properly convey my feelings, I remembered everything I was thinking about her since I first met her.

At first I though she was genuinely weird. She appeared out of the blue (ruining my bathroom moment with senpai) and continued to behave in a strange way, mixing indifference and sexual harassment, and even stating that she was interested in me only as an object for practicing lewd acts or her experiments. She even killed me twice. However, as time went by we managed to grow a little bit closer to one another, but I always thought she considered me to be nothing more than a good friend.

So when exactly did things begin to change? Since when did my heart started to beat faster whenever I was with her? When she desperately tried to help her cousins, the Yahata twins? When we had that heated discussion about love after going to the movies during our date? When I saw her tears after she killed me?

I don’t know when my perception of her changed in such a way, but I do know one thing: every time I thought I knew everything about her, she continued to prove me wrong by showing me another side of her, and it made me more and more attracted to her each time.

She’s my dependable partner, an interesting best friend, and…

「I love you, Jiro-san」.

And I will never forget the words she used to confess to me at that time. I also can’t deny that hearing them made me extremely happy.

That’s why…


「……….. Yes?」

「I love you too.」

I tell it to her firmly, decisively. In response, her shoulders began to tremble and she cocked her head to the side, as if she was unable to decipher the exact meaning of what I just said.

「…M-Monjiro…? You mean… you mean that… I a friendly sense… right?」

「In a sexual sense. In other words, I love you as a woman, Shiki.」

Large streams of tears began to flow from her eyes.

「B… B-But what about… Kaguya?」

Yes, herein lies the problem.

I love Shiki in the same way I love Shiinamachi-senpai. Just being next to her makes me happy, and she even started appearing in my dreams. To me, she irreplaceable.

That’s why I’m going to tell her everything honestly, without holding anything back.

「Shiki, to be honest, I was interested in you as a woman for some time now, and, how should I put it… when you were gone, I realized how much your presence meant to me.」


「But Shiinamachi-senpai is also an important person to me. I fell in love with her at first sight, and even now that feeling has not changed.」

That’s right.

I now fully understand what I feel towards Shiki, but that does not mean that my feelings for Shiinamachi-senpai are gone. This is exactly why I made Shiki wait for an entire month before I decided to give her my reply. I had to sort out my feelings and prepare the best answer to Shiki’s confession.

And the conclusion I have arrived at… is that I love both Yatono Shiki and Shiinamachi Kaguya. But for all intents and purposes, following the rules of modern society, I knew I would be forced to make a decision. If I won’t do that, I will be scorned and hated for my indecisiveness and toying with the girls’ hearts.

「I love senpai, but I also love you, Shiki. Those are my honest feelings, and I can’t fight them or lie to myself. Even if you end up hating me or thinking that I am a heartless monster, I came here today determined to share them with you.」

To tell you the truth, I am not prepared to be hated. By Shiki, senpai, or any of my friends. Just imagining that brought me unspeakable amounts of pain and sadness. But as I said, those were my true feelings, and I had to convey them to Shiki properly, even if it means hurting her.

「I see.」

Her voice was calm. She was still crying… but with a bright smile on her face.

「So what you want is a threesome with me and Kaguya.」




「N-No, I, well, I mean…!」
「Monjiro, you basically wanted to say that you cannot choose between me or Kaguya because you love both of us equally, right?」

「Huh? Ah, oh, y-yeah, that’s exactly right!」

I started to panic a little.

「To be honest, I feel the same way you do. So here’s what I think we should do. Let’s ask Kaguya how she feels about this idea and decide what to do with it from there. Sounds good?」

I see, that makes a surprising amount of sense.

「You just thought 「Good grief, that was a close one」 or something along those lines, correct?」

「Ugh! N-No I… did… not…」

She might be all cute and smitten now, but her words are as sharp as ever.

「Monjiro, do you really think something can go wrong at this point? Do you expect me or Kaguya to make scenes of jealousy or to swing a kitchen knife at you when you won’t be looking?」

「while that sounds scary as heck, I know that neither of you would do such a thing.」

「Great, so let’s take it easy and enjoy the three-way conversation that’s about to happen. We can even pick on Kaguya together if you want.」

With those words, Shiki grabbed my hand. It was pleasantly warm.

「Any last words, Monjiro?」

「No, nothing in particular.」

And we proceeded to go inside the clock tower, heading towards Shiinamachi-senpai’s room.

「Then allow me to say something. Hearing you say that you can’t choose between me and Kaguya… it made me happy.」

And she looked up at me with a smile on her blushed face. No matter what happens next, I’m glad I was able to make her smile like that.

And just like that…

「Eh? So everything went well and your confession was accepted, Shiki-san?! Goodness gracious, that’s great news!」

Inside her room at the top of the clock tower, senpai congratulated Shiki. She looked surprised when we related the news to her, but not as much as I have initially expected.

「Yes, thank you. Monjiro also said that he loves us both equally and that he’s unable to choose only one of us and that he’s hoping for a relationship where we could both become his lovers.」

「My oh my, is that right, Jiro-kun?」

With slightly reddened cheeks, senpai took another sip of the tea she must’ve prepared before we got here. I’ve been monitoring her closely for the past month, but it looks like Shiinamachi-senpai returned to being the same old Shiinamachi-senpai we all new, aside from the fact that now she remembers everything about her past.

