Shiinamachi Senpai Volume 4 Last Episode Part A 6



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【Last Episode: Curtain Call and the end Part A, 6】

Things must really be serious when even the usually laid-back Fujisato says something so ominous-sounding.

So that is how it feels when all the Lords of the world with their Knights get together in one place, huh? I wonder if it always feels like that or is it just because they sensed that 「The Lord Killer」 was approaching? Was she really so powerful that for everyone else to be wary of her to such a ridiculous degree? Both of those possibilities were equally frightening, but at the same time both of them could be true. But if there’s anything I have learned from my career as a Knight of a Nightkin Lord so far it’s that a book really cannot be judged by its cover and the best course of action is to always expect that which is the most unexpected, so all the signs pointed towards the latter being the more probable possibility.

Man, I know we have prepared for this day as best as we could, but I think I only now I was beginning to realize how actually crazy is the thing we want to do here.

「Hoo boi…」

「Finally realized the true extent of what you have gotten yourself into, Monjiro-kun?」

「Yeah, I guess you can say that.」

「But you know what? Wouldn’t it be funny if the majority of that killing intent was actually Kaguya-sama fuming with rage at you coming to my side after she dumped you? Because now that I think about it, it wasn’t even I who netorare’d (TL Note: 「Netorare」: having your significant other stolen from you by another man or a woman. A genre of hentai that only degenerates tend to enjoy.) you from her, but you came to me of your own volition, so I guess this could technically be considered cheating. My oh my, this is beginning to develop into a really spicy situation!」

And there goes the serious mood. But I won’t lie, it would be pretty terrifying if that was really the case. For my own safety I hope the bloodlust and hostility we are sensing right now has nothing to do with me becoming Fujisato’s Knight.

Naturally, I had no idea that senpai was 「The Lord Above All Lords」, an important person in the Nightkin world, and I also didn’t know that Fujisato had a reputation of 「One of the Most Dangerous Lords」. Before all of that knowledge was dropped on me, I thought I was just spending my days with my friends classmates and friends from the Librarian Committee like any normal person and I never even expected to be mixed up in so many supernatural things which I thought existed only in books and mangas (TL Note: Said the professional assassin with his own ultimate technique. Oh the Iron E.), but now I realize how little I actually knew about the world and the people around me.

「You sure you don’t want to quit now, Fujisato? If this is what we are feeling from outside the mansion, just think about how’s it going to be inside. Maybe it was not a good idea for the 「Lord Killer」 to come to the party that is literally littered with Lords and their Knights?」



「You know what, Monjiro-kun? You’re actually right, it’s not a good Idea. But remember what I have told you back when I agreed to help you. I’ve told you that 「I might just use that possibility to kill everyone present in order to advance my own story」. I knew form the very beginning that this whole endeavor is going to be incredibly risky, but I have already made up my mind. Also, by making you my Knight I only added the fuel to the fire.」

「Eh?! What do I have to do with it?」

Fujisato’s words surprised me. What does she mean by that?

「More than you could think, actually. Just think about it: Sakuradamon Yuuto, the 「Legendary Knight」 is a Vassal of Princess Kaguya who raised her own son to act as her ultimate bodyguard, only for that bodyguard to betray her and join forces with the 「Lord Killer」 whose raison d’etre is the extermination of other Nightkin. What do you think happened when the news of that have spread?」

「When the news had spread?」

「You might’ve suspected it before, but we Lords have our own shared information network, you can think about it as the Nightkin Internet for simplicity’s sake. What you need to know, however, is that the Yatonos are one of the families responsible for managing and sorting everything that goes through it.」

「Really? That’s quite unexpected.」

I always thought that since the Nightkin were around since ancient times they are going to be more traditional or old-fashioned, like the aristocracy in the medieval times. I newer would have thought that they are going to be so modern and easy to understand.

「Among the information stored there, one of our informants also found information related to you.」

And then, Kuhoh told me something that I have never heard of before.

「It was a record of everything that happened in your life up until now, supposedly inputted there by your mother herself, closed with the statement 「The son whom I raised myself, and my greatest achievement」.」

「Yes, it looked like your mother was very proud of you.」


What is the meaning of this, mother?

This information left a sour taste in my mouth. Oh I’m sure she was proud of me. Of the living weapon she made me to be. And then of how I grew up under her guidance when she was impersonating my younger sister, Aika. She might have done it by using her Gift to change my perception of her, but that would only go as far as her physical appearance. Her mannerisms and the words she was using throughout our everyday life were just like… no, they were even cuter and more adorable than those of the real Aika.

All for the sake of completing her plan.

First she made me into an emotionless killing machine to make sure that I’ll be able to protect Shiinamachi-senpai and then she made me slowly reclaim those lost emotions so that I could get along with her to make protecting her easier. From day one, no, even before I was born, it has been decided by mother that my whole life will be centered around her Lord, so maybe that’s why she decided to stay with me and watch me this whole time, to make sure that all will be exactly as she wished. If not for that reason, then what else?

She is definitely here, together with Shiinamachi-senpai and Shiki. Every fiber of my being was telling me that.

Recalling her small figure, my hand clenched itself into a fist, biting my nails deep into my skin.

At that time.

When I looked at the roof of the mansion, I think I saw something shining in there.

And then…

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