Shiinamachi Senpai Volume 4 Last Episode Part A 7



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【Last Episode: Curtain Call and the end Part A, 7】

「Monjiro-senpai, grab master and duck!」

Kuhoh suddenly shouted.


It was totally unexpected, but my body reacted in an instant.

「Sorry in advance, Fujisato!」


I grabbed Fujisato and forcefully pinned her to the bottom of the rear seats.


Mere seconds after we’ve taken cover we heard a sound as if something had pierced through the glass of the car’s window, missing me and Fujisato by only a few centimeters.

Could this be… a sniper? Are we being shot at?!

I immediately reached to my glasses with my hand and tore them off my face, switching into 「Professional Killer Mode」. At the same time, my other hand went towards my ankle where one of my knives was hidden. I also turned towards the driver to tell him that he must keep moving and don’t stop the car at all costs… but he just continued to drive forward without hesitation, as if he was totally unfazed by the fact that somebody just shot at us. Are all of the servants of the Yatono family this stoic in the face of danger, or was he perhaps trained not to panic in such situations? Or maybe…

There was also a possibility that he knew from the start that we were going to be attacked.

In any case, as long as he continues to drive forward and gets us to the mansion, there is probably no need for me to explicitly tell him not to stop.

「The mansion’s roof is the highest vantage point in the area. The attack must have come from there, no doubts about it.」

「Then we should remain careful. If the attacker is one of the Knights of the other Lords then they probably know that a single shot like that is not enough to bring a Lord down, so they are most likely going to continue firing at us as soon as they will spot the smallest signs of movement.」

I continued to cover Fujisato with my body while Kuhoh shared her suggestion with me. No matter how the situation is going to develop, I have to make sure that no harm comes to her!

「So whoever is doing this, his or her aim is probably…」

「A declaration of war against the 「Lord Killer」? If it really is like that, then this is one hell of a warning shot! Looks like someone is really hell-bent on not letting you near the mansion, Fujisato.」

Whoever was behind the attack just now must have really had it going for her, because the timing was simply too perfect. The quandary we are in now is also a textbook example of the assassination techniques used when you want to prevent a VIP from reaching their destination. Under normal circumstances such a surprise attack would have been enough to take the target down, but since we managed to live through the initial shot, the next most common thing for a sniper to do would be to aim for the tires to either make the car lose its balance or grind it to a complete halt or kill the car’s driver to limit the target’s options of escape and snipe as down as soon as we leave the damaged car.

But nothing like that happened. The sniper, whoever he or she was, chose not to do this. That is why Kuhoh said that this is probably a warning. As for the identity of the one behind this attack, I have no idea. If everyone is truly that afraid of Fujisato then the culprit could literally be anyone of the Lords gathered here.

「You know, as rude as that was, it makes me happy to receive such a warm welcome. If I’m that popular with the guests even before arriving at the party, then maybe I’ll be able to totally steal the spotlight tonight?」

Fujisato is laughing from under me. To actually be enjoying such a situation even though it was extremely dangerous for her, either this girl has nerves of steel or she doesn’t care at all. Even though it makes her look a little crazy, having a Lord with such an attitude is actually pretty refreshing, especially when I consider the fact that not that long ago I considered her to just like any other normal girl.

「By the way, Monjiro-kun, do you really want to bury yourself in my chest that badly? Because your face is awfully close to it, not to mention that hand of yours that’s been groping me ever since you pushed me down. Is this your revenge for what I did to you back then? Or maybe you want to continue from where we left off? Because if so then I’m all for it, but let’s save it for when we get ourselves a bed, all right?」


I only now realized the position we were currently in. One of my hands was indeed holding Fujisato’s breast in it, and my face was dangerously close to coming in contact with the valley of her chest. They were just like I remembered them: soft yet springy and strangely comforting.

「Getting excited?」

「That’s not necessarily the word I’d use here. Would it be weird if I said that I feel strangely calm by doing this?」

「I am pretty sure that would count as sexual harassment, but I don’t really mind. Moreover, it makes me happy to know that you’re enjoying my body this much.」

You see, ever since I met Shiinamachi-senpai, I had this peculiar thought always stuck somewhere at the back of my head. A thought that girls’ breasts are really amazing and that calling them the world’s strongest weapon might not as big of an overstatement as it initially seems. They are the part of a girl’s body which we guys are drawn towards the most, touching them is the pinnacle of the so called 「manly romance」, and we can get excited just by looking at them. I personally think that no other object in this world is able to evoke such a mixture of emotions and that is amazing beyond belief.


With her forced cough, Kuhoh has brought both of us back down to earth.


「Oh, and we were just getting to the good part. What is it, Nagi-chan? You jelly?」

「If you want to flirt with each other that’s fine with me, but I thought you might want to know that it looks like we’ll be arriving shortly.」

Kuhoh says while looking at us with an expression that could be best described as 「annoyingly-amused」. I think I even heard her laugh a little too.

Looking through the remains of the window which had a small hole in it, the mansion was just at the other side of the road. When I checked the other window, t had the same hole as the first one in it. If I didn’t push her down, Fujisato’s head would have been pierced through by the bullet that made them.

The sniper who fired at us must have been a brilliant sharpshooter to fire even a single bullet with such a pinpoint accuracy, but there is one thing I forgot to mention. The bullet he fired couldn’t have been an ordinary one, because the holes left in the windows were the size of small pebbles. I don’t even want to imagine what kind of weapon they must have used to fire something so big. Or maybe it was made by a Gift centered around a firearm?

From now on, we will have to face and break through many more people like that; deadly opponents with various Gifts and latent abilities, each and every one of them hostile towards us.

「All right, great start so far.」

I said while putting my glasses back on to turn 「Professional Killer Mode」 off and then I glared at the mansion that was now sprawling before us.

Just what exactly are we going to find inside? I guess there’s only one way to find out.

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