Shiinamachi Senpai Volume 4 Last Episode Part A 10



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【Last Episode: Curtain Call and the end Part A, 10】

「See you later, Monjiro-kun.」

「Look forward to seeing us in our dresses, senpai.」

Before we split up, the two of them waved their hands at me from up ahead.

We were still some distance away, so before we got there, I asked Yorugao about the clothing.

「Do you perhaps have some spare formal clothing for men as well?」

「Of course! This is the Yatono family we’re talking about here, so they are always prepare for every eventuality.」

As expected of a family who’s able to buy and upkeep such a large mansion and all the terrains around it. Is there anything the Yatono family cannot do? Because from where I am standing, they appear to be nigh almighty. But wait, if Shiki is a member of such a rich family, doesn’t that technically make her an Ojou-sama? She certainly didn’t look the part, and her peculiar interests and mannerisms never really did anything to make me notice it, meaning that she didn’t really want me to know. Heh, how very like her.

「So Monjiro-san, do you want to try coming into the ladies dressing room 「by accident」?」

「And I am supposed to believe you’d just let that happen?」

「I certainly wouldn’t do anything to stop you if you tried to pull something like that off, but that would be a sure Bad End for you, and I guess that you can’t allow yourself to die in such a stupid way now, do you?」

Yeah, no objections there. I mean, it would be great if I could see the wonderful sight of Fujisato and Kuhoh changing so that I could burn that sight into my eyes, but right now it was not something I would consider worth dying for, so I just shake my head to get any stupid ideas out of it.

「Next time, please refrain from making more nasty suggestions, okay? It’s bad for my fragile male heart.」

「As you wish. Then I will most certainly not inform you that all the female guests will be bathing in an open air hot-spring around 8:00 PM. Nope, not a single word from me on that.」

I see. So if I happened to be entering the hot spring at that time without knowing when female guests would be bathing, it could really be called an accident… wait a minute…

「Thank you for the information. Also, you are pure evil.」

「Hmm? Whatever might you be talking about, dear boy? Ohohohoho!」

And she just continued to walk alongside me while laughing out of character. Even if she was originally a doll based on Asagao, she was now becoming more human-like by the day, and that’s the truly beautiful thing. Given time and proper guidance, even dolls can obtain a 「heart」.

「What’s wrong, Monjiro-san? Why are you looking at me like that? Don’t tell me you’ve actually fallen in love with me?!」

「As if. I was just thinking that even if you look like Asagao, you are not just a copy of her personality.」

「Well thank you. I am truly fortunate to have the same pretty face as her, but there are times when I wish that my body was actually more developed here and there, you know what I’m saying. Regretfully, Yugao stubbornly refuses to make the adjustments that would make more of a bombshell.」

「I also think that there’s no need for that just yet. You are plenty cute the way you are now.」

「Really? So cute you want to do naughty things with me?」

「I would have to lie if I said I didn’t.」

「Wow, what’s wrong with you today, Monjiro-san? You are way more assertive than usual.」

「Because I have something that I must do at all costs today.」

That’s right. As long as I am here, I cannot allow my resolve to waver. I have to remain focused at all times. Everything to bring Shiinamachi-senpai back home with us. I know it’s not going to be easy. Hell, it might even turn out to be impossible. But I can’t just give up without trying.

「Now that’s some manly face right here. All right, Monjiro-san, here we are, the male dressing room.」

I allowed Yorugao to happily pull me by the hand until we arrived in front of the dressing room. If anyone were to see us right now, they would probably laughed, or at least smirked at the sight of a maid who’s taking her job so seriously that she actually shows the guest around the mansion while pulling him behind her. Right now, with that big bright smile on her face, I thought she was genuinely beautiful.

We then entered the dressing room which looked like it was taken straight out of some kinda high-class clothing store and Yorugao helped me don a butler-style tuxedo. A Knight dressed as a butler, gotta love the irony.

I never wore such complicated clothing in my entire life, so even with additional help I was pretty tired when everything was said and done. I looked at myself in the mirror with a wry smile on my face. A Knight dressed as a butler, gotta love the irony.

「I know that as my Lords Knight I am technically no different than a servant, but still…」

When I turned towards Yorugao, her eyes were shining with excitement.

「Wonderful! Monjiro-san, take me! Take me now!」

「Whoa there, hold your horses! Time out! Chill!」

Do I really look that good in that getup? Because if so, then I can at least be sure that I won’t embarrass Fujisato and Kuhoh with the way I am dressed.

「All right, this is perfect. Now you can go out there with your head held high.」

「If you say so.」

She gave me a smug look and a pat on the back.


*Inhale* *Exhale*

From now on, I will be entering the beast’s lair, surrounded by enemies at all sides with only a few allies to rely on.

