Shiinamachi Senpai Volume 4 Last Episode Part A 2



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【Last Episode: Curtain Call and the end Part A, 2】

I said that instinctively, but even so, my face got even hotter than it already was. I realize that by saying something like that in such a situation I must have sounded like a total d*ck, but that is the truth. I have already decided that the one person whom I want to devote my heart to is Shiinamachi-senpai, but it does not mean that I don’t like Fujisato. I like her and I respect her and that’s why I decided to be upfront with her about, otherwise it might have ruined our current relationship.

「Is it because I am not as attractive as a girl to you? Not as attractive as Shiinamachi-senpai?」

However, it looks like I still have some explaining to do. Well then, here goes…

「Quite the opposite. I feel that you’re too attractive for someone as bland as me. That’s why… that’s… I’m sorry, but…」

「Yes? But what, Monjiro-kun?」

「… I feel that if we will continue this, I might end up hurting you in a way that will make you hate me forever. So… I know I have no right to ask you about this, but can we stop now, before I won’t be able to control myself anymore?」


「Fuji… sato?」

「………..Hug me, Monjiro-kun. That’s all I ask.」

So I did what she asked of me and gently hugged her in my arms.

Her snow-white skin is pleasant to the touch. Her womanly curves press against me softly, and her body and hair emit a sense-tickling smell. All of that, coupled with her flushed, seductive expression and jewel-like eyes staring straight into mine, I’m honestly surprised that I was able to retain my sense of reason. If I was like any other ordinary guy, I’m sure it would have crumbled long ago.

My body wants to accept her, but my mind is telling me that I shouldn’t do it. I’d do it without a second thought if our circumstances were different. It would truly be nice to have someone like her by my side, but the way we are now…
「Do you resent me for what I’m doing right now, Monjiro-kun?」

「Of course not. I could never hate you, Fujisato.」

「You have no idea how happy it makes me to hear it. Because I hate myself, you know? For liking you even though I know you already have that special someone in your heart, and for being jealous of her. You said that you don’t want to hurt me, but the truth is that as I am now, I am the one how can do a lot of things to you if I allow myself to go out of control.」

「A lot of… things?」

「For example… something like that.」

And she pushed me down again when I was distracted by her lusty whispers. She took that chance and pressed herself onto me, as a result of which we were now so close to one another that our lips were brushing against each other and I could feel her hot breath on my face.

Fujisato’s soft yet springy breasts were now pressing against my chest with their full weight, making me feel their every inch as their warmth flooded my entire body. But with it, I could also clearly feel one more thing.

The beating of Fujisato’s heart. It was hard for me to believe, but it was beating even faster than my own. Now that I know she is also excited by this situation, she and her offer to do it with her became even more irresistible in my eyes.

「Before I decided to come here, I thought to myself: what can I do to help you ease your pain even a little? Your beloved Shiinamachi-senpai and Shiki-chan are gone and the one who took them both from you and planned it all was no one other than your own mother. This must be too much even for you, a guy who bested be by being too stubborn for his own good and always took any adversity that came his way head-on.」

「Yes, there are moments when I feel like it’s really too much for me to handle, and it hurt so much to remember how powerless I was… so you came here to comfort me?」

「Yeah, I thought that I can do at least this much to help you. Though I have to say, this is my first time being so close with a guy, and I honestly didn’t thought that I’ll be this nervous… hahahaha, look at me now, here I was, talking about how I can take the lead, only to get stage fright right before the performance. How messed up is that?」

She speaks those words shyly, in a troubled manner. I cannot sense any ulterior motives in them. She truly means what she’s saying.

「Guess that makes the two of us now, because I feel the same.」

「Fufu…hahahahaha! This is so lame, Monjiro-kun!」

「Look who’s talking.」

When she was still with us, Shiki once used her 『Demonic Gift Satori』 which allowed her to see through lies and deceptions through the means of careful observation to analyze Fujisato and concluded that she is a kind of person who is always honest with herself and her desires as she walks through life at her own pace without conforming to anyone else. In other words, her every word and action was dead-serious, so her desire to comfort me was also a genuine one.

「Thank you, Fujisato. For… for doing so much for me.」



I was so happy that I hugged Fujisato again without really thinking about what I was doing. My body just moved on its own, startling her a little, which was a nice sight that could be considered a payback for what she did to me earlier. Ahhh, being able to feel the warmth of another person right next to you is a really soothing feeling, almost as if her body temperature warmed up my heart, which was numbed with doubts and anxiety.


A heartfelt sigh of relief escaped my mouth. Looks like that was what I needed all along.

「There, there. Everything’s going to be okay, Monjiro-kun.」
Fujisato’s hand gently strokes my head.

「You know, I was really worried about you since you didn’t seem to be that moved by what happened. I know that it’s probably the way you’ve been raised rubbing off on you, so I just want you to know tha when you’re in trouble or you feel like it’s all too much for you to handle, it’s okay to cry and come to others for help. You don’t have to act all tough and bottle everything up inside you. It might work in the short term, but it will ultimately do you more harm than good. So from now on, don’t close your heart to me, or anyone else, all right? We are all your friends, and we will always be by your side no matter what.」

「Ah, I… I really don’t know what to say.」

「Then don’t say anything. Just be quiet, accept it, and let Yuika Onee-san’s Healing Magic work, all right?」

To be honest, up until now, it felt like my heart has been paralyzed. Or to put it more accurately, the loss of my master and precious comrade made me feel like a giant hole has been made in it. I guess you could say that was to be expected, since I have been literally obliterated with the atomic truth bomb. I bet all of you would feel the same as I do if you were told that your whole life was nothing but a cesspool of deception and lies and your own parent, the one who should unconditionally love and support you thought of you like nothing more than a sentient shield for some kinda higher being. According to her, protecting senpai up until she regains her memories was my only purpose in life, and since that purpose has been achieved, then in her eyes I was no longer needed, so she just threw my away like a broken tool. So by saving senpai, I wanted to show her how wrong she was about me.

The thing is, my mother is not stupid. She must know that as long as I’m alive, I will try to bring senpai home, and she will most definitely be waiting for us, so our biggest problem will definitely be coming up with a solution on how to neutralize her. She is a 「Legendary Knight」 with the ability to alter the cognition of those around her. Not to mention that as someone who raised me, She knows exactly what I am capable of, so nothing I’ll do will take her by surprise. I would like to avoid an open confrontation with her if at all possible, but the more I think about it the more I realize that such an outcome is impossible. Right now, she is both Princess Kaguya’s strongest sword and shield. And if we ever hope to reach senpai, we will have to shatter that sword and shield into tiny pieces.

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