Shiinamachi Senpai Volume 4 Last Episode Part A 4



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【Last Episode: Curtain Call and the end Part A, 4】

However, even if she was doing all of that to make me feel better in her own unique way, I’m not sure how much more of her teasing my self-control can take. See, this is what sets me apart from all the other normal, healthy, pubescent high school boys my age. What happens to me right now is a once-in-a-lifetime golden opportunity. One of the most popular girls in school, the winner of the 「Girl You’d Want to Have as Your Girlfriend」 popularity contest expressed her desire to have sex with me by using words and actions so explicit that they left no room interpreting their meaning. Everyone else would have gladly accepted her generous offer and made sure they’d enjoyed every second of it, but what am I doing? Everything that I can to make in not happen, because in my over-the-top self- righteousness I want to remain faithful to Shiinamachi-senpai. I guess I really am a failure as a guy, huh? A good-for-nothing, spineless coward who couldn’t man the hell up and grow a pair even if his life depended on it. But it’s not just about me not being able to resist Fujisato’s aggressive advances.

I am simply afraid. Afraid of what will happen if I were to accept her here and afraid of what might happen to our relationship if I reject her after all of her efforts to cheer me up and get some life back into me. If she were to cry because of me, I would never be able to forgive myself.

I don’t know. I just don’t know what is the right thing to do here and it makes me so frustrated and angry at myself!

「Wallowing in self-hatred now, are we, Monjiro-kun? I understand how you feel.」

Fujisato said that while holding my face in her hands, staring me in the eyes.

「If you truly understand that, then will you please get off of me before things will get too far?」

I pleaded with her politely while feeling increasingly overwhelmed with how close she was to me.

「Fufufu, look like that depression of yours made you forget that one teeny-tiny-at-first-glance unimportant-but-oh-so-very-important detail?」 (TL Note: Papa Hades would be proud of that sentence)


Even though she agreed with me, it didn’t look like Fujisato was going to move even an inch.

Moreover, with the way she was pressing herself against me with her feminine parts, she practically locked me in place without any possibility of escape. No way! Could it be….?! Is she really going to….?!

「Fu, Fujisato?」

「Didn’t you want to become my Knight, Monjiro-kun? Didn’t you say to me, 「Please, lend me your power?」?」

「Ah, oh, y-yes, I have said so indeed.」

If the information we have are correct, then currently the Yatono family is preparing to perform the ritual that will restore all of her lost power back to 「The Lord Above all Lords」, Princess Kaguya and they are making a celebratory banquet which will supposedly house all of the Lords and their Knights from around the entire world, if the words of the Yahata sisters are to be believed.

By the way, I chose to call the awakened Shiinamachi-senpai 「Princess Kaguya」, because I consider them both to be separate entities.

But a ritual, huh? Kuhoh’s guess was exactly the same. She also suspected that something akin to that will be needed since she has only recently awakened. Our current plan is to stop that from happening and take senpai back home with us, but in order to do that I need to have a Gift of my own again to fight against anyone who will stand between senpai and me. That is why I asked Fujisato to lend me her power in the first place.

「Have you decide on which of my Gifts you would like to use?」

Truth to be told, I’m am still on the fence as to which of her Gifts I should choose. Since she is a 「Lord Killer」 all of them are exceptionally powerful and diverse, but that is exactly why I should make my decision after a careful consideration that’s going to allow me to choose the one that’s going to be the most compatible with me.

『Demonic Gift Kirin』, which allows it’s user to amplify and channel the electric currents running through the user’s body, allowing them to discharge it at will.

『Demonic Beast Gorgon』, which grants control over any individual, as long as they look in the user’s eyes.

『Heroic Gift Perseus』, a Gift in form of a ring that grants its wearer monstrous strength.

And of course 『Divine Gift Chronos』, an ability that stops time around the user for one second. That was the Gift which she used to kill Shiinamachi-senpai and me back when we still had no idea that Fujisato was also a Lord.