「All right, let us be on our way, Yorugao.」


We finally left the dressing room. And at that moment…


An extremely bad sensation crawled all over my body.

There was nothing unusual about the long corridor sprawling in front of us, but I felt as if I wa being observed by countless eyes looking at me from every direction.

「Hee, looks like you’re pretty popular with the rest of the guests, Monjiro-san.」

「Yeah, but this is not the kind of popularity I want.」

「Then again, you should have expected something like that. 「Son of the 「Legendary Knight」 and Vassal of the 「True Lord Princess Kaguya」 who got blessed with her power of immortality only to abandon her for the Lord Killer in the end!」, that is the reputation you currently have in the Nightkin world.」

Thanks for the trivia, but that’s what I figured myself. After all, the eyes that were supposedly looking at me weren’t doing just that. They were doing so with such overwhelming hostility and disdain that I felt like I could get crushed by their pressure at any moment. I guess to the rest of the guests here I am nothing but a lowly traitor who was unable to show gratitude for the honor that was bestowed upon him.

「And to top it off, the fact that Kaguya-sama has taken back the power of immortality from you is already public information, so maybe you’ll be forced to fight with some hot-blooded Knights who might want to prove themselves by killing the one whom she bestowed with the most forbidden of her powers. In other words, you might be attacked pretty much anywhere, anytime and from every possible direction. What are you going to do if that happens, Monjiro-san?」

Yorugao asks me with a grin on her face.


「I’ll just have to deal with such inconveniences as they come. That’s all there is to it.」

Sweat was running down my back, but I wasn’t scared, because we have already taken such a possibility into account when we were devising our plan of action during all those meetings.

「No matter how many of them may come at me, I’ll take them all on and smash them into the ground as magnificently as possible. That should send a nice message.」

「That’s my Monjiro-san for you.」

Talking about such things, the adorable maid and I made our way further and further into the magnificent mansion. We headed towards the courtyard, which was also supposed to be the venue for the ritual to take place in. The large door leading there opened as soon as we approached them.

「You ready to do this, cowboy? Ready or not, here we go! Now entering Fujisato Yuika-sama’s Knight, Sakuradamon Jiro-san!」

With that pompous announcement Yorugao opened the giant door.


As if they were waiting for it, the eyes of every person gathered in the courtyard turned towards me.

The spacious courtyard was filled with a lot of western-styled round tables. Gathered at each of them were the extraordinarily beautiful men and woman. Their piercing glares indicated that they were extremely alert to my presence. I bet most of them think that now when I’m no longer by Kaguya’s side I have come here to claim her life as a servant to the infamous 「Lord Killer」. They are afraid that I will end their beloved 「Lord Above All Lord’s」 story with my own hands. They are right to be afraid.

Maybe the person who tried to snipe us down is here among them right now. Maybe someone from among them will try to attack me now. Maybe some of them turn out to be unexpected allies? Whatever the case may be, I can only trust the two of them now. Two brave girls who agreed to dive headfirst into this mess with me.


Fujisato and Kuhoh appeared behind me. Getting changed took them longer than I anticipated, as a result of which I was the first one to arrive here, taking all the spotlight for myself.

「You’re looking absolutely phenomenal. Here, a mirror.」

And Fujisato gave me a small hand mirror so I could check my appearance one last time. I have to say, both of their dresses looked amazing, or rather, they looked even more amazing than usual wearing them. Maybe I was still under the effects of Yugao-chan’s blood, but I thought that both Fujisato and Kuhoh radiated strong, captivating adult erotic charm. Not to stare at them for too long I hurriedly looked back in the mirror, pretending to be inspecting the state of my hair.

At that time, I saw a red light reflecting in the mirror’s surface.

「She’s on stage now.」

In the middle of the courtyard was a stage lit with numerous torches. It was the only Japanese-styled structure in the sea of western ones here. I realized that this will be the place where the ritual to bring Kaguya back to the height of her power will be performed today. And on that very stage, three girls stood and looked at me.

「Shiinamachi-senpai… no, Kaguya.」

Even when being away from them, my well-trained sight could spot them without any issue.

Kaguya, dressed in a twelve-layered sakura-colored kimono. She looked happy, as if this whole situation was a source of great amusement for her.

To her right, my mother in a plain dress without any needles ornaments. Her calm and collected expression made me sick in my stomach.

And finally…



Wearing a beautiful black dress, she bites her lip when she says my name, to the point where a drop of blood falls from them. My fellow Knight and a former comrade who killed me about a month ago.

The meaning of your tears from that day.

「You have a lot of explaining to do. And I won’t let you go until you tell me everything.」

When she saw how I clenched my fist in an attempt to suppress my anger, her pale lips curled up in a faint smile.

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