Shiinamachi Senpai Volume 4 Last Episode Part A 3



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【Last Episode: Curtain Call and the end Part A, 3】

And yet, even knowing that, I still didn’t want to do it. I guess I still thought about her as my mother, even after all the despicable things she did to me and my friends. Moreover, if she didn’t do what she did to me, it is possible that my life would have gone an entirely different course. In a sense, she and Aika were the ones who shaped my heart in its current self, so I feel that going against her would be equivalent to killing a part of it with my own hands. Do I really have a reason for doing something like that to me?

I didn’t even have to think about it, because the answer was obvious.

Shiki’s crying face.

On the night when Shiinamachi-senpai regained her old memories, when Shiki killed me while we were trying to get out of the barrier that was erected around the campus grounds, she was crying. And let me tell you, that was not an expression someone who was prepared and motivated to kill would make. It was an expression made by someone who didn’t want to do it but was forced to.

「She looked absolutely devastated there.」 I thought to myself. I still can’t grasp what’s going on in that head of hers, but one thing is clear to me: she didn’t really want to kill me and took no joy in doing so.

…. At least that’s what I chose to believe for now. I can’t help but notice that my ability to put my trust into people has been growing a little bit rusty in recent days, and it’s all thanks to her. Next time we meet, I’ll have to make sure to smack her in that thick skull of hers for all the emotional turmoil she forced me to go through.

The thought of us meeting again brought a faint smile to my face.

That’s right. I might be true that I’ve lost my Gift bestowed upon me by senpai and I won’t be able to reach neither her nor Shiki without it, but now that I know I am not alone, things might finally turn out for the better. That’s why…

「Thank you, Fujisato.」

We are still hugging each other, so in order to show my appreciation to her, I gently stroked her back. I was still excited due to the level of skinship we are engaging in now, but right now I feel like showing how happy and grateful I am to have somebody like her on my side is more important than the awkwardness I am feeling.
「Has my healing magic worked?」

「Yeah, like a charm. Looks like I’ve got you in quite an embarrassing situation because of my thoughtlessness, and I’m sorry for that. But it’s okay, I am fine now, so…」

I think that thanks to her I was finally able to sort through the vortex of emotions running wild in my heart. With that being said, now that I have returned to my calm and collected state of being, I think it is high time to finally address the elephant in the room: the fact that I won’t be able to restrain a certain part of my body from empirically showing how much it enjoys being in contact with Fujisato, who, by the way, was now pressing herself onto me really hard, especially with the lower part of her body.

「So what, Monjiro-kun?」

「So, uhm, well, I’m okay now, so you can stop…」

「Nope~~☆. I want us to stay like that for a little longer. You want that as well, am I right?」

「Well, yeah, I mean, it feels really good… b-but that’s not the point here!」

I may say that, but the truth is a part of me was overjoyed to feel the softness of Fujisato’s body on my skin. It is also glad that a girl as attractive as her was interested in someone as bland as me.

「Then what if I told you that I still want to do more than just what we are doing now? That I want to take it a step further? Would you still try to play it cool, or maybe listened to your little buddy down there who seems to be quite content with what I’m doing?」

「T-That would be…」

「Yes? That would be what? There’s no need to be shy, Monjiro-kun. Just say it.」

「L-Listening to it in this particular situation would be quite… troubling.」

Especially since, as I described earlier, we are currently in a position where not only our bodies are grinding against one another, but our lips are so close to each other that they are basically touching themselves. For me it’s a huge deal, since I think only lovers should engage in such openly lewd acts, but Fujisato doesn’t seem to mind that at all. Sure, her cheeks are flushed with intense redness and she breathes kinda heavily, but the wild glint she has in her eyes and her erotic smile are telling me that she’s serious about this.

Having her in front of me in such a state was incredibly stimulating and it made my heart beat faster.

「Why do you think being honest with your desires is a bad thing?」

She whispered seductively into my ear… and then she gently bit on it, sending an unexpected jolt of pleasure from my ear all the way to the base of my spine. Could it be that something has just awakened inside of me? Because normally such an action would make me feel nothing but a miniscule amount of pain, but when Fujisato did that just now it… it felt good.

Ahh, really now. I feel so powerless against her. I know that it’s wrong, that we shouldn’t be doing things like that and my mind also knows this, but right now the one in control of my actions seems to be my lust-driven, hormone-fueled body that wants to finally get rid of its V-Card. But I cannot allow it to do so. Not yet. That way, I would only end up hurting Fujisato, so using every bit of my willpower I try to answer her question.

「Because if I did that then I know I won’t be able to stop myself anymore, and I don’t want that.」

I want to do it while being myself, not some animal blinded by its reproductive instinct. I want to do it with the person I truly love, knowing that she feels the same way about me.

In reaction to my honest confession, Fujisato blinked her eyes and tilted her head to the side like a curious cat.

「Of course you wouldn’t want to do that. Otherwise you wouldn’t be the Monjiro-kun whom I love to tease so much.」

And she laughed straight in my face.

We have come so far already that not going all the way now might have been considered as a worst kind of insult to any girl, and especially to the one as attractive as Fujisato.

But I can’t cross that line with her.

It’s not that I don’t find her attractive. If the circumstances were different, I would have surely done much more than hugging and caressing each other, and I think She knows that as well and was just teasing me all this time. In that regard, she really is like a whimsical cat, and frankly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

But she was not the one my heart chose as its only mistress.

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