「Well, yes. Are you mad, senpai?」

「It is a little surprising that Jiro-kun wants something like that, but I don’t see anything wrong in the idea nor do I have anything against it myself, since I was born in the times when polygamy was a widely accepted concept.」

How old that does make senpai then? Also, there were times when people were okay with having more than one partner at once, huh?

「Of course it would be a different story if Jiro-kun’s other partner was someone totally unknown to me, but since the lucky one is my dear friend Shiki-san I have nothing to worry about, so I think it’s all good?」

So far, senpai was surprisingly cooperative with me dating both her and Shiki.

「Is that…so?」

「Sure, if both Shiki-san and I are OK with this then you can go ahead.」

「Yes, I am OK with this, but maybe we should establish some rules to keep things from going from 0 to 100 in no time?」

「Ah, that actually might be a good idea! They say that three’s a company but four and more is a crowd, so maybe we should keep Jiro-kun on a slightly tighter leash than before, especially now that my old memories came back to me.」

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I feel like senpai has become more sadistic ever since she reawakened her old memories. No, maybe that’s how she originally was to begin with? If people are said to have their personality change after they lose their memories, then maybe the reverse is also possible?

「I would have been so much easier if there was a Gift that allowed us to clone him so that each of us could have him for ourselves. Then again, what would we even call that clone and how would we tell it apart from the real one?」

「I would have just called both of them Jiro-kun!」

「Can you please not bring Gifts into this?!」

I feel like I’m being drawn into something ridiculous again.

「But can’t you, I don’t know, use 『Code: Calvariae』 do something like that? With all the other things you’ve done with it something like that should be a breeze for you, right?」

「You seem to be forgetting that even though 『Code: Calvariae』 can be considered an artificial Gift meant for defeating the original Gifts, it comes at the price of my heart, soul and my entire being. Under normal circumstances it is a one-way ticket, so if possible I would very much like not to use it ever again, period.」

I drank the tea senpai poured for me and made a 「No Thank You」 gesture with my free hand.

「Is that so? If that’s the case, then I have a proposal for you, Monjiro. In order to confirm your love for us, do it with me and Kaguya. Right here, right now.」


The entire cup of tea I just drank came spraying out of my mouth.

「Wawawa, a-are you all right, Jiro-kun?!」

Senpai hurriedly wiped off everything that I spilt. Yes senpai, I am all right. That was just a natural reaction to hearing something utterly outrageous.

「To be honest I wanted to ask you to do it long ago, but I decide to patiently wait for the right time to present itself… but now my patience is at its limits.」

「Really? You seem as calm as ever to me, Shiki-san.」

So that’s how it is, huh? Somehow, I feel bad for not noticing it sooner. But if it is going to help cement our new relationship, then what’s the harm in giving it a go? All right, I’ve decided.

「I understand.」

If that is Shiki’s wish, then let’s go ahead and grant it. That is what I thought, but…

「Here goes nothing!」

With such shout, Shiki hugged me with all the might of her petite body.


Next, she blew a soft, hot breath into my ear, sending my poor heart into a state of utter chaos. Oh my God, why is her body so soft and fluffy…

And then…


I heard a sound I was all too familiar with.

Before I noticed, our bodies were already floating up, held by Shiki’s threads.



Shiinamachi-senpai has also joined us. What is this Shiki plotting this time…?


We softly landed on senpai’s bed, with me sandwiched between Shiki and Shiinamachi-senpai!

「‘Kay, everything’s ready. We can start whenever you’ll feel like it.」

Shiki says, hugging into my left arm.

「Nonononono, That’s now that I meant!」

I looked towards senpai for support, but she wouldn’t even look at me. Instead, she just buried her crimson-red face in my right shoulder. Even her ears and neck were as red as a tomato.

「Uhm, Jiro-kun, well… I’m embarrassed to say this, but even though I lived for so long, I… I’m afraid I have next to no experience, a-aside from what Shiki taught me, t-therefore I won’t be able to take the lead, even though I’m older here… s-sorry! I’m truly sorry!」

「Nonono, there’s absolutely nothing for you to apologize for, senpai!」

The atmosphere just got hellishly awkward in here!

「See what you did, Monjiro? You made Kaguya all flustered, and all because you wanted to do it with both of us at the same time. How bold of you.」

Shiki said so provocatively as she brought her face closer to mine.

「Jiro-kun, I… I might be inexperienced with those things, but I promise I’ll do my best to satisfy you! So… so please be gentle… with me…」

Senpai also came closer, hugging me with her soft, hot body.

This is bad. This is really, really bad! This setup, this situation…. If things keep going the way they are going, what’s going to happen to me? Could it be? Could this be the day when Sakuradamon Jiro will finally graduate from…

「N-No, wait a second, both of you! Y-You know how there is a proper order to those things, right? W-Wouldn’t it be better if we took it step by step instead of skipping all the way to the last base?! And moreover, what I today is one of those dangerous days…?!」

That was my last ditch effort to keep myself from losing my sanity and succumbing to my welling desires, but senpai and Shiki simply laughed like children who managed to successfully carry out their newly-thought prank. It was an alluringly-nostalgic, yet dangerous sight.



And then they whispered into my ears the words that ultimately sealed my fate.

「「Today is a safe day so it will be okay!」」

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