In order to become Fujisato’s Knight, I have to choose one ability out of those four. Without those steps saving senpai will be forever beyond my reach, since an ordinary person won’t be able to attend the party at all, much less going against the combined might of all the Lords of the world and their Knights, but as a formal member of Fujisato’s group I will be able to at least get close enough to senpai to talk to her, and hopefully revert her to how she was before her memories returned to her. I’ll also have to consider two additional factors when making my choice: depending on what I’ll choose, the eventual confrontation with Shiki and mother may have varying outcomes, and Fujisato’s ability to defend herself may be greatly hindered.

When it comes to Shiki, maybe the Yahata sisters will help me convince her to step down without a fight, but that is not a possibility that I can bet all my money on. The only thing that we can be absolutely sure of is that the day of the ritual is getting closer and we need to complete our preparations until that date.

「To be completely honest, I am worried about you, Fujisato.」

「Oh? Why is that? Ahh, I see, you think that the day of the banquet is my 「Dangerous Day」, am I right?」

Since their birth, the life of every Lord is being governed by the 「Stories」 of their lives. If the story itself won’t specify otherwise, nothing will threaten the Nightkin’s life. Such days are called 「Safe Days」. On the contrary, 「Dangerous Days」 are the days during which Lords are almost certain to die unless they won’t overcome the challenges placed before them.

If the big day was not Fujisato’s 「Dangerous Day」 then that would have lifted a heavy load off of my shoulders.

「Hmm~~… I’m afraid that’s a secret.」

However, I was denied that very important knowledge.

「I swear to God Fujisato, you and your secrets.」

「That’s the kind of girl I am, Monjiro-kun. A girl full of secrets.」

The way she brushed it off and her subsequent laughter make it really difficult for me to determine whether or not this is really going to be her 「Safe Day」, but the fact remains that Fujisato can help me save Shiinamachi-senpai. For her, this banquet is going to be like an exclusive all-you-can-eat buffet of potential targets, so she would have gone there to try her luck at advancing her story anyway. She had no obligation to help me at all, but she still chose to do so, and I will be forever in her debt for that.

「Fujisato, I…」

「If you say that you’re thankful to me then I’m going to headbutt you, I’m not kidding.」

「Even though…」

「Even though those are your honest feelings, yeah. I’m not giving you one of my Gifts because I want you to be indebted to me. I’m doing this because I want to help you. And the same goes for Nagi-chan. You need but to ask her and she will protect you with everything she has until you won’t achieve your goal. So you don’t have to keep thanking us over and over again.」

「I know, but I feel like I should say it anyway: thanks, for everything.」

For wanting to have sex with me, comforting me and being willing to make me her Knight even though it was nothing but my selfish request. I feel so grateful that tears began to well up in my eyes.

「Oh come on, Monjiro-kun, there’s no need to cry. Save it for the aftermath of our passionate night together.」

It was embarrassing for me to cry in front of a girl, but Fujisato just stroked my head until I managed to calm down. Then she released me from her hug, but still refused to stop straddling me.

「You have no idea how happy I am to make you one of my Knights, so rest assured, Monjiro-kun. Once we will finally become master and servant, I won’t allow anyone to else to hurt you. You have my word. As your to-be Lord, and as your friend.」

「Yeah… thank you!」

「*Sigh* There you go thanking again. We’ll have to do something with that overly polite attitude of yours when all of this will be over. Me, Nagi-chan, your sister, Shiki-chan and Shiinamachi-senpai.」

Fujisato sighed at first, but then she laughed again. Being so close with her, sharing an intimate moment like that… it was very comforting, but in a different way than senpai’s lap pillow. I wanted to stay like that with her forever….

… Is what I would probably said if I fell into Fujisato’s cunning honey trap, but thankfully I managed to avoid that by the skin of my teeth.

Now then, let’s get down to business.

「Fujisato… I think I’ve decided on which one of your Gifts I want to receive.」

「All right then, let’s hear it. I can’t wait to hear what exactly you have chosen.」

So I raised my head and whispered the name of the ability I have chosen into her ear.

When Fujisato heard that, she was absolutely astonished.

「You know what, Monjiro-kun? You truly are an amazing guy. Just when I thought I knew everything about you and the exact extent of your stupidity, you never fail to prove to me how wrong I was.」

She dissed me pretty hard, but for some reason I didn’t mind it all that much.